Light Spirit Epic Chapter 765: Explore in the Temple (3)


Chapter 765 Exploring the Temple

At the same time, Vivian’s research institute. 『Word**first*

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” Lian Yin put her son Husky down and nodded to the two leopard youths.

“Okay, leave it to us, meow.” Saifel said with a light smile, thinking that the canine boy Husky would be as well-behaved and easy to deal with as his younger brother Howl.

He’ll regret it, in three hours.

“Hal!” The dog boy rushed over and hugged the little black panther warmly, “Hehe, we can play together again!”

“Okay, okay, meow.” Little Hal replied helplessly. In front of him was a canine boy who was only a year older than him and was terrifyingly naughty. The last time they played together, Husky almost tore off Hal’s tail, and the little black panther still had lingering fears about it.

“Are you sure you can really take care of him? Husky is very naughty…” Renine said worriedly.

“If it’s just today, it should be fine meow.” Seglade laughed as he watched the two children hugging each other: “My brother and I are resting and preparing for tomorrow’s exam meow. We are everywhere today. Don’t go meow.”

“Okay.” Lian Yin was still a little worried. She really didn’t want to ask anyone else if she could. But the work of the research institute has been too busy for the past two days. Even the claws of cats want to be borrowed, not to mention the leopards.

The woman sighed and instructed her son: “Husky, I will come to pick you up tonight. Remember to listen to Brother Saifer and the others.”

“Ok!” The canine boy wagged his tail revelously: “Mommy walks well!”

“Well, goodbye.” Lian Yin smiled helplessly and turned away.

“Okay, children, meow.” Saifer clapped his hands to attract the children’s attention: “Come with me, let’s play video games while Seglade prepares dessert meow .”

“Hooray!” Little Husky exclaimed excitedly.

Howl muttered dissatisfiedly: “But, it’s just a game… or a fighting game…”

“Noisy meow! Give me some contentment meow!” Saifer said angrily, “Because of taking you on board, the remaining pocket money is not enough at all—“

“Wow…” Little Hal drooped his ears aggrievedly.

Seifer and Seglade smiled at each other, one by one, picked up the kitten and puppy, and the group walked to the lounge with a mighty force.

Ten minutes later, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Bediver stood in a medium-sized weapons store, staring aimlessly at the merchandise displayed in front of him.

Weapons shops generally require a license to sell weapons. For the safety of the urban area, weapon shops are generally only open in the suburbs, because shooting is generally not allowed in the city.

Actually, powerful weapons are generally not available in civilian weapons stores.

Light sabers and light guns are all regulated weapons, and physical weapons, if they have powerful enchantments attached, are generally not licensed for sale.

There are only some light weapons with a small amount of enchantments left that can be sold in stores. Their consumers are generally ordinary people, and they are only used for travel and self-defense.

The actual probability of finding a powerful weapon in such a place is zero.

Therefore, when Albert hummed a little tune and seemed to be picking weapons quickly, Bedivere, who was watching, couldn’t help but be filled with all kinds of doubts.

But a promise is a promise. Since he said he would send a weapon to Albert, Bedivere couldn’t say anything. The werewolf waited silently until the tiger had finished picking his weapons.

The tiger finally picked up a small dagger.

That thing is very exquisitely crafted, with countless fine patterns on the clean blade, gorgeous and elegant. It seems to have a long history and seems to be the masterpiece of an ancient master craftsman.

However, there is no enchantment at all. Enchanted weapons will emit a shimmer on the blade due to the phase difference caused by photons.

There’s no light on this dagger, it’s so clean it’s heart-wrenchingly clean.

It may have been the work of a master craftsman in ancient times, but over the years, the enchantment on it has completely disappeared, leaving only this beautifully carved piece of iron. What a pity!

—Yes, this is one of the vase weapons. It’s good as a collection, but it can’t be used in actual combat.

