Light Spirit Epic Chapter 7: Fighting in the Devil’s Nest (Part 1)


Chapter 7: The Fierce Battle in the Devil’s Nest (Part 1)

Half an hour later, the teenager found himself in a cell.

This small room is filled with humidity, musty and **** smells, and the corpse on the side looks like it has been dead for a long time, and countless disgusting bugs are crawling on it.

He has no feelings and is not afraid of these things, but out of biological disgust, he still moved his body and tried not to get close to those unclean things.

But he couldn’t move much distance, and his body was restricted by thick and heavy chains. The low metal sound from the chain and the rough and rusted surface of the chain made the boy feel unpleasant.

The cell door opened, and a lot of rust was shaken off. The masked man waited outside the cell.

“Get ready, it’s your turn to come on stage.” He threw a raw-embroidered iron sword to the boy.

“…That’s it?” There was a vague dissatisfaction on the boy’s face. In this day and age where lightsabers are used everywhere, there is still someone to wield an old, heavy, broken sword.

The masked man gave a sinister sneer. He didn’t care about the boy’s life and death: “It’s better to be simple. What if you use an expensive lightsaber for a kid like you, what if you break it?”

The boy sighed helplessly and picked up the iron sword. He almost wanted to use this to attack the masked man, but he knew in his heart that it was pointless stupidity, he sighed and asked, “Where’s the opponent?”

“You’ll see it soon.” The masked man pulled the chain and pulled the boy like an animal.

He took the boy for a distance in the dark and secluded passage, unchained the boy at the exit, gave Arthur another kick, and kicked him into the arena.

This is a death pit circled by a natural crystal cave. The walls are covered with sharp crystal pillars, the purpose is to prevent the fighters from climbing the wall and escaping. There were vague figures on a high platform above, and Arthur knew that they were the dignitaries watching the game.

Arthur, who was thrown into the death pit, has not yet got up completely, and the iron fence on the opposite side has been opened. Do not. It was hit by a giant beast on the opposite side of the fence.

It was a monster the teenager had never seen before. It was covered in rotting flesh, with a foul stench from its mouth, and its bloodless eyes flashed with murderous light.

“Ogre!” The teenager recalled a description similar to this monster from an ancient book.

It’s a monster that’s more troublesome than a dragon when it’s mad. Dragon, because of his wisdom, hesitantly at critical moments, it always hurts when he is cut, and his moves will reveal flaws.

Ogres are born for fighting. A monster that dies for fighting will not hurt or tire. It will only keep killing until there is nothing left to kill. It’s a pure killing machine.

The teenager weighed the iron sword in his hand and knew that the rusty sword could not penetrate the monster’s heart, which was wrapped in strong muscles, and the weapon in the opponent’s hand, a large hammer, was too heavy to use. .

Just as the boy was worried, the monster had already rushed up and hit the boy’s head with a hammer!

“Humph!” The young man dodged nimbly and stabbed the monster in the abdomen with a sword, but the rusty sword stuck between the monster’s ribs. The monster didn’t even waver, just swept away with a hammer.

In desperation, the young man immediately abandoned the iron sword and rolled over, avoiding the fatal blow.

The ogre had already made a backhand, and the mace fell on the boy’s head. Arthur turned his head to hide, as if he had grown back eyes.

Pop! The heavy hammer slammed on the ground, and the raised stone chips drew blood on the boy’s face. But it was a minor injury that didn’t matter, and Arthur didn’t care, and got up quickly.

The ogre swept away furiously, while the boy focused on dodging, swiftly dodging the monster’s attack time and time again!

On the high platform above, behind a magic mirror, two figures stared at the boy in the death pit.

“How is it? Isn’t this skill pretty good?” the tall figure asked.

“Let’s see the end.” The other was a little shorter, but still majestic.

As soon as the voice fell, Arthur in the death pit had already found a way to fight back.

He pretended to fall and lured the ogres to attack.

The ogre unscrupulously swung the hammer, thinking it could take out the boy. He didn’t know his reckless attack and lost his focus.

Seeing that the time had come, Arthur swept his foot on the little toe of the ogre’s toe. The ogre lost his balance completely, staggered, and slammed his head into a sharp stalagmite protruding from the ground, his head blossoming.

The boy casually climbed up from the monster’s pool of blood, wiped the blood from his body, and retrieved his iron sword.

It’s not that he hasn’t seen this **** scene. He has experienced countless thrilling and unparalleled dangers of death. This is nothing.

