Light Spirit Epic Chapter 735: Wandering for the first time


Chapter 735 Wandering in the Trial

click. despair. despair. The two were silent. Proceed carefully. The secret passage is small and narrow. The stone walls on both sides were slippery and cold. Bedivere’s arm had to constantly rub against these walls. Makes the werewolf very uncomfortable.

Luckily his night suit is waterproof. And wrap the whole body. Only a wolf head is exposed. This makes the werewolf less worried about being bitten by bugs.

“So—” The werewolf didn’t want to make the atmosphere so awkward. Deliberately looking for words: “You Druids. How big is the scale?”

“Very small.” The old man lowered his voice even lower. With a voice like a mosquito saying, “Times are advancing. Science is advancing. Religion is declining. Until this generation. People who will continue to believe in Druids. There are less than ten thousand people left.

—Even my stupid brother has left the sect. went to sea to make a living. “

He’s talking about Captain Senezel. The werewolf recalled. There were hardly any religious objects on the old captain’s ship. They have no gods to worship.

Life is alive. Believe nothing. There is only life left to strive for survival.

Always feel. A little bit lonely.

“What about you.” The werewolf asked the landlord curiously: “Since science is prosperous, it has proved that things like God are completely nonsense. Why do you continue to believe it.”

“Non.” The old man stopped. Turning to look at Bedivere: “Why is it nonsense. You obviously have a **** with you.”

“That’s the Holy Spirit…a cloud of photons.” The werewolf tried to explain.

The old man pointed it out sharply: “I don’t care if you call it a god. The Holy Spirit. Or a photon. They are all the same. It’s just another way of saying it.”

(Although it is true. But—)

“I ask you: when you think of it as a mass of [photons]. Is it no longer a **** to update the **** for the first time. After understanding its essence. Is it no longer worth it? Are you in awe?”

The werewolf was speechless. What the landlord Senezel said was exactly the same as what Albert had said before.

Even if times improve. Science is prosperous again. Can’t forget the reverence for the gods…?

“Although science makes people’s lives better. More convenient. More comfortable. But it also makes people arrogant.” The old man said: “In ancient times, people had to light candles at night. Endure not enough lighting. It’s a dark day all around. In contrast. We who just pull the light and get light. Think it’s an inconvenience. Right.”

Of course. ‘ replied the werewolf, of course.

“But at the same time. You’ll also miss out on a lot of good stuff.” The old man sneered.

His voice just fell. The candle in his hand was completely extinguished.

It suddenly became pitch black everywhere. More faster chapters to come. The werewolf looked at the darkness. I couldn’t help but be shocked – did it really fall into the trap? .

“Oh. Don’t stand still. Hurry up and move forward. If you wait any longer, it will be dawn.” The old man’s voice still sounded gently. Just two yards away from the werewolf.

Bediver hesitates again. Actually going to move in the dark. This road is too dangerous. but. If old man Senezel wants to harm the werewolf. He’s out now. No more time to lure werewolves into deeper traps at all.

Is the host really trustworthy? The werewolf was puzzled for a moment.

“If you don’t leave again, I’ll leave you here.” The old man’s voice was vaguely angry. The sound of his footsteps was already moving forward.

There is no way. They are all on the pirate ship. Just had to keep going. The werewolf groped the cold, damp stone wall. Follow the old man’s footsteps and move forward.

Fortunately. Bedivere did not believe the wrong person. It’s only been about five minutes. The surroundings became brighter. The first update and the environment brightened a lot.

This is a huge circular underground cave. Roughly calculated in terms of area. It has at least a thousand acres. Lighting up the environment is some kind of fluorescent fungus hidden in the stone crevices. They have a cool blue light. dotted all around the cave. Light and dark go hand in hand. The whole cave is like a universe. The dark curtain wall is covered with stars.

“Oh. My—” Bedivere wanted to exclaim.

His mouth was covered by the old man’s hand. The exclamation stopped at the tip of his throat.

“I told you. Don’t make too much noise.” Old Senezel said in a low voice.

