Light Spirit Epic Chapter 684: In the torrent of fate… (2)


Chapter 684 In the torrent of fate… (2)

Hundreds of thousands of arms pinched fireballs, ice arrows, lightning balls, vacuum bombs, and pure light bombs, and crazy magic bombs swarmed towards the King of Knights!

The fireballs are constantly flying in the air, exploding randomly, and the exploding flames form a powerful fire storm, which can burn the people inside to ashes;

Frozen arrows are scattered, and the flying ice arrows will randomly split halfway, scattering more ice cones. “K**yan**shou*(..)” They are as sharp as swords, and they carry the extreme cold that can freeze blood;

Lightning **** shine everywhere, randomly generating endless arcs between the electric **** and the electric balls. When struck by the electric arcs, the heart will be paralyzed and immediately killed;

The vacuum wave is constantly bursting, randomly generating tornadoes in mid-air, sucking in or blowing everything around;

Light bullets fly in this magic bullet, constantly hitting other magic bullets, and are constantly interfered by other magic to generate new magic.

There are countless fireballs, ice arrows, lightning balls, and vacuum waves that are changed by light bombs, and the complexity of the battlefield increases geometrically as the light bombs become denser!

This dense rain of magic bullets is enough to scare any magician in the world, let alone dodge this completely random and unpredictable attack!

Arthur is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of magic bullets. Hundreds of fireballs burst around him, ready to set Arthur on fire;

Thousands of ice picks are flying around him, ready to pierce the teenager’s body;

tens of thousands of arcs trapped him, ready to smash the knight;

Hundreds of millions of invisible air currents swirl in the surrounding space, ready to chop the King of Knights to pieces!

Faced with the increasingly dense rain of magic bullets, Arthur stretched out his left hand and turned into a ray of light!

Golden light explodes, [Spellbreaker], move! !

Golden photons from another world impact the laws of this world, cancel magic, or disrupt the movement of magic!

The fireball is no longer hot and no longer exploding!

The ice arrows are no longer cold, and they shattered on their own before flying far!

The lightning ball has disintegrated, and there is no more arcing!

Although vacuum bombs are still vacuum bombs, they cannot be blasted, they are just shock waves, and there is no threat to Arthur, who is flying far faster than the speed of sound!

Countless magic bullets are reduced to pure light bullets. No matter how powerful these light bullets are, there is no change, even the giant sword attack just now can’t compare!

The Seat of Karma continued to fire more magic bullets, but Arthur moved [Spellbreaker] again.

Under the interference of [Spellbreaker], all magic will be nullified. As long as the timing of the movement is properly controlled, no matter how powerful and dense the magic bullets of God are, they can’t help the King of Knights!

After avoiding two waves of magic bullets, it’s time to fight back! Arthur easily dodged the rain of bullets, and the sword in his hand was ready to pierce the throat of the seat of Karma at any time!

He slashed hundreds of vacuum blades, razor-sharp air blades to the throat of the seat of Karma.

It didn’t work at all. The defensive power of God is indeed extraordinary, the vacuum blade of the White Wolf Sword seems to be unable to even scratch the seat of Kama!

You can’t hurt your opponent unless you come close to slashing with a sword!

Aware of Arthur’s intentions, the Seat of Karma’s dozens of arms transformed into giant blades and began swinging these blades to deter opponents.

The magic bullet and the blade’s attack made the scene so chaotic that it was almost impossible to see clearly. But the King of Knights has long been accustomed to such chaotic scenes. He carefully observed everything, and pushed towards the opponent while dodging attacks!

As he approached the **** about twenty yards, the god’s three arms drew the great sword together. Arthur swayed to avoid, and then suddenly accelerated! He sprinted in front of the **** at the speed of light, and in just a split second he swung the white wolf sword and cut a small wound on the god’s throat!

However, it didn’t work! The seat of Kama’s body is as hard as steel, and Arthur’s full-strength blow with the White Wolf Sword only slightly scratched the opponent!

In the world of photons, Arthur has no more powerful weapons to use. If even the White Wolf Sword can’t hurt God, then——

At the moment when Arthur was worried, the fist of the seat of Karma came in response! Not a sword but a fist! Its attack trajectory suddenly became short and weird, and Arthur was overwhelmed!

Arthur tried his best to dive, dodging his fists!

However, it wasn’t the fist that really hit Arthur, it was the elbow! God’s steel-like elbow touched Arthur’s head lightly, but it caused an incredible blow to the head of the King of Knights, knocking Arthur to the ground!

Crap! Arthur’s face had just hit the ground, and immediately felt bad. Once you are hit hard and straight, you will eat a set of ferocious combos from God, and the consequences will be terrifying! He must get out of here immediately, or—

Late! Before Arthur got up, dozens of God’s arms had arrived, and the giant sword fell at the same time!

