Light Spirit Epic Chapter 687: Preface to the new era


Chapter 687 The Prologue of the New Era

The werewolf boy Bedivere also got up from the ground. Although he was tortured by pain, he unexpectedly found that he was still alive. “You can say **the first*(..)”

The werewolf boy Bedivere, who should have exhausted his Karma (destiny) and became “never existed”, survived because of some greater miracle.

Amazed, he looked at the tiger-man boy Albert not far away, and immediately ran happily, wanting to hug him involuntarily: “El! El! Are you still alive? Great!”

The tiger man boy turned his head in doubt, looked at the bloodied and dirty werewolf before him, and pushed hard: “Uh, who are you kid? It’s dirty, don’t come to hang out with me, I I don’t know you!”

“Um, what?” Bedivere, who was pushed away, couldn’t help but look surprised: “Albert, it’s me, Beddie! Don’t you know me?!”

“Bedie? Who is Beedie…” The doubts on Albert’s face deepened. He tried to recall and find out from his memory the person named “Beddy” he had met in his life, but he Can’t remember a single one.

“Sorry, you really got the wrong person. I’ve never met you, let alone someone called ‘Beddie’,” the tiger man asserted, “so… uh, goodbye? “

Hearing all this, the werewolf boy was stunned.

Arthur, who was not far away, watched all this without making a sound. He was also wondering, who is this werewolf boy who suddenly appeared?

Unwilling to give up, Bedivere turned to ask the murloc prince: “Tristan, do you still recognize me? It’s me, Bedivere!”

“Who?” The murloc prince was even more puzzled. He was already very puzzled by his presence in this place. Suddenly, such a strange face came up to ask such a strange question, and he was even more confused. : “Who are you kid? It’s so dirty and smells like a beast. Don’t come over, okay?”

Bediver was stunned. He still didn’t give up, and went to look for Yi again: “Yi! You should know me, right?”

“Sir, please focus on yourself…” Bedivere’s face was so close, Yi felt dirty, and quickly pushed the werewolf boy away: “I really don’t know you.”

Bediver was about to cry: “What are you doing! Don’t make fun of me, okay? This kind of joke is not fun at all!”

“…I never joke with strangers.” Yi whispered, pinching her nose with her other hand, as if to dislike the bad smell on Bedivere.

The nearly collapsed werewolf boy took a few steps back, wandering the crowd alone, trying to find someone who could recognize him. He was so familiar with this group of people, but now he was extremely unfamiliar. They all said they didn’t know Bedivere.

“Who the **** is that guy?” Tristan walked over to Yi and asked in a low voice, “Is he crazy? Why are people asking everyone if they recognize him?”

“Let’s not talk too much about other people’s affairs.” Yi wiped the blood on his face, “No way! I can’t remember… I don’t know why I appear in such a place. Did Se do a good thing?”

The scene of everyone fighting against the **** of fate just now is still vivid in my mind. Everything seems to be just a dream, but the feeling of fighting is very real. Yi, who was slashed several times by God during the battle, is still in pain.

“Arthur…” Bedivere, who had turned around, walked timidly to the King of Knights and asked in a low voice, “Could it be that… even you forgot me?”

“You dare to call your Majesty’s name!” Palinlor roared furiously, his sword almost unsheathed.

“Stop, Palinlor!” King Arthur stopped the Heavenly Knight.

He turned around slowly and looked at the familiar and unfamiliar werewolf boy.

Bediver wears black dragon armor, which seems to be the armor that Arthur’s Knights once uniformly prepared, but it was torn apart due to the long battle, leaving only a few scattered pieces of armor.

The werewolf boy’s silver-white hair is covered in blood, apparently having been through a great battle.

Arthur couldn’t remember the werewolf boy in the spirit body he had just summoned to compete with the Seat of Karma.

There is no direct or indirect evidence that Bedivere was someone Arthur knew.

