Light Spirit Epic Chapter 717: Disputes over Rongyan (1)


Chapter 717 Disputes over Rongyan (1)

While Frey was muttering in her heart, Greenville, who was also a woman, had the same doubts. Read the latest chapter of this book, come to the website, the latest chapter!

The king may not necessarily be right.

Everything he says will eventually become the truth. Whatever he does will eventually be recognized.

But until this “final” arrives, Arthur isn’t necessarily right.

Arthur is not a god, he is also a man. People cannot be perfect and cannot make every decision right.

And preventing Wang from making a big mistake is what the woman behind the king should do.

Greenville only took half a second to think, and she was smart enough to make up her mind.

She summoned the holy white phoenix, but gave a strange order to the phoenix: “Go, help that firebird and stop Arthur from making mistakes!”

The white phoenix understood and flew out quickly and came to Arthur.

The King of Knights thought that the Holy Spirit White Phoenix was an allied army and did not take any precautions against it. Unexpectedly, Phoenix suddenly spit out white flames at Arthur!

“What?!” Arthur fluttered his wings to dodge, and he was almost swallowed by the flames: “Greenville, do you want to kill me?!”

“No, I want to save you. Save you from your momentary madness.” The queen sneered, driving the iron cavalry to fire at the king of knights.

These light bullets are unlikely to cause damage to Arthur, but they prevent the King of Knights from continuing to pursue!

Before the terrified Arthur could catch his breath, Frey had already fired dozens of fireballs at the King of Knights.

“Even against you, Frey?!”

“No, Your Majesty. The Queen’s words are right. Your judgment is indeed wrong this time!” Frey shouted, raising her hand, sending more rain of rock and fire.

In this age where religions are declining, science is prosperous, but there are no gods, people should not give up their reverence for gods.

If even the reverence for great things is lost, one will be aimlessly arrogant.

And arrogant people will eventually go to self-destruction.

The two women would rather go against the king’s will than deliver the message to Arthur. They are educating the king in their own way.

“Frey, stop it!!” But the man’s thoughts are always straight and never know how to work around them. Watching Frey attack Arthur from a distance, Kai couldn’t sit still!

“Rook?” He wanted to order the salamander Rook to stop Frey. However, Luke and Frey have a deep friendship, and of course they won’t obey Kai’s orders.

“Tsk—” In desperation, Kai himself turned into a giant, relying on the increased fire resistance ability after the giantization, resisting the burning of the molten rock, and just rushed over.

“Frey, Hugh is being rude to the king!” Kai rushed over to fight the giantess, temporarily keeping the giantess busy. So only Arthur and Greenville were left on the battlefield, and the Holy Spirit White Phoenix fought against each other.

“Greenville, don’t make trouble!” Arthur flapped his wings to avoid the Queen’s cavalry’s strafing fire, and another dive flashed past the flames of the Holy Spirit’s White Phoenix.

“I’m not making trouble! You will definitely regret the decision you have made now, and I’m just stopping you so that you won’t regret it!” The queen was paranoid and bombarded the King of Knights more violently.

No regrets. Arthur never regretted what he did.

Killing the Origin Firebird may not stop the volcano from erupting, or even worse, affecting the delicate balance of nature.

But who can say “surely”?

Maybe killing the Origin Firebird is the correct way to stop the eruption, and maybe it won’t affect the balance of nature?

It’s just a group of photons condensed unconsciously by a group of people who worship the gods. Before it existed, nature had its own balance. Then why should this Origin Firebird be required to “maintain” the balance?

Why does this world have to be managed by “gods”, and why can’t it be allowed to unfold naturally?

In ancient times, before these “gods” existed, the world wasn’t necessarily so chaotic and dark?

Put “the harm that may be caused by killing the gods” and “the harm that may be caused by not killing the gods” on the scale, and Arthur just prefers the latter.

Because the King of Knights believes in one truth: if you do nothing, nothing will happen!

Those who are afraid of making trouble and shy away from doing anything have the right to laugh at King Arthur’s “recklessness”?

Especially, they have no evidence at all to prove the harm of killing the Origin Firebird!

“Sorry, Greenville.” Arthur sighed, dodging the queen’s attack while pinching a fireball.

If he got serious, there was no way his wife could stop him.

The fireball blasted towards Greenville’s iron cavalry at a very high speed. The speed was so fast that the iron cavalry’s function could not dodge at all!

“Wow!” The queen screamed, and her cavalry was surrounded by fire.

Arthur spread his wings at the same time, and the wings of the holy king on his back spread thousands of feathers, and at the same time activated kinetic magic, pushing the king of knights forward at high speed.