There seems to be this rule. Can’t get bright light. noise. And… can’t fart.

The werewolf scratched his head in embarrassment. Sorry.

The old man released his hand from the werewolf’s mouth. Winked at Bedivere. motioned for him to follow.

On the other side of this cave. Countless Druid believers knelt in front of a huge blue light tree. Pray quietly.

“You don’t need to pray. Just wait. I’ll come back to you when I’m done.” The old man commanded the werewolf. Went to join the prayer crowd on my own.

Bediver finds a clean place to sit. Watching the group of people keep praying.

What a quiet religion this is. Without the loud, arrogant bells of Christianity. There is also no Catholic singing. There are no more speeches by religious leaders. The pastor’s speech.

No. Nothing at all. They really just knelt quietly on the ground. If these believers don’t look like people. Wearing an elegant and simple gray-green robe. Bedivere would even wonder if these were wooden men. Or some kind of sculpture.

——Why is there such a quiet religious gathering in this world? These people knelt on the ground and prayed for nearly half an hour. not tired. Isn’t it boring?

Right now. As if answering the prayers of the believers. The tree that updated the light for the first time began to change.

Countless tiny dots of light. Flying out of the tree. Bedivere knew the blips. That is noctilucent — Arthur’s former small farm planted a [Breath of the Sky] flower field. Attracted a lot of noctilucent insects.

This bug is very similar to a firefly. But there is a decisive difference. They have almost no physical properties of the body. Most are made of pure photons – it would be an understatement to say that they are a primitive, epic photonic creature.

Druid. Noctilucent. Holy Spirit. It all seems vaguely related. Although the current Bedivere did not want to understand. I don’t even have the mind to understand it.

Because. There are millions of luminous insects flying in front of him. If there are stars flowing in the universe. Look dazzling. No one saw this spectacle. Will take a deep breath. Hold your breath. Concentrate.

And these noctilucents. Begin to gradually gather into a shape. The profile of a woman.

She walked slowly towards Bedivere. The steps are light and elegant. like clouds. It’s like a spring breeze.

Senezel and a group of believers all looked towards the werewolf. The landlady of Senezel was about to exclaim when he saw Bedivere. He quickly shook his head and winked. Signal the werewolf to hold back.

The figure of the woman of light has come within a yard of Bedivere. She reaches out. The werewolf’s left prosthetic limb also began to stretch out uncontrollably.

The woman gently stroked the werewolf’s arm. And the white diamond of the Holy Spirit hidden in Bedivere’s prosthesis also began to emit a soft white light. seems to be responding to each other.

That’s right. In front of this woman composed of luminous insects. Also the Holy Spirit. The werewolf immediately understood.

From nature. The Holy Spirit born from the prayers of believers.

Wild Holy Spirit.

She is communicating with [The Cabin in the Woods] in Bedivere’s arm.

That exchange only lasted about a minute. The woman reached out and stroked the werewolf’s face again. And then dissipated into countless noctilucent insects. More faster chapters to come. Lurking in every corner of the cave.

The Druids also completed their prayers. Separated each.

“You boy…” The old man Senezel came over to the werewolf and said, “Lord Lin Shen seems to be very optimistic about you.”

Is it your god? ‘ asked Bedivere in a low voice. He moved his left arm at the same time. Except for a tingle of heat. Nothing unusual about the prosthesis.

“Well. What the **** is that. God knows.” The old man said ambiguous, “Come with me. Introduce you to the Prophet. The Prophet has a lot of work for you to do.”

It really is this expansion. Bedivere was treated as a mercenary.

“Oh. Not satisfied.” Senezel gave the werewolf a sidelong glance. He probably noticed the tiredness on the werewolf’s face: “I told you all about it. You can get paid for accepting Druid missions. Also, the Brotherhood has a huge newspaper network. It can provide you with a lot of convenience- –Of course. Those newspapers still cost money. Update as soon as possible”

Of course. “Bedivere said helplessly: “As long as it’s not some strange religious task, it’s very religious. “

Although this Druid religion doesn’t seem to be a cult. But intuition tells the werewolf. Religion stuff. Better not to get too deep into it.