Bediver appeared out of nowhere, “a man who shouldn’t exist”.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t know you.” Arthur suppressed the doubts in his heart and said in a low voice, “However, thank you for your hard work. The rescue fleet is coming soon. Come back with us and have a good rest. “

The werewolf boy nodded in disappointment, his big blue eyes gradually becoming dull. Arthur was still as gentle with him as ever, but that wasn’t the answer he wanted.

No one really knows Bedivere anymore.

In order to move [the fourth miracle — Karma (Fate) created] and exhausted his Karma (Fate), Bedivere became a “non-existent person”.

His existence is completely erased from everyone’s memory. No one will remember him anymore, and no one will treat him as a friend.

He is alone again.

The moment he understood this, the werewolf boy’s heart throbbed.

No. He has been very lucky.

He should have disappeared completely, but is now barely alive. Even if it is forgotten, it is lucky!

Sacrificing one person saves the whole world. The dead are resurrected, and the unfortunate become happy. This deal has already made a lot of money!

But why does my heart hurt so much?

The werewolf boy who took a hitch and drove back from the Dark Continent to Pantolaken responded with silence to everyone’s suspicious gazes along the way.

This world is a far cry from the world he is familiar with.

This is a world where [Bedivere shouldn’t exist].

519 AD, early summer.

The previous war seemed to have happened in the last century. Today’s London is shrouded in laughter.

After defeating the most terrifying monster of all time, the Origin Sin, and successfully forming an alliance with the orcs, human history has entered a new period of peace-at least temporarily.

Today, the king of Pantoracken officially ascends the throne, ushering in a new dynasty in this ancient kingdom.

“So, I’ve already been crowned, is all this really necessary?” Arthur asked suspiciously, buttoning his dress.

His golden silk gown is hand-embroidered and mixed with real gold silk, giving him a regal look.

This royal robe was worn on Arthur, but he was not used to it, like wearing a clown costume.

He is used to wearing armor and walking in blood and rain. Now that he was asked to put on a royal robe and appear in front of the general public, he felt very awkward.

“It is necessary, absolutely.” The Duke of Hall, who was on the side, looked at the king of knights, trying to find out what was wrong with the king’s clothes, until he felt that everything was fine: “Your Majesty, during the war, You may be a valiant king who is admired by the warriors. However, in peacetime, you should play the role of a king to stabilize the hearts of the people.”

“The people are stupid, they only know how to live their lives in ignorance and support the existence that is much nobler than them.” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens also said, “The majesty of the king can bring stability and happiness to the people, and drive them away from the future. of anxiety and fear. Therefore, a mighty king is necessary.”

Play your role well and be your king. Until the real war comes, maintain the prosperity and stability of this country. This is the responsibility of the king, a heavy responsibility that can only be undertaken with extraordinary strength and extraordinary will.

Arthur has a long way to go.

“It’s okay, Your Majesty.” Celestial Knight Palinlor comforted, “With His Majesty’s wisdom and His Majesty’s prestige, no one in Pantoracken would dare to disobey.”

“Everything will be fine, Your Majesty.” Celestial Knight Younes also said, “We have your backing.”

“Yes, that’s great.” Arthur spat, “I even prepared the speech for me, it’s still so long.”

It is also one of Wang’s duties to perform a long speech with tens of thousands of words on his back every time he performs in public. Arthur has a long way to go!

“Your Majesty, it’s time.” The knight of the order came backstage and bowed to the king.

“I know.” The King of Knights grunted and walked out towards the podium of the castle.

Today, the people of Pantoracken witnessed their king ascend to the throne, taking the scepter from the four heavenly knights and wearing the crown.

Today, the people of Pantoracken have witnessed the peace and prosperity brought by the King of Knights, and they are grateful to Dade.

King Arthur, wearing the crown of the Holy Spirit, stands on the highest podium in Elsenburg, like a god.

It’s night time. The sky is clear, the stars and the moon are shining brightly, adding a sacred atmosphere to this king of knights.

