Light Spirit Epic Chapter 710: Explore the mystery of the mystery


Chapter 710 Exploring the Mysterious Ship (2)

The voice was low and slow, so faint that it was almost invisible, but it deeply stabbed the werewolf Bedivere’s nerves. It’s worse than the sound of cat paws scraping glass!

It’s not an illusion, and it’s not an auditory hallucination. That voice is definitely there, and it must be around here!

Is it really… a ghost call? !

“Sha Xia Xia Xia Xia—” The mournful ghost cry continued to sound, echoing in the werewolf’s mind.

Bediver only felt that he was being eroded by some kind of cold air, and even he, who was always not afraid of the cold, shivered: “You, you, you, you really…Listen, can’t you hear?”

The candidates were frightened by the werewolf’s watch, and they all trembled, and even let out a white breath from their mouths: “Don’t, stop joking, okay?”

“Sasha—” The voice called out as always, and became clearer.

Werewolves are scared, really scared. Not because he was timid. If it is a normal person, in such a deep environment, being constantly called by this kind of resentful ghost voice, and only you can hear it, that kind of experience must be very terrifying, and anyone will collapse in an instant.

It should be said that Bedivere has been able to survive until now because he has cultivated his body and mind for a long time and has cultivated a spirit as tough as steel. Therefore, even if it was terrifying, he did not choose to escape. Since the other party has already found him, it is probably pointless to escape.

The werewolf suppressed the fear in his heart and listened, trying to find the source of the sound.

“Swish rustling rustling —” The ghost screams dragged on longer and longer. As if deliberately helping Bedivere find the source—or deliberately luring Bedivere into a trap.

“…This way! Come with me!” Once the werewolf figured out the source of the sound, he immediately ran deeper into the cabin.

The four adventurers behind Bedivere were not as bold as Bedivere. Two of them were so frightened that they ran off to the deck. The remaining two also hesitated for a moment before running after the werewolf, but before they could keep up, they were swallowed by some boundless darkness behind them.

“Hey, you guys!” The werewolf turned to scold the candidates who ran away, but saw darkness behind him.

The lightsaber in his hand was bright green, but the light couldn’t penetrate the dark corridor. The road behind him was blocked by some kind of dark fog. And the whereabouts of the four candidates are unknown.

No! ? It’s a big joke! The werewolf almost wet his pants.

“Shashashashashashasha!!—“The voice calling him became more and more rapid, as if urging Bedivere to go!

The black fog behind him pressed down. That mass of black fog is definitely not a good thing, and it will be finished if it is swallowed by the black fog! In desperation, Bedivere had to run away, dashing along the source of the sound!

At the same time, in Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull is 300 kilometers away.

Two photon gunships whizzed through the air, one was King Arthur’s dragon cavalry and the other was the iron cavalry of Kay, the Knight of the Round Table.

“Cough, the smoke is so thick.” The King of Knights covered his nose in disgust.

A large amount of smoke and poisonous gas spewed out of the fire, and they spread so quickly and cover an area so wide that the sky three hundred kilometers away was also covered with thick dark clouds. The poisonous gas irritates the lungs, erodes the skin, and is very harmful to the human body.

Kay also frowned: “It’s not good. According to this trend, let alone Iceland, Great Britain will also be affected by the poisonous gas of the volcano.”

“Is it really that poisonous?” Frey, who was behind Kai, asked in agreement.

“You are a fire giant, you are immune to these things, and of course you can’t perceive its horror.” Kai said depressedly: “But you have to think about how fragile humans are.”

“Mermaids too.” Arthur saw the fleet of ships fleeing at sea. The Vikings and mermaids on the boat were also very uneasy about the volcanic eruption, and this unease showed directly on their sad faces.

Homes destroyed and displaced. The world is full of suffering.

Is it a natural disaster, or is it the result of Arthur changing the fate of the world?

Disasters aren’t the scariest thing yet. What worries the King of Knights the most is the [Boundless Darkness].

The more disasters, the more sorrow the world is full of, and the greater the negative energy in the world. Even if these people are not infected with Anzi, Anzi will still sneak into the torrent of fate, erode fate through the explosion of negative energy, and create [undercurrent].

Seven years ago, in the final battle, Arthur used all his might to clear the undercurrent of the fate of the world.

The same luck will not happen again.

Furthermore, if there is another [extremely dark person] like Albert, the world will probably not be able to bear it?

Therefore, in order to prevent the world from being swallowed by darkness again, all Arthur can do is to make everyone in the world live better. Even if you can’t redeem everyone, you must try your best to heal people’s pain. Even if it is impossible to make everyone happy, we must try our best to eliminate their unhappiness.

This is also one of the purposes of King Arthur’s establishment of the Knights of the Round Table – for the redemption of the world.

Saving the world doesn’t just mean fighting monsters or dark gods. Problems that can be solved with violence are not problems at all.