When Albert happily went to the counter with the dagger to check out, the werewolf nudged the tiger and warned in a low voice, “Al, are you sure this is the dagger? Stuff…beautiful is beautiful, but without any enchantment.”

“I know.” Albert replied disapprovingly, “That’s why I want it.”

“You don’t need to be polite to me,” the werewolf grabbed the tiger: “It’s not that I can’t pay. You can get a better weapon…”

“No, this is the best one in this shop.” Albert ignored the werewolf’s obstruction, walked to the counter and put down the dagger: “Boss, I want this dagger. How much?”

“Huh?” The boss picked up the piece of iron and weighed it, “This thing? It’s cheaper for you, a gold coin.”

When Bedivere put down a gold coin, he was so aggrieved that he almost cried.

Albert, Albert, you are also a famous monster hunter! With such a status and status, can you choose a weapon that is not so poor? !

“It’s great.”Albert said the same thing, holding the dagger and loving it: “Get me a scabbard, meow? It needs to be decorated ornate.”

He’s absolutely insane. Are you here to buy weapons, or are you here to buy art?

The boss looked at the poor customer, smiled contemptuously, and took out a leather-inlaid gold scabbard with extremely ingenious workmanship: “But this costs ten gold coins, can you afford it?”

Awesome. A scabbard costs ten times as much as a weapon. Knowing this, any swordsman in the world would laugh at Albert. With that kind of vase weapon in that kind of scabbard, Albert will definitely be regarded as a country bumpkin who doesn’t understand weapons!

The boss’s contemptuous laugh almost made Bedivere burst.

But the werewolf still suppressed the anger in his heart and grabbed fifty gold coins from the purse: “That’s all, no need for change. Get me two more long sword scabbards of the same style.”

Because El also has two vase weapons and longswords on him. While these two unenchanted longswords are barely lethal, they are still sharp. Al has already lost face once, so he doesn’t need to be afraid of losing the second or third time, just help him put together the vase weapon set.

The weapon shop owner looks at Bedivere. He saw that the werewolf was always paying, thinking that this man was the big boss, and that the tiger was just the wolf’s servant (and a hillbilly).

So, the owner of the weapon shop smiled at Bedivere, showing the most respectful attitude: “Hey, okay, sir. The villain will get you a good scabbard right away. What else do you need, sir? Is it right?”

It would be great if this attitude could apply to Albert. The werewolf sighed.

A…” Elaine the Ice Bear also came over with a small axe. He saw that Albert had chosen that beautiful vase weapon and thought it was very interesting, so he also learned to choose one A well-crafted axe without any enchantments. In the hands of a burly bear man, this thing is not as deadly as a bear’s fist.

“You too?” Bedivere said gloomily.

“That one counts as a gold coin for you.” The boss began to bargain: “Adding a gold coin, you can get a sheath with the same exquisite workmanship.”

Bediver hides his face helplessly and takes out six gold coins. Could you please stop being so shabby?

“Hehe.” Albert put the dagger into the scabbard with satisfaction, hung it on his chest, and put the two long swords around his waist into the newly obtained scabbard. He is indeed covered in vase weapons now, like a country bumpkin.

This kind of thing, if it hits a strong enchanted sword or lightsaber, it will break in an instant. So Albert deliberately used these weapons as decoration, or as a collection?

The werewolf was puzzled for a while. But when he saw Albert’s happy look, he didn’t dare to say anything more. nice! You love it. Do whatever you want, do whatever you want, love whatever you want, that’s life.

“Beep, there was a commotion in Doo Ryan’s pocket.

“Elaine, your phone is ringing,” the werewolf reminded.

” Oh, the bear man was busy putting the small axe in its sheath, pinning it around his waist, and clumsily pulling out the phone and putting it in his ear: “Hello? who is it? “

Bedivere was surprised that the white bear could use a cell phone. While listening to the phone, Elaine walked out of the store and stood by a big tree in front of the store: “Hello? Hello? Here, who is it?”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, and finally a familiar voice sounded: “Elaine, are you alone now?”