He looked down on his people with kindness in his eyes.

His people looked up at him with awe.

This is King Arthur, the man who brought the dark ages to an end.

“Cough cough.” After clearing his throat, the Knight King spoke up.

“Sorry, I forgot the script, so I’ll just say a few words.” He said this, and the people in the audience burst into laughter.

“Is he kidding?” Palinlor’s face changed greatly in the backstage, fearing that the King of Knights would make a fool of himself in front of the public.

“Calm down, Your Majesty has a way.” Hall whispered. Although this is completely different from the prepared speech, it is Wang’s impromptu speech, but the witty Wang must have his own ideas, right?

“Huh.” King Arthur on the stage chuckled for a while: “People of Pantoracken, I have a lot, and I want to tell you a lot. But time doesn’t allow, I can only pick the most important things to say. .”

“First of all, I would like to thank you.

Without the people, there is no country.

Pantolaken is a kingdom of knights whose primary duty is to protect the people. Without you, a knight would no longer be a knight, a country would no longer be a country, and I, the king, would not be king.

So thank you. Because of you and the people who should be protected, I am truly powerful for the first time.

When people protect cherished things, they will show unprecedented power, which I have experienced in previous battles.

Therefore, I just want to say, I love you, this kingdom of knights, and this world.

People of Pantoracken, the road of life is endless. It is always bumpy and full of thorns. In your future life, you may face more hardships and even greater disasters.

However, I believe in you and the people of this country. Because you are hard-working, hard-working and brave; because you are united, friendly, and tenacious.

So, please promise me. In your future life, no matter what kind of hardships you encounter, no matter how difficult the obstacles in front of you are, please don’t give up hope and don’t forget love.

—Because hope is our only wealth, because love is the source of our strength. “

When King Arthur said this, there was thunderous applause from the audience, and many people shed tears. Wang’s speech was not the best, but his words were full of sincerity, a sincerity that could touch the heart.

That’s not an empty official tone, but the most sincere encouragement from Wang’s heart. Listening to these words, no one will not be moved!

The speech was interrupted for a while due to applause. Arthur waited for the applause to stop before continuing:

“From today onwards, we usher in a new era. The darkness will be washed away and the country will be renewed.

Starting today, the kingdom will be transformed. The people should not exist for the country, the country will exist for the people. It belongs to your realm, not the property of the royal family of Pantoracken.

So from today, Pantoracken will no longer be called Pantoracken, it will be called the Holy United Kingdom of Great Britain (hly ite)! This country will abolish centralism and change to a constitutional monarchy!

This country should not be just my country, it belongs to each of you!

Sincerely bless you, the people of Great Britain!

May the glory of Great Britain gleam in the sky forever, and not even the **** storm can hide its light!

May all the citizens of Great Britain have equal rights and the freedom to pursue their dreams!

May you be rewarded for every ounce of effort you put in, and every effort will be rewarded!

May the darkness and cold be far away from you, and the light and warmth be with you!

May you always have hope and always laugh! “

Speaking of this, the King of Knights paused and took a deep breath.

He let out a dragon roar and announced loudly:

“——It’s your time!”

A manifesto brings an end to Europe’s dark ages.

A declaration that kicked off the dawn of the world.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! The applause was thunderous again, shocking the entire imperial capital.

One thousand seven hundred sixty-four artillery salutes blared in the air all night long, cheering for the king with a call sign!

Fireworks are constantly blooming in the night sky, embellishing the dark night sky with colorful colors and bright as day. They are embellishing the coming new age with life!

At this moment when the whole world was rejoicing and everyone was rejoicing, a werewolf boy mixed in with the crowd and watched the scene quietly.

Bediver looked deeply at the knight king in the distance, his eyes full of joy, but with infinite despair. He sighed softly, wishing for this new era, and feeling a lot, lamenting the unchanging world.

Finally, the werewolf boy turned and left, and the lonely figure disappeared in the endless stream of people. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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