“See? It’s as strong as a monster.” The tall figure said again.

“It won’t work like this.” Another figure poured cold water.

“Why not? The combat ability is beyond question?”

“The problem is not the ability to fight. The opponent is a legendary monster, and he has no weapons in his hands. In such a bad situation, he can keep calm and win calmly, wouldn’t he have fear in his heart? Compared to an ogre, this kid is more like a monster, right? A person who has no fear in his heart will one day go on the road of self-destruction. If he is allowed to lead his subordinates, how many people will be buried with him? Such people can’t use it.”

“Even if you say that,” the tall figure still doesn’t give up. “Let’s test it again. I don’t believe he really has no fear in his heart. Maybe he’s just overconfident?”

Arthur had just caught his breath when the iron gate of the death pit opened again. Another monster crawled in. This giant-looking creature had no weapons in its hands, not even armor, just a weird helmet. Ugly iron helmet with only one slit for vision.

The teenager sneered: “I don’t even wear armor, but I wear a helmet. What’s hidden under the helmet?”

The other party probably didn’t understand human words, so he flew towards Arthur as soon as he came up.

The young man deftly turned over to dodge, turned back and slashed down with a sword, intending to take off the giant’s head. Just before the blade fell, the young man felt a scorching heat in his hand. When he realized that something was wrong, he immediately threw the iron sword away.

“Sure enough,” Arthur stepped back, clutching his smoking hand, “Cyclops.”

Melting the iron sword is exactly what the Cyclops does. It has only one eye on its head, but that magic eye, which condenses photons, shoots out scorching rays of light that can melt steel in an instant. If anyone is hit by this kind of light, it will inevitably turn into coke and die.

“I’m so lucky today, I met so many exotic beasts in one day.” The boy threw his fist at the monster, making a provocative move, “Come on, one-eyed monster. Can you hit me? ?”

A beam of light hit the boy, and the boy rolled away. Two, three, and dozens of beams of light shot out, and the teenagers all dodged them one by one, but he was also showing signs of fatigue.

His physical strength has never been good, and no matter how much he exercises, he can only achieve what he is now. His body is like a cursed existence that has been rejected by photons. Prosperity is out of reach for him, and only weakness is always by his side.

It is such a young man with insufficient physical strength, but he clearly understands his weakness and knows that it is not the way to fight hard.

——He is better at outwitting opponents than brute force.

However, there is no weapon in hand. No, even with that broken iron sword in hand, it would be scorched before approaching the Cyclops, and melee weapons would not be useful at all.

—— When people are in a desperate situation, wisdom may not work.

What should I do? What should I do? ! Is it the end of it? Did nothing, even the dream has not come true, just die here?

What should I do? What should I do? To die in a place that no one knows about? No one cares even if he dies, no one will miss it, and existence becomes nothingness, as if it never existed. Who would be willing to die like this? !

“What a joke…” the boy whispered, with the anger he had accumulated for many years in his voice: “How could I die in such a place! Impossible!!”

The Cyclops saw the boy stop and immediately aimed at the boy. The one eye in his helmet glowed blood red, as if he was about to launch a powerful attack.

  "哈啊啊啊啊啊!!!"亚瑟来个破罐子破摔,随手抓起一块石头,朝巨人扔了过去:"去你的吧!!——– “

——All it takes is a little luck.

The stone drew a nice parabola and slammed into the small slit in the giant’s helmet without bias, and got stuck.

The “stone” thrown by the boy was no ordinary stone. It was an iron sword that had just been melted and left a small piece.

The piece of scrap iron was stuck in the giant’s helmet, just in time to meet the Cyclops’ blazing light. Hit by the hot light at the closest distance, the scrap iron instantly vaporized and expanded, causing a huge explosion.

Boom———! !

The head of the Cyclops was blown away, and the air wave from the huge explosion blew the boy away, and the iron pieces stuck on the boy like a shotgun. If he hadn’t jumped first and made a defensive stance, the debris might have pierced through his guts!

Arthur’s emaciated body slammed into the stone wall, and he was instantly unconscious.

“Uh. The joke is getting bigger.” Of the two figures on the high platform, the taller one turned around and instructed: “Notify the medical team immediately!”

“It’s interesting.” Another figure has been watching the boy calmly.

He clearly saw just now that a part of the debris avoided the teenager in an unnatural trajectory and passed by, so the teenager was not particularly hurt.

“Is this kid even lucky?”

Really luck?

Or is it that the young man twisted his fate at the moment he was hit, turning the impossible into a possibility?

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