“Kang, Constantine?” Ice Bear stopped outside the door, “No. I’m with, with my friends, with me.”

Fang paused again, adding an extra bit of wariness to his tone: “Are they worth believing?”

What does it mean? “

“I want to ask you and your friends to do me a favor. But I have to know first if they are trustworthy. This is a state secret and I can’t let outsiders know. If they are not trustworthy, then you Come find me alone.”

Ryan is puzzled. He thought with his own low IQ, and after thinking for a long time, he said, “I, I don’t understand. But they saved me, helped me, helped me a lot. Maybe you should meet them in person?” “

It was Constantine’s turn to be silent again. He seemed to think for a long time before he said: “Okay. Are you still in Edinburgh? Give me the coordinates and I’ll come to you.”

“Well, okay.” The white bear told his location to the other party: “Come on, come on, we have to go shopping, go shopping.”

“I think your trip today may be canceled.” Constantine whispered, “I’m on my way, I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay, okay—“

“Also.” Constantine asked one more sentence before hanging up: “Please don’t tell them my true identity, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” Considering that Constantine is the examiner, it is definitely not appropriate to casually contact the candidates, so the White Bear agreed immediately.

“Elaine? Haven’t we finished talking yet?” Bedivere and Albert have finished shopping and are about to leave the weapons store.

“I, a friend of mine, said he wanted to meet you.” White Bear said awkwardly.

Seeing Elaine’s embarrassed watch, Albert misunderstood. He asked heartlessly: “Friend? Who?”

Elaine’s answer was even more awkward: Friends are… friends. “

“Wait… Could it be… a girlfriend?” Albert laughed hilariously: “You are so secretive! You already have a girlfriend, meow?”

“No, it’s not!” The bear man blushed, embarrassed: “It’s a man, a man!”

“Oh!” Albert shrank back subconsciously: “So you are good at this!—Hey!! Stay away from me!”

“Cai, it’s not what you think!!” Ice Bear couldn’t help laughing and laughing. Although he didn’t understand Albert’s words at all, he could feel the contempt in the other party’s tone.

“Al, stop playing!” Bedivere punched Tiger hard, stopped Albert, and then asked White Bear, “Elaine, your friend doesn’t even want to tell us his name. ?”

“Yes, there are some reasons…” The white bear man played with his fingers embarrassedly.

Albert rubbed the big bag above his head, still smiling maliciously: “Anyway, it’s because of the foundation between you—“

Boom! This time, a very loud voice came from above his head.

Bedivere withdrew his fist: “Well, in that case, I won’t ask. When will your friend arrive? Where are we going to wait?”

“I’ve arrived.” A voice came from the werewolf’s head.

At the same time the werewolf looked up, a dark shadow had already fallen from the tree canopy. The werewolf’s eyes chased the shadow, and it overlapped with the shadow the moment it landed, and Bedivere saw the silhouette of the other party at that moment.

A young man, wearing a black robe and tight-fitting black armor inside, appeared in front of everyone.

How the man came, when he came, and how he ran up to the tree trunk quietly, the werewolf was so surprised for a while that he had no room to think.

The only thing that is certain is that is a very skilled man.

As the man stood up, the black metal mask on his face flashed Bedivere’s eyes.

“This, this is my friend, friend.” Elaine introduced.

“Hello. I’m…Shadowwalker.” The man said in a low voice, but the werewolf could clearly tell that the man was young, about eighteen or nine years old.

It’s a cool outfit, but the name isn’t flattering.

“Well, strange guy.” Albert looked at the weird guy who called himself [Shadow Walker]: “Is it necessary to hide my head like this?”

“Sorry, there’s a reason I can’t tell.” Shadowwalker said, “Let’s find a convenient place to talk.”

“Fang, a convenient place to talk?” Elaine suddenly had a bad feeling. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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