If you want to truly save the world, you must use love to redeem everyone in the world.

And doing so is extremely difficult. Not even God can do it.

The further you go, the denser the smoke and poisonous mist. The shields of the Dragon Knight and the Iron Cavalry also seem to be unable to isolate the fine smoke particles in the air.

In other words, Arthur and the others can’t go any further.

“I can’t help it. Are you here?” Kai said disappointedly, “Arthur, I’ve seen enough, it’s time to go back.”

“No, go a little further.” The King of Knights is very stubborn. “My gut tells me that there seems to be something in this volcano.”

“You must be kidding me?” Kay was startled, “It’s a molten rock area further ahead, and the smoke is so thick that it’s impossible for any living thing to survive – uh, Frey. Except. But a fire giant like Frey can’t be in a place like this.”


“Kay, forget it, you can’t persuade Your Majesty.” Frey sighed: “Let’s land. I’ll do something.”

“Frey! Don’t help him talk!?”

“I have my own points.” The giantess smiled sweetly: “In short, it’s just to see the situation. If there is something wrong, we will retreat, okay?”

Although Kay is still full of complaints, his wife is so confident that he is too embarrassed to say no to her.

The two gunboats landed on the cliff on the edge of the island like this. They walked less than a hundred yards to the molten rock pool. The molten rock erupted from the volcano spread over the earth. Cooling down, there is still light and heat at this moment.

The whole land was scorched black by the high heat, the air was heated and expanded, and even the scenery was constantly twisting from a distance. What a typical volcanic landscape.

Frey suddenly felt like she was back home. She smiled affectionately, released her miniaturization, and returned her body to her 30-foot giant form.

“Come up.” The fire giant held out a hand to Arthur and Kay.

“However, we’d still get scorched in a place like this—” Kay said suspiciously.

“I drink dragon blood.” Arthur said, “Kay, your physique is similar, right?”

King Arthur, who has dragon blood to strengthen his constitution, is particularly heat-resistant, and the high temperature in the air will not hurt him. As long as it doesn’t come into direct contact with molten rock, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Kay is half giant and extremely heat-resistant. This heat-resisting ability increases with his age.

“It seems there is no problem.” Frey smiled and lifted the two of them up and put them on her shoulders: “Then let’s go.”

“Wait.” Kay crawled along his wife’s neck, deliberately reached Frey’s right shoulder, and sat with Arthur: “I’m staying with Arthur. This guy, if he is alone, will definitely ‘restless’.”

Arthur smiled helplessly, looked away from Frey’s nipple, and kept looking straight ahead.

Frey sneered, then stepped forward, cautiously. She stepped on the molten rock and felt extremely comfortable—the temperature of the molten rock was moderate, which was almost the same as the temperature of the bath she used to use.

At the same time, on the Arctic Ocean, [Ghost Ship—Wandering Dutchman].

Bedivere, who had been chased by the black fog and could only run forward to grab his way, finally broke into a room before his physical strength bottomed out.

Touch! The werewolf hurriedly closed the door behind him, blocking out the black fog.

After a few breaths, Bedivere was free to observe the room.

In contrast to the whole tattered ghost ship, only this room is neatly arranged. All the tables, chairs and cabinets in the room are still alive, and they are all luxurious items inlaid with gold. The gold on it was so dazzling under the arms of the werewolf that even thousands of years could not fade them.

This luxurious room is probably the captain’s private room.

“Shashashashashashashashashashashashashaxiaxiaxia!!” That voice was even more obvious. It was not so much that Bedivere [heared] it, but rather that it directly [drilled into] the werewolf youth’s mind.

“Who is it…” Bedivere covered his aching head: “Stop screaming! It hurts—I’m not the Sasha you’re looking for!”

“Shashashashashasha!” the voice shouted stubbornly.

“Ouch!” Blood seeped from the werewolf’s nose. The sound kept reverberating in Bedivere’s brain, like some kind of ultrasound, which could resonate a person’s brain and cause harm.

Not anymore. If this continues, even if he is not killed by the black mist, Bedivere will die from an intracerebral hemorrhage.

“Shut up—” He took a deep breath: “Shut up!!!!————-“

This wolf roar is as powerful as a dragon’s roar, a skill honed by werewolves over the years in the extreme conditions of Siberia. He once shook back a blizzard with a loud roar.

And now, his wolf roar really paid off. The sound is against the sound, and the will is against the will. The other party’s heart-piercing whisper was suppressed by Bedivere with momentum!

“Ha, ha, ha.” The werewolf, who had finally recovered, looked around anxiously. There is definitely something wrong with this room. There must be something at the root of all these strange events!

He rummaged through boxes and found it without much effort.

That’s a diary. From the cover, it should be the captain’s logbook.

“Okay,” Bedivere swallowed, “Let me see what kind of monster you are.”

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