“Huhuhuhuhuhu. What a strange little brother.” A middle-aged man approached. Talking in a very low voice—it seems that the ritual of summoning the spirit has not passed yet. No one is allowed to speak loudly tonight.

By the dim lighting of the cave. The werewolf looked at each other. The prophet wears the same unassuming gray-green robe as the rest of the faithful. A long, peaceful face appeared in the gloom. The pine wood scent on the body is a bit pungent.

“The Prophet of Mutani.” The old man Senezer saluted the middle-aged man. A very special gift.

He raises the palm of his right hand. Index and middle fingers. Ring finger and little finger close together. And then fork between the **** and the ignorant finger. Like the fork of a big tree: “May you be with nature. May you find peace and ease.”

The Prophet makes the same gesture. Saying the same thing. This seems to be a special gesture and phrase used by the Druids to greet them.

After the ceremony. The landlord turned and pointed to Bedivere and said, “That’s the kid. It looks pure. It shouldn’t be a bad guy. It’s up to you, the Prophet, to hire him.”

“Hmm. Indeed. Nice boy—” The Prophet circled Bedivere. Looking at the werewolf up and down: “Gaia’s evaluation of you is also good. Well. A person who can carry the gods with him at all times. He can’t be a bad person in the first place.”

(Is that so.)

Bedivere actually only carries the White Diamond of the Holy Spirit with him at all times. Don’t know so much.

“That. Gaia is…” the werewolf whispered curiously.

“Didn’t you see it just now? That’s Gaia, the goddess of the earth. Or maybe it’s a clone of her.”

The woman made of luminous bugs is Gaia.

An ancient **** worshipped by the Druids. It was Gaia.

“I know you have a lot of questions. Boy.” Prophet Muthani smiled at the werewolf. “But. It’s taking too much time to answer your questions. Unless you’re willing to join a sect. Start from scratch, bit by bit. Know the teachings of Druidism. Otherwise. I think it’s better to leave it alone.”

“…No need. Thank you.” The werewolf was also afraid of getting into trouble. It is better not to get involved with this kind of religion of unknown origin.

“Haha. I think so too.” The Prophet chuckled again. He doesn’t seem to intend to persuade the werewolf to join the teaching: “Let’s stop this matter. Let’s talk about business. I have several tasks here. It needs people with good skills to complete them.”

“I just hope they all fit together—“

“Don’t worry. It’s all legal.” The Prophet quickly assured the werewolf: “Everything is above board.”

“Then.” The old landlord turned around and prepared to leave. “I’ll go back to rest first. Let’s talk slowly. The night is still long.”

“Good way. Brother.” The Prophet saluted old Senezer. It’s that very special gift: “May you be with Gaia. May you find peace and ease.”

“Best wishes to you and Gaia.” The landlord finished. walked away.

“Uh. That—“

Senezel seems to know that Bedivere will complain. He turned his head again and said, “You know the road. Go back in the dark.”

(Just leave me here. How can I be so irresponsible.)

“Hoohoo.” The Prophet chuckled a few times: “Don’t worry. Even if you’re lost. We’ll find a brother to take you home. Let’s get down to business – I want you to kill it. An evil god.”

“Wh. What..” Bedivere nearly exclaimed but he remembered not being able to make a loud noise here. He obediently swallowed the scream that came to his throat: “Destroy the gods. You are joking.”

“No. I’m serious.” Know first: “The gods of this land. We all know them. We can all feel them. Some of them are good — like the one in your arm. But there are bad ones among them too. Very bad ones.

Such gods need to be punished. Otherwise they will flood. I guessed correctly. You should have met one already. Right. “

The werewolf froze behind.

The Prophet knows about the ghost ship.

Is that what Captain Senezel reported to them.

Not true. Should not be. The boat docked at noon today. And the captain and his brother didn’t seem to have much time for a long talk. The landlord should also have no time to inform the prophet.

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