Light Spirit Epic Chapter 70: Hunting in the storm (li)


Chapter 70 Hunting in the Storm (in)

An hour later.

“Wow, great harvest!” Kai walked back to the camp slowly, dragging a big wild boar, a pheasant, and two hares on his shoulders.

“What’s your harvest?” Kai asked without concealing the smug look on his face.

Arthur points to Bedivere. The werewolf boy was plucking a pheasant that had been bleeding. It seemed that this pheasant was all of Arthur’s prey.

Kai sneered: “If I count on you, I will starve to death.”

Bedivere was embarrassed to say: “I’m sorry, I’m not used to this gun, if it’s a bow and arrow, I used it when I was a kid hunting.”

“Who will… help me!” Evan dragged the heavy photon cannon with difficulty, “This thing is too heavy.”

Arthur glared at Kai and walked over to help.

“No need to help.” Kai said with a wicked smile, “This kid just needs to practice his physical strength. If he can’t even carry a gun like this, how will he fight in the future?”

“I don’t need to fight!” Ivan complained loudly, the anger in his stomach was about to explode, “and which idiot invented this cumbersome equipment that is not suitable for combat?! He should be fired! He thought Does everyone like to carry this cannon into the battlefield?”

“But it was originally designed to be used on a cavalry…” Bedivere whispered.

“Then why do I have to carry the huge cannon used by the iron cavalry to hunt for you!?” Evan was even more angry, as if flames burst out of the boy’s throat.

“Huhuhu, you’re so angry,” Kai has already started roasting wild boar, “Anyway, what you lack is exercise, isn’t it good?”

“Ow…!” Evan wanted to scold people, but he knew that swearing was pointless, so he immediately calmed down like a deflated balloon, and sat on the stone beside him with his cheeks in his anger.

Arthur checked the cannon, and suddenly touched a switch. The cannon turned on the photon reflector at the bottom and floated quietly in mid-air.


Arthur glared at Evan in turn: “Have you read the instructions carefully before you curse?”

Ivan Ma blushed: “I’m sorry…”

“Oh, that’s what it is, it’s actually equipped with an anti-gravity engine.” Kai grinned, “This photon cannon is amazing.”

“Say less!” Arthur scolded, “You’re an adult, don’t keep bullying children!”

“I’m still a few months old before I turn eighteen, idiot.” Kai said, tearing off the roasted wild boar leg and handing it to Evan, “Eat it, little one. If you don’t eat a little meat, you’ll always be like Arthur is not tall, always small!”

“Who’s the little one, you muscular idiot.” Arthur said angrily, grabbing the roasted chicken thigh in one hand and devouring the meat.

Ivan said nothing, holding the roast pork leg and biting slowly. These knights are really annoying, and Ivan doesn’t even bother to get involved in their discussions.

A few minutes later, the sky in the distance was suddenly covered with dark clouds, a precursor to a storm.

“Arthur?” Kay dropped the chicken bone in his hand, preparing for what was to come.

“I know, it’s time to come.” Arthur the knight stood up, “pack up.”

“What is the ‘what should come’?” Evington wondered, “What are you looking forward to?”

“That’s not what you should be concerned about.” Arthur directed the actions of the others, and at the same time stretched his finger to the sky: “If you really want to know, keep your eyes open and watch what happens next.”

“What?” Evan stared at the dark clouds in the distance.

A small piece of the tail of a giant beast loomed out of the cloud, and it was fleeting and submerged in the cloud again.

But Ivan saw it clearly, it was a purple dragon tail!

Evan exclaimed: “Is the Purple Dragon Spark? Why?!”

“I also want to know why.” Arthur put on a poker face: “But Since the other party took the initiative to come to the door, we can’t just sit back and wait. You kid is still standing still, thinking dead?”

“Damn! I knew you had an intention to bring me out!” Evan jumped on Kai’s iron cavalry, “I don’t want to get involved in your fights with monsters! Let me go back! Hurry up!!”

“Fly to the sky now? Do you want to be attacked by a dragon?” Kay said, “Listen, boy, whether you like it or not, now acting with us is your only hope of survival. That dragon is For you, only we can save your life.”

“What?! Why? Why me?!” Evan cried hysterically.

“Kay!” Arthur yelled at Kay, “You talkative guy!!”

“It’s useless to hide it now.” Kai said while pulling Evan into the forest, “Just tell him clearly!”

“Clarify what?!” Evan gasped.

“Your elf bloodline is the best tonic for the dragon family,” Caesar told a big lie,” the evil star said last night that the origin of the elves and the luminous insects is the same, and a small amount of inherent in your body The photon makes the dragons think you are so delicious that they want to bite you to satisfy their cravings!”

“Are you kidding?!” Evan screamed.

Arthur interrupted Kay: “Stop talking nonsense and run! Go to the jungle!”

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