Light Spirit Epic Chapter 753: Spying on the Evil Domain (9)


Chapter 753 Spying on the Evil Domain

This slap made Evan’s eyes black, and he almost fainted.

But this slap also slapped the stubborn half-dragon young man, making him calm down a lot.

“Hmm, it’s really ridiculous.” He said sternly.

“Shut up!” The werewolf roared angrily: “You think you’re superior to others, you’re amazing, don’t you? Saying black is white, others are clearly giving in everywhere, but you still have to fight hard! Do you want me to stab you to death?!”

“Why not? You can do it.”

“I can’t!!” The werewolf continued to roar, full of anger and helplessness: “Because——“

“Because?” The half-dragon youth still held on tight.

“Because, we used to be friends, you idiot!!” the werewolf growled.

As soon as these words came out, Evan fell silent.

It should be said that he was puzzled.

He didn’t know Bedivere at all. The words the werewolf said were obviously a “lie”.

However, how could someone in this world say such an obvious “lie” in such a plain and natural tone?

There is complete contradiction between what Bedivere says and does. If this person is not neurological, he is telling the truth.

Of course, as a normal person, Ivan will consider the former first: “Your illness… is called delusional disorder. It is a kind of split personality syndrome——“

Clap! The werewolf gave the half-long youth a resounding slap: “You are sick! Don’t believe it, don’t ask anymore! I knew you wouldn’t believe it, so I didn’t say it!”

Bedivere’s face must be red and distorted at this point. He was embarrassed and annoyed, and his face was hot.

It’s the same as seven years ago, when Brady asked them if they recognized him in front of everyone, but no one knew the werewolf, only taking him as a joke. —— That kind of shame, I really don’t want to experience it again!

With such a slap, Evan remembered it. After the last battle seven years ago, it seemed that there was indeed a strange werewolf boy speaking nonsense that everyone could not understand.

No one knew the werewolf boy. The boy was anxious and desperate.

Everyone looked at the werewolf boy with strange eyes, thinking he was a brazen liar, and even more thought he was an unreasonable lunatic.

But there was a strange feeling that told Evan at the time that the werewolf boy wasn’t lying.

As it is now.

This werewolf is the crazy little wolf from seven years ago.

“I remember you.” Evan muttered in a low voice: “I remember you. Seven years ago, in the wasteland in front of the wall of the world——“

“You, do you remember me?” A glimmer of hope flashed in Bedivere’s eyes: “Evan, do you really remember me?”

“At that time…” Banlong tried to recall: “You were also there. You were also…”

“Yes, yes! Try to remember!” cried Bedivere, “Try to remember, you will definitely remember!”

“At that time.. Wen has tried his best to recall.

“At that time, you were schizophrenic. Poor boy.” But his conclusions were driven by logic.

“Meow…” Bedivere covered his face in despair: “—that’s great.”

Evan shrugged again. He didn’t make much difference to Bedivere. In his eyes, Bedivere was nothing more than a transformation from “a suspicious spy” to “a dangerous lunatic”.

As for the mentally ill, the half-dragon always carries pity and contempt, and keeps it as far away as possible.

He handed Bedivere a card: “Listen, I know a few good psychiatrists, I’ll make an exception to introduce you. Maybe they can cure your paranoia—“

“Go to hell.” Bedivere ripped up the postcard without thinking, swearing viciously with all kinds of vague swear words.

At this point, Bedivere realized that it was impossible for Xiang, Ivan, Tristan and the others to regain their old friends.

When people grow up, they become stubborn and follow stupid rules such as “logic” and “ethics”.

When people grow up, they no longer believe in the “magic” of the world.

It is impossible for Ivan to believe in things that do not exist and are “illogical”.

Bediver’s explanation is useless, things will only get worse and worse, and people will just think of werewolves as lunatics.

Werewolves and Ivan, the bastards, have nothing to say. It’s sad to say too much.

“Since that’s the case, from now on we are enemies.” The werewolf whispered, his eyes revealing the ferocity he had never seen before: “If you dare to attack me again, I will definitely…will definitely use my best. , kill you.”

Evan swallowed. The hideousness of the werewolf in front of him was probably the true face of this mad wolf.

“Very fair.” The half-long youth said not to be outdone: “At that time, let’s fight to the death. I don’t need to stay with your men, and you don’t need to stay with mine. Let’s see who dies first. Under the opponent’s sword.”

Hearing this, Bedivere should have been heartbroken.

However, he realizes that he doesn’t feel that way at all.

Instead, he was relieved.

