Light Spirit Epic Chapter 678: Awakening to the Source of Sin (28)


Chapter 678 Awakening to the Source of Sin (28)

The black dragon carrion that fell into the sea didn’t really die. Most of them were still “alive”. 『Word**first*

That’s the horror of dark creatures: darks only disintegrate with heat and high-frequency vibrations.

Except for a few characters like Shaxing who actually killed these dark creatures with special attacks like dragon flames. Those pieces of meat that were not dead kept merging on the bottom of the sea. Generates a new, scarier body.

630,000 black dragons have died so far. More than half of the black dragons were immortal.

Generated from these rotten flesh. Brand new monster. has awakened.

Dark Spirit Dark Planet. Emerged from the sea.

Actually. It’s just a meatball.

It is a huge meat ball with a radius of 300 feet.

There are countless rotting flesh and maggots crawling on it. There are tens of thousands of dead dragon heads wailing endlessly. Disgusting to the extreme. Horror is at its peak.

Two ladies present. Greenville and Charlotte. See this terrifying big meat ball. Can not help but bursts of dizziness.

“What is that.. Update as soon as possible” Palinlor couldn’t help shouting loudly.

“…kill it.” Leon Dickens vaguely sensed that something was wrong. Immediately turned around and rushed towards the dark planet. “Don’t let it threaten the king.”

Hundreds of feathered arrows have been fired. These magic arrows, enchanted with powerful explosions, hit the dark planet effortlessly. Set off bursts of explosions.

But the explosive power of the Feather Arrows is simply not a threat to the Dark Planet. For this big meatball that regenerates quickly. The explosions are just scratching the level.

The Dark Planet, angered by the attack, immediately counterattacks. Update its endless black faucet spewing black poisonous mist for the first time. This black fog is combined with the rapid rotation of the dark planet itself. Turn it into a terrifying poisonous fog ball.

The poisonous fog ball slammed into Leon Dickens. its speed. its huge size. It is not something that the Celestial Knight can dodge at all.

“Dad…” Greenville exclaimed. She could only watch as Leon Dickens was knocked away by the black ball. But there is no way.

Lyon Dickens looks at the huge black ball oncoming. I also know that this is my end…

“Get out of the way, old man.” Xinghui Longshaxing stood in front of Leon Dickens. Set up a powerful magic shield, this is Shaxing’s father. The proud stunt of Dragon Emperor Titans.

Touch. . The giant dark planet collided with the magic shield. A strong shock wave spread in the air. .

The impact was strong. Not only shocked the people present to the ground. It also blew the black dragon army that was raging in the air and flew out. There were even waves of tsunamis up to thirty feet high on the sea.

“Woo.” Shixing just felt dizzy. With the magic shield, he directly bears almost all the impact. The impact shook Xinghuilong’s internal organs. There was also a mild concussion.

“This… this kind of opponent is just like that.” How could the evil star in front of Charlotte show weakness. Even if the dragon was seriously injured. I also plan to fight this dark spirit to the end.

“You spread out. I’m going to take a swipe at this guy. Don’t get caught.” Long warned loudly. Push at the same time. Use the remaining magic shield to open the dark planet.

Leon Dickens and others quickly retreated. Nearly 300 yards away from Shaxing.

Before Dark Planet moves again. Xinghuilong also raised his arms. Pinch out a giant plasma fireball. The bluish-white fireball instantly turned into a sun in the dark night.

“No Arthur’s suggestion. I really don’t know that treating the flames like this can increase the power.” Shaxing sneered. “Compressed plasma dragon flame. You can take it all.”

Golden Shining waved her arms. Throw [Blue Star]. The fireball with tens of thousands of degrees of heat was spinning at an extreme speed. Press on the dark planet. This highly compressed isotropic flame ball does not leak out due to heat. The temperature can easily exceed the limit of 10,000 degrees.

