Light Spirit Epic Chapter 700: Traveling for Trials (3)


Chapter 700 Trials (3)

That’s not a big port. Ke, Xiao, wishes all the college entrance examination candidates a smooth examination. www.DU00.COm Everything is built with wood, and wooden floors are placed on countless huge wooden piles exposed to the sea to create platforms one after another.

The shipyard, heavily eroded by the tide, has a history. There were a lot of barnacles and moss parasitized on the hygroscopic wooden board, and there were even small shrimps and crabs crawling between the wooden posts. Bedivere had to be careful not to step on these little creatures when walking.

A thin layer of snow has accumulated on the floor. It seems that the wood is eroded by the sea tide and has a high salt content, which prevents the snow from accumulating, but it is very slippery and makes it difficult to stand.

A not-so-big cargo ship caught the eye of Bedivere. Needless to say, this was the ship they were on to travel to Great Britain this time—for there were no other ships in the port.

“It’s so desolate.” The werewolf youth couldn’t help sighing.

“It’s early spring, and it’s the off-season for fishing.” Albert explained as a matter of course, “In this cold weather, of course people want to hide at home and be lazy. Who would be as foolish as us to go to participate in what kind of thing. Meow [Trial of the Round Table]?”

“Oh, you really think so?” The werewolf sneered.

What should be a desolate port is a hidden mystery. There are many figures staring at each other in the dark corners, as if observing each other’s strength.

The wolves are counted. thirty. No, sixty people. There are about sixty strangers hiding in the shadows. I’m afraid these guys are all masters of stealth. The place to hide is clever and low-key, and you can’t detect it if you don’t look at it.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.” Albert said to the werewolf in a nonchalant tone that had nothing to do with him: “I said I was going to participate in the trial, but in fact, the trial has already started from this moment.” /

Because, even on the same ship, arriving at Great Britain at the same time, there is a limit to the number of people who can sign up for the test.

Many candidates screen their opponents from the start in order to increase their chances of success. Knowing that we are here to participate in the trial, it will probably do everything possible to prevent us from getting on the ship, right? “

“It’s vicious.” Bedivere flexed his muscles.

“No way, who called us orcs. We will always be discriminated against.” Albert sneered and moved his arms.

Dozens of figures attacked without saying hello, and all kinds of weapons stabbed the two ignorant orcs, as if to say in invisible words: The mere orcs dare to participate in the trial of the Knights of the Round Table. !

But as far as Bedivere and the others are concerned, the other party is the real over-the-top!

“Don’t hurt people, just knock them out,” Albert reminded. He squatted down and swept away a human adventurer who was attacking head on. The unbalanced human slammed into Albert’s elbow and flew out in reverse, unconscious.

“You don’t need to remind me!” Bedivere threw a punch, bypassing a human adventurer’s dagger, and smashing it into the man’s face.

The man flew away, spinning and throwing for dozens of yards, colliding with another human adventurer. The two hit their heads at the same time and both fainted.

At the same time, Albert also dodged a stab, and the knife slashed down, landing lightly and accurately on the back of an adventurer’s head, knocking the man unconscious.

“It’s endless!” Bedivere had just knocked off another enemy when the three adventurers stabbed at the same time. The werewolf stretched out his left arm to pick it up, and the adventurers immediately sneered, thinking that their sharp spears would stab the werewolf’s left hand into a **** mess!

Kang Keng Keng! Bedivere Steel’s left hand is unexpectedly hard, and ordinary swords and guns can’t hurt it at all!

The werewolf grabbed the sharp blades of the three spears in one hand, and lifted all the gunmen with astonishing strength!

“Go away!” He threw the spear with one hand, and the three adventurers didn’t even have time to be surprised, before being thrown out with their guns and clumsily falling into the sea of ​​ice!

Whoosh whoosh! More missiles shot at the two. It was a throwing knife full of poison. The tiger man dodged nimbly, looking at the poisonous light swept across his face, he couldn’t help but get angry: “This joke is too big. Really want to kill people?”

The rogue who threw the poison dagger sneered, thinking his poison dagger was a huge threat, and was triumphant. He didn’t expect Bedivere to throw a heavy punch at him.

The two were thirty feet apart, but Bedivere punched at supersonic speed. His high-speed straight punch created a vacuum wave, and the powerful airflow directly slapped the opponent, knocking the rogue into the sea of ​​ice.

“Ow.” Albert heard the sound of bones breaking and couldn’t help feeling the same for the hapless hooligan: “The rib is definitely broken. You shot too hard.”

“He deserves it.” The werewolf sneered. The other party shot viciously, so he didn’t use his subordinates to stay: “El, hide behind me!”