He feels that even if he kills Evan and Tristan now, he will not have any unease in his conscience.

He has absolutely no feelings for these two former friends, their friends are completely cut off.

After waiting for seven years to meet again, it ended like this. Although Bedivere felt a little sad, more importantly, it was extremely relaxed.

(What. The big deal is just two less friends.)

(Friends come and go, it’s not rare, just get used to it.)

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

But this indifference is also a kind of release, a kind of freedom.

—Bediver closed his heart as always and forgot his love. To keep yourself from being hurt.

“Touch!” While the two were still facing each other, the door was knocked open.

“Bedie… something bad happened.” Albert, covered in blood, hurried into the treasure room.

“Oh, damn. What did you all do?” The werewolf looked at Albert’s bloodstains, and then slowly walked in dragging three corpses: “Murder here? You are crazy. ?”

“Well, these guys insisted on going into the treasure room and said that they would take the dagger for the ceremony—how could they be persuaded that they would not listen, we had no choice but to knock them out. —“

“So you went too hard and killed them, Elaine?!” asked Bedivere, who had already seen the **** palms of the white bear.

“…Hug, sorry.” The white bear scratched his head helplessly, and the blood on his hand also stained the round bear’s ears.

Bediver hides his face in disgust. This bunch of idiots who have more than enough success.

Among the three dead cultists, one was wearing a particularly gorgeous embroidered gold red robe. If I guessed correctly, this person must be some kind of priest and hold an important position.

And, they’re here to get “ceremonial daggers”. ——In other words, the festival is about to start. If these three people don’t go back right away, I’m afraid it will cause quite a riot among the cultists at dusk.

Although it is also a feasible way to rush directly to take advantage of the chaos and kill them, but doing so can only kill small minions, and those who are really high and important in the church have long since escaped.

Without disturbing anyone, it is the purpose of Bedivere’s trip to obliterate the key members of the cult and deal a heavy blow to the Twilight Sect during the ceremony.

Bediver surveyed the three corpses. Luckily, the white bear only smashed the head of one of the bodyguards with his fist. The other two, especially the high-ranking cult priest, vomited blood to death due to ruptured internal organs. The priest and another shorter bodyguard had little blood on their clothes.

Maybe there really is a way. There may be another way to kill the cult priests as originally planned without disturbing anyone.

Thinking of this, the werewolf took off his cloak and went to take off Priest Naming’s cloak and put it on. While busy, he said to Evan standing beside him:

“I don’t want to fight you for now. But today’s matter must find a solution.

—Well, let’s take a gamble. “

“Betting?” Evan stared suspiciously at Bedivere, watching the werewolf put on the clothes of the cult priest, and was busy hiding the priest’s body in a pile of gold coins to bury: “What are you gambling? I want to learn from the last time. Are you gambling like Tristan?”

The werewolf snorted coldly: “Perhaps. Our purpose is actually the same. When we come to this kind of place, we must destroy the underground church of the Twilight Sect. If the trouble continues, if all its leaders escape, We can’t take the heads of the priests back for a reward. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

—So, let’s bet. See who can kill the high priest of this church. I use my method, you use yours. The only rule is that they can only kill after their festival begins. bet? “

“Interesting.” Evan stretched out his hand and pushed his glasses. “You three have an advantage over me, don’t you think? I’ll make you regret it. The fewer assassins the better. — just, What’s the stake?”

The stakes, in fact, needless to say. Exactly the same as before.

“If I win, you will disappear from the eyes of me and Albert forever, stop pestering us.” Bedivere motioned Tiger to change into the bodyguard’s clothes: “If you win , if you succeed in assassinating the high priest… I’ll leave it to you. If you like to cut off my hands and or torture me, I won’t have a single complaint.”

“One more condition must be added.” Evan was afraid of losing money, so he set the condition to death first: “You have to confess to me and tell everything you know. I want to hear all your stories.”

“Do you want it?” The werewolf smiled disdainfully: “You wouldn’t believe it anyway.”

“It’s up to me to decide.” The half-long youth did not back down: “If your story is pure nonsense, I’ll cut off your tongue and rip off your vocal cords, making you not only a human stick, He also became a mute who couldn’t speak.”

“Whatever you want.” The werewolf didn’t care.

“Hum hum hum, you will regret it, definitely!” Evan sneered, turned over and jumped into the ventilation duct on the ceiling, and disappeared in an instant.

(I won’t regret it.)

(Because, this bet, I will win.) () “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers, if it is found that its content is in violation of national laws , please delete it, the position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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