When its power and heat are fully absorbed by the opponent. That is, the enemy is wiped out. The moment when it is decomposed into plasma by billions of degrees of high temperature. Update as soon as possible

Facing the bright sun. The Dark Spirit Dark Planet also breathes poisonous mist. Spin at high speed. He went up without fear. The dark ball collided violently with the blue star. Arouse endless sparks of darkness and light.

“Ha ah ah ah ah.” The evil star pushed the blue star hard. To crush the opponent. incinerated. Dragon spends all his energy on kinetic magic. The rapidly spinning sun and the dark ball “rubbed” against each other. in endless collisions. Continue to consume the opponent’s strength. Particles of light and darkness splattered everywhere. The icy coldness of the darkness and the heat of the sun are also constantly clashing and arguing. The first update, but no one can overwhelm the other.

No. The evil star sneered. The time has come. He opened his mouth. Spit out a fireball into the star of Chaoqing.

Like a detonator. The instant the fireball hit the blue star. Immediately ignite this high-pressure plasma star. Induce an endless chain fission reaction. A huge energy like a nuclear explosion was released in an instant. explode. Swallow the dark planet.

The evil star has already retreated a hundred yards. Run as fast as you can. But the flames behind him had gradually caught up with him.

“Idiot. Come here.” Yones suddenly appeared in front of the evil star. Reach out to Xinghuilong.

The dragon reached out without thinking. The moment his hand touched the Celestial Knight Youns. His body was immediately pulled into the warp.

Blasts of wind and flames blow from behind his tail. Almost engulfed the evil star.

But the dragon is completely submerged in the warp. Because they are in different spaces. The explosion of reality and the heat couldn’t interfere with him. It can’t cause damage to everything in this subspace.

Also pulled into the Warp by Yones. And… everyone present.

“It’s dangerous. I almost got killed by you. You stupid dragon.” Charlotte cursed.

“Uh. I really don’t know how exaggerated it would be to explode…” Shaxing looked at what was happening in the real world. Can not help but sigh. The warp created by Yones’ three-headed Cerberus is very clever. Can see everything in the outside world, although the scene is rather blurry. Translucent.

The real world is still burning in the explosion of the Blue Star. This bluish-white plasma flame ball expands rapidly. Swallow all the surrounding black dragons.

“It’s a relief now. The black dragons are all burned out haha.” Shaxing feels good about himself. Tail wagging wildly.

“It’s really good.” Evan muttered in a low voice.

Expanded with the Blue Star. And dark planets. Where does the heat of the flame go. The Devouring of Darkness also arrives at the same time. The power of this dark spirit is very special. The black poisonous mist it spreads is resistant to high temperatures.

The endless black fog is like countless black claws. devour those by flames. The dying black dragon was dragged to the dark planet. So that the dark spirits “eat” these black dragons.

The burning of high temperature certainly destroyed a lot of dark planets. It is by constantly absorbing black dragons. Fight destruction with rebirth.

The flames are finished. The effect of the blue star has passed.

Darkness continues unabated. The dark planet swelled even bigger than before.

“My God. How on earth is this monster supposed to Palinlor exclaimed.

“There is a way. The easiest. But it is the most difficult way.” Youns glanced at the surrounding environment: “Destroy all the black dragons. Let it have no more black dragons to absorb.”

“Hmph. It’s easy to say.” Shaxing released his hand to grab Yones. while disengaging. He also escaped from Yones’ warp. Return to the real world: “I’m in charge of entangling that monster. I’ll leave the mobs to you to clean up.”

Dragon’s heart began to fill with unease. actually. What he faced was only some “magazines” released from Yuan Sin’s body.

The dark planet. It’s just the “excrement” of the source of sin. It’s “the part you don’t need”. It’s just the dregs abandoned by the source of sin. But it’s terribly powerful.

If the real [Original Sin] is fully awakened. Can anyone in this world beat it? .

Five o’clock in the morning from the hatching of [Original Sin]. from the destruction of the world. Only one hour left. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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