The tiger people don’t know what fierce move Bedivere is planning to do, so it’s better to hide for safety. As soon as he ran to the back of the werewolf, the werewolf immediately raised his left fist and smashed it to the ground!

Pounds! ! An earth-shattering bang exploded in the silent port city. The werewolf slammed into the ground with his fist, and the shock wave it drew spreads in all directions in a spherical shape, directly shaking the surrounding people away, and shattering the wooden floor of the dock! Countless unfortunate adventurers fell into the sea of ​​ice one after another, shivering from the cold!

What’s amazing is that about half a yard of ground centered on Bedivere was completely unscathed. Their footing is like an island in a sea of ​​sawdust.

“Bedie, you have destroyed the entire dock like this, how do you compensate me?” Albert asked in a low voice.

“Take it from these idiots.” The werewolf looked at the fallen adventurers: “They attacked first.”

These words were just overheard by the owner of the dock who came to ask for compensation. Seeing that the werewolf’s attitude was so tough, the slightly fat middle-aged man was so frightened that he didn’t dare to provoke Bedivere, so he had to rummage among the corpses on the ground (in fact, they weren’t dead) to make up for the loss of the dock.

Fortunately, the adventurers are very wealthy, and the dock owner only turned over the pockets of three or four people, and immediately looked at him and was overjoyed.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. The cargo ship is ringing the bells to summon the adventurers. It’s time to get out.

The two young orcs nimbly leaped back and forth between the broken planks, jumping onto the boat in just a few steps.

“Are you the ones who messed up the dock?” There was already a middle-aged uncle dressed as a captain waiting for the two of them.

“Sorry, this guy is going to mess around if he’s not careful.” Albert pretended to be polite and chatted with the captain.

“It doesn’t matter. I have accepted many candidates, and you are not the worst among them.

—I’m Captain Senezel, taking you to Pantola this time… oh no, people of Great Britain. “The captain introduced himself. As an old man who has lived for more than half a century, he is not used to the new name of Great Britain, and often makes mistakes.

The captain shook hands with Albert kindly, then leaned over and extended his hand to Bedivere.

The werewolf looked at the old human captain who was over fifty years old and his face was full of wind and frost, and stretched out his claws suspiciously: “You don’t hate orcs?”

“Oh, young man, don’t laugh. I’ve seen more weirdos in my life than you can imagine. Merfolk, giants, elves, halflings, I’ve dealt with them all. You’re not The most special—just a big cat and a big dog, isn’t it? Hehehehe.”

“I’m a wolf,” Bedivere said helplessly, shaking hands with the old captain. The old captain’s dry and calloused hands left a deep impression on the werewolf youth.

At the same time, dozens of figures slipped onto the boat one after another. They are the people who were quietly waiting in the dark corner of the dock just now, and there are many powerful people among them – you can know a thing or two from their agile movements and dexterous footsteps.

In other words, these people are very insightful and very interesting. They knew from the beginning that Bedivere and Albert were not easy to mess with, so they didn’t attack rashly.

It seems that the candidates in the round table test are not all a group of gangsters, and this exam is sure to be a storm.

The captain and Albert exchanged a few words, told them not to fight on the boat, and then went to greet the other candidates one by one. Of course, the other candidates are not ordinary people. While chatting with the captain, they looked at Bedivere and Albert with burning eyes.

Everyone will give Captain Senezel some face for not doing too much on board. However, although there is no open fight, there will still be a secret fight. This also means that Bediveville and the others cannot relax along the way.

Just now reminding myself not to relax and be vigilant, Bedivere was swiftly pounced by a shadow in the next second.

“Wow!” The werewolf was startled. He thought that he was vigilant enough that it was impossible for him to be approached by anyone— he didn’t expect that someone would pounce on him, right under his nose! What a shame!

Looking at the figure that rushed over, the werewolf felt even more ashamed: it was a child!

Actually is a Leopard boy about six or seven years old. This black leopard, coupled with the white leopard spots, made Bedivere feel like he had seen it before?

The leopard boy crouched in front of the werewolf and looked up at Bedivere: “Bedivere.”

This cry frightened the werewolf youth into a cold sweat. This kid knows Bedivere! ?

“Hal! Come back meow!” A voice interrupted Bedivere’s thoughts.

The werewolf followed the prestige and followed the sound of rapid footsteps. It was two leopard youths.

Bedevier knew them. That special blue leopard fur belonged to an almost extinct tribe among the leopard people. Bedivere had dealt with these two guys before, and they were so rare that it was impossible not to recognize them.

—It’s Zephyr and Seglade. The two kittens of those days have grown into two strong young men! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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