Before Siwon Firebird realized it, Arthur had swung the holy sword and chopped the firebird into thousands of pieces!

Before the Holy Spirit White Phoenix noticed it, the King of Knights had already drawn the blade and chopped the Phoenix into thousands of pieces!

The two Holy Spirits smashed together and quickly regrouped. Arthur took this opportunity to wave his wings and raise a storm to gather the reorganized Holy Spirit shards together!

Everything that happened after that was as Arthur had expected. The two holy spirits with similar shapes began to resonate in a certain way, and they gradually merged into one during the reorganization process, and they began to be unable to distinguish each other.

A powerful blow to these two holy spirits will definitely disperse them completely and reunite them perfectly!

The King of Knights uses powerful dragon flames to create a giant fireball. The plasma fireball as big as the sun is planning to completely smash the Holy Spirits into tiny particles!

At the same time, Greenville, who was attacked by Arthur’s dragon flame, found that she was not really scalded. It was Arthur’s low-temperature dragon flame, which only had a strong light, but it could only be used to scare people.

The King of Knights is her husband after all. Of course, he will stay with Greenville, and his attacks are limited to scare her and buy time.

Getting rid of the low-temperature dragon flames, Greenville, who looked at the King of Knights from a distance, saw that Arthur had scattered the two Holy Spirits, and was planning to use a powerful blow to completely shatter them! At this time, she was a hundred yards away from King Arthur, and even if she drove the iron cavalry with all her strength, it would be too late to stop her!

The witty queen thought of another way to stop the king of knights.

“Arthur, look this way!” she shouted, attracting the attention of the King of Knights with a volume that the other party must be able to hear.

At the same time, Greenville jumped off the cavalry desperately, and three hundred yards below her feet was a pool of molten rock!

“Greenville?! NO!!!—” King Arthur rushed over desperately, catching the queen just before she fell into the pool of molten rock!

However, the blow that was supposed to resolve the two Holy Spirits was cancelled because of this!

The Holy Spirit White Phoenix and the Origin Firebird also recovered their bodies at this time, but they still haven’t merged together!

The Holy Spirit White Phoenix’s summoning time is over, and it returns to the Avalon Pure Land.

The overly frightened Origin Firebird fled desperately, plunged headlong into the molten rock and smoke of Eyjafjallajökull, never to be seen again!

“Ahahahahahaha!” Greenville, who had succeeded in her trick, laughed loudly. The cunning **** was just like the clever little devil back then.

That’s the winner’s laugh, the most proud laugh a woman can have in her life.

Because she knew he loved her.

When she is in danger, even if he has something important in his hands, he can put it down and go all out to save her!

Diamonds, jewels, fancy dresses, luxurious accommodation—a rich man can offer his woman everything. But the real love is that these material things are far from comparable.

If he can let go of everything and accomplish something for her that she really desires, that will be far more valuable than material enjoyment!

Looking at Greenville’s smug smile, King Arthur was confused and couldn’t smile: “Why are you doing this, Greenville!”

“This is the best way.” The Queen looked at the King of Knights deeply, convinced that she was doing the right thing. She stopped her husband from making mistakes.

But what really matters is that she tests her husband’s love for her. And the test results are satisfactory.

Arthur wondered for a while. Things have come to this point, everything is irreversible, and we can only let nature take its course.

The activity of Eyjafjallajökull is increasing, and it appears to be under the influence of the Origin Firebird, spewing molten rock and flames even more frantically.

The King of Knights and the others had already flown a long way from the center of the volcano in order to lure the flamingo out. But at this time, the more violent activity of the volcano burst out a more terrifying heat wave, making Arthur and the others too hot to breathe!

The King of Knights has a dragon’s blood body, which can last a while longer. But his queen is only a mortal body, and can’t stay for one more second in this heat wave! Arthur hurriedly flew out holding Greenville and quickly escaped the danger zone.

Frey and Kay have already stopped fighting—it should be said that Kay passed out in the middle of the was carried away by the giantess. Frey also became irritable in this heat wave, and hurriedly ran out: “No way! If this continues, Iceland will be completely obliterated by the volcanic rock paddle! We can’t do anything!”

Arthur flew to a safe distance and looked back at the wildly erupting volcano, only to feel a little dazed.

If it hadn’t been to stimulate the Origin Firebird, maybe it wouldn’t have caused such serious consequences?

Or on the contrary, it was because the Firebird escaped that it caused such serious consequences?

It’s impossible to say who is right and who is wrong about Arthur and Greenville. He only knows that the current situation is that no matter what they do, they can’t change it.

The Kingdom of Iceland will perish today!

—Or maybe not?

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