Light Spirit Epic Chapter 760: Preparation for the Shadow (2)



Chapter 760 Preparing for the battle in the shadow

As soon as the werewolf walked to the top of the stairs, he saw the landlord Senezel waiting for the old man with a sinister smile on his mouth

“Hey, hey, my granddaughter is not so easy to get.”

“Eavesdropping is a bad habit” Bedivere didn’t bother to argue with this bad old man in a sentence

“Then I don’t think your friend needs my help, right?”

Indeed, the stupid tiger rejected the [Sacred Tree Seed] that the werewolf gave him. Although Al himself said he didn’t need Bedi’s help, Bedeville was still worried about the tigers

“You said there are other ways” the werewolf asked tentatively: “Is this method still feasible now?”

“It is possible to be more dangerous” the old man sneered “If you do it well, you can gain huge power, but if you don’t do it well, you may lose your life. I don’t know if your friend is willing to try it”

“This…you ask Albert yourself.” The werewolf sighed: “Since he doesn’t want me to interfere, let him decide whether to die or live. have no right to ask”

The old man’s eyes rolled slyly

“But” the werewolf added a warning: “You better not lie to him. If I find out that you lied to him and kill him because of it—I will never let you go”

“Huhuhuhuhu of course” Old Senezer’s mysterious sneer made it unclear what he was doing: “I will find a chance to talk to him tonight”

“Whatever you want, you’d better talk to him where I can’t see” The werewolf replied coldly and went downstairs

Albert’s self-esteem is too high, and he will never accept the kindness of others easily. To deal with this kind of guy, it is better to let him go and let him suffer occasionally

At the same time in a private room of a five-star restaurant in Edinburgh

Elaine is very uncomfortable

Although this is an independent private room without outside interference, the polar bears are still not used to this kind of dining in high-end restaurants

The gorgeous setting, the gilded tableware, the over-the-top food, and the sophisticated waiters all make Elaine feel uncomfortable

The rude and clumsy white bear seems to be a savage from a savage country and is out of tune with this overly civilized society

He carefully grabbed the spoon, which was smaller than his fingernail, and timidly followed Constantine’s way of putting the seafood and tomato bisque into his mouth

It’s not at all about eating spoon after spoonful of food like this.

Looking at the extremely depressed **** Constantine of the Ice Bear, he smiled maliciously: “So where have you been all these years?”

“…My father and I are living in seclusion in Greenland.” The bear man carefully scooped a spoonful of soup and drank it. Because of the small amount, the thick soup didn’t have time to spread in his throat, and it immediately became bland and tasteless.

“Is Greenland a cold place again?” Constantine snorted in a low voice and took a sip of the thick soup. The umami of seafood and tomatoes spread in his throat. It was extremely delicious

It was Elaine who was silent again. He didn’t know what to say in front of Constantine

The meal is still going on but it’s terribly dull Constantine has finished his soup and appetizers and starts cutting his steak with a knife

He always neatly cuts a small piece out of the steak and carefully pours it into his mouth with the sauce

While Ice Bear is still clumsily drinking his soup, this stuff is **** for Elaine, who is clumsy and clumsy: the more he tries to finish the soup from the spoon, the more it drains away When it reaches my mouth, there is almost no soup to drink

“Hey” Constantine finally couldn’t help it. He put down his knife and fork and sneered at the white bear man: “There are only the two of us in this room, you don’t need to be polite, you can pick up the bowl and drink it directly”

“Is it okay?” White bear is still doubtful

“Yes—you need my permission to eat”

Let’s go” Elaine picked up the soup bowl and poured the whole soup into her mouth

The whole bowl of soup is just enough for him to drink a mouthful of umami in the mouth of the white bear. This is the soup.

Drinking,” White Bear giggled

Constantine shook his head gently, picked up the knife and fork and continued to eat his steak

Seeing the other party’s reaction is so indifferent, the bear man was stunned immediately

He picked up the knife and fork in a very depressing manner and sawed the steak with the same care as Constantine did, but the clumsy white bear faced a second hell. The knife and fork were smaller than his fingers and he had to use **** It is simply an impossible task for the polar bear to cut the steak delicately with a knife and a fork.