Keng! ! Arthur had to turn over and raise his shield to block, only by doing so can he save himself!

The Griffin Shield does its job well, fending off an attack!

But Arthur, who ate God’s elbow, was still in a dizzy state, and he didn’t even have the strength to dodge after blocking the attack!

The moment the Griffin Shield disappeared, Arthur looked up in despair.

Millions of God’s arms have been packed tightly into the air in a neat formation. Each arm condensed strength and released beam cannons!

The beam cannon attacks don’t pour like rain. —It’s a waterfall!

The beam attacks like a waterfall are strafed in a dense manner, completely eliminating the possibility of Arthur dodging. Arthur, who had just used the Griffon Shield, couldn’t summon the Griffin immediately.

A sure-shot, sure-to-die attack, finally caught up with the King of Knights!

Arthur, who was showering in the Waterfall of Light, was instantly smashed to pieces, turned into countless rays of light, scattered in all directions! !

Arthur is dead! ! He once again challenged the God of Destiny, and once again lost in the hands of the God of Destiny!

He is, at best, a tiny creature, a tiny cog in the gigantic machine of [Fate].

No matter how important a gear is, it’s just a part.

How can a part go against the whole machine, how can it surpass the power of the whole, and rewrite the fate of the whole world?

With endless resentment, Arthur’s consciousness gradually became blurred.

Again, reincarnation?

Is it impossible to win no matter how many times you try?

Again, let the tragedy of the world repeat itself again?


Never agree, never compromise, never surrender!

This time, definitely ——!

“Hey, you’re so weak!” A voice sounded in Arthur’s ear.

The boy opened his eyes and found himself in total darkness with a person beside him.

The little boy, with a creepy smile, poked his little finger in Arthur’s face.

Arthur looked at the little boy silently.

That little boy is the real Arthur, the child that Iglin “requested” from Morgan.

The real [Arthur] who has the power of evil spirits in his body.

“How can you be so weak? I can’t watch it anymore.” The real Arthur looked at the replica Arthur, “Want me to lend you some strength?”

“I…” The replica Arthur — Cyborg Nine — hesitates.

“Okay, don’t thank me.” The little boy Arthur smiled slyly, “It’s good that you fake can do this. Give you strength and accept it with gratitude! “

Something lit up in Arthur’s arms.

That’s the Chaos Ruby. Something that Arthur had asked Greenville to fetch.

That’s actually… the soul of the “real Arthur”.

Dispersed by Mogos, divided into thirteen parts, the souls hidden in each artificial human body have now been reassembled and become a whole.

“You…” The android number nine got up and grabbed the blood-red stone greedily, “I will accept your power! In order to defeat God, I can become anything I want! “

The replica Arthur swallows the Chaos Ruby without hesitation.

—[Demon of Possibility], Awaken!

It will turn the fate of the world upside down!

The memories of the real Arthur also flowed into the mind of the replicant Arthur.

—Dark at first.

Then it took on itself and [it] became [he].

He has no form, no body, just an empty soul.

In this endless void, he listens to the silence of all.

In the silence, someone is shouting.

—Who the **** is calling me?

The more curious he is.

Countless years pass by in this void. And he kept listening.

Ten years, hundred years, thousand years, ten thousand years, hundreds of billions, trillions, infinite.

Listening to that call is the meaning of his existence.

Until he finally realized that his existence meant more than that.

For the first time he had a **—the will to respond to that voice.

He wants to respond, but has no mouth.

He wants to hear better, but has no ears.

He wants to rush to the source of the sound to find out, but has no eyes.

Because he has nothing, he can only wait, endure, and sigh.

Until one day, he couldn’t take it any longer and actively struggled with his disembodied form, trying to escape from this void.

Countless years pass by in this void. And he kept struggling.

Ten years, hundred years, thousand years, ten thousand years, hundreds of billions, trillions, infinite.

In [Infinite], he found a way to escape the void.

He came into this world.

The King of Knights looked at the little boy Arthur in front of him and instantly understood everything.

The little boy Arthur… No, [Void Seat] (thref), although Morgan summoned the spirit body from the void, he is not a low-level existence like evil spirits.

At the beginning, Morgan used the summoning technology of evil spirits to create something from the void, but he accidentally summoned this god!

Have your own consciousness in the void Seat of the Void] itself is [God], a collective unconscious aggregate: Phantom.

Their divinities are extremely similar, and the properties of [Void Seat] and [Kama Seat] can be said to be exactly the same.

[Phantom — Void Seat], now living in the body of the King of Knights.

Producing [possibility] from the endless void, changing the existing [destiny], and creating new [variables], is the power of this spirit body.

In front of the God of Fate, Arthur, who should have been shattered by a powerful blow, reunited as a whole.

Using the power of another god, the King of Knights faces a final confrontation with the God of Fate!

This time, I can’t lose!

This time, I won’t lose! !

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