He can only look at the steak and his face is very funny

Constantine slowly finished his steak with a malicious smile before saying, “If you can’t chop it up, eat it whole”

“Really Cocoa”

“I don’t need to mention this little thing again and again.”

The next thing the white bear did was amazing: he picked up the whole plate and poured the steak directly into his mouth

Constantine was stunned this time

Especially when he sees Elaine licking the sauce on the plate, the look on Constantine’s face is absolutely the most standard kind of stiff face that can be photographed in a medical textbook as an example

“What are you doing”

“I’m eating…the whole plate”

“I told you to eat it with a fork instead of pouring the whole plate into your mouth—don’t put down the broccoli that came with the plate”

The bear man was stunned and had to put the plate down. His mouth was full of sauce. It looked very funny, but Constantine didn’t laugh at all

On the contrary, he hides his face and looks unbearable

Ryan was puzzled


More silence is condensed between two former friends

In the end Elaine couldn’t bear it anymore: “I’m sorry Constantine, are you still mad at me?”

“No” The Knights of the Round Table said grumpily, picked up the knife and fork and continued to eat: “…I just learned that this kind of restaurant is not suitable for you”

“I didn’t ask this” White Bear scratched his head: “Are you still angry with me about what happened back then?”

Constantine looked up at the white bear as if being stabbed: “There is no reason to ask that”

Elaine’s face blushed and seemed to be about to burst out the grievances she had been holding all the time: “But you haven’t spoken to me since then”

“That’s because…I don’t know what to say to you better” Constantine whispered, “I thought I knew you well, I always thought you were an idiot, always hid behind me and needed a reason to protect but That’s actually my wishful thinking, arrogant and arrogant.”

“Kang Shi—“

“It’s all my fault and I shouldn’t think of you as an idiot” the young Knight of the Round Table rushed to apologise: “So Elaine don’t be mad at me”

“I’m not angry with Constantine” White Bear turned away: “I just don’t know how to face you…”

“Me too Elaine” sighed the young knight of the round table


More silence

This embarrassing meal made both of them feel uncomfortable and they both regretted coming to such a place to eat this meal

Then Constantine let out a long sigh

“Why on earth are you taking the test Elaine, you should know better than anyone that you are not fit to be a knight of the round table”

The white bear scratched his head again: “I want to meet you again. I want to… help you”

Constantine continued to ask: “Does it have to be a knight of the round table because there are many kinds of help?”

“Because…” The bear still hesitates


“…because you also became Constantine, the Knight of the Round Table” said the bear man with courage

(Because I want to be like you)

(Because I also want to be respected and don’t want to be made fun of as an idiot)

(Because if I become like you maybe we can be friends again)

(Because I still want to be your friend)

Constantine looked at the clumsy white bear and the dumbest Elaine couldn’t say what the young knight of the round table seemed to be able to guess.

Even so fat and strong, the white bear is still as simple and straightforward as a child

This guy has never changed. He is exactly the same as the white bear boy who only knew how to shrink behind Constantine’s back and shake.

I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry at this simple white bear man Constantine

“Then I wish you good luck in the exam”, the young Knight of the Round Table said earnestly: “Whether you succeed or not, just use everything you can and do your best.”

The White Bear muttered, plucking up the courage to ask: “…So Constantine and we are still friends…”

“We…not” the other party’s answer made Bai Xiong’s heart sink

Ryan immediately showed a look of great loss

(Do you really hate me)

Constantine explained without emotion: “I would be troubled if one of the examiners of my round table trial casually said we were friends

Don’t think we used to be friends, I’ll let you go, but I’m very strict”


The young knight handed over a paper napkin with a smile on his mouth: “But let’s go to dinner after the exam is over”

“Hmm” the white bear understood the meaning of the other party, took the napkin and wiped his mouth

He smiled gratefully at the corner of his mouth and smiled like a child: “Next time we go to eat barbecue, I don’t want this kind of high-end restaurant, I want to be able to eat a meal without scruples”

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