Light Spirit Epic Chapter 675: Awakening to the Source of Sin (25)


Chapter 675 Awakening to the source of sin (twenty-five)

At the call of King Arthur. 『Words**first*.. Eighteen white lights circled in the air.

The Holy Spirit Unicorn takes the lead. The whole body turned into an ice cone. Directly to the genus’s shell. Extremely sharp. An ice pick with absolute hardness. It spins at high speed the moment it touches the metal casing.

It swirls faster than the speed of sound. Attempts to break through the shell of the original sin with an almost self-destructing attack.

Same time. A Holy Spirit giant also picked up a 30 million-pound hammer. Hit **** the bottom of the ice pick. Attempt to smash the ice pick into the shell with a shock. High-speed rotation coupled with violent shocks. Finally, a small hole was created on the outer shell of Yuan Sin.

Meanwhile. The ice cone formed by the Holy Spirit Unicorn after the first update was completely shattered. The Holy Spirit Hammer in the Holy Spirit Giant’s hand changed instantly. Become a sword five hundred feet long.

Without hesitation, the giant grabbed his longsword and stabbed. A burst of violent thorns like a torrential rain. Every blow hits the same hole with unparalleled precision.

The dent has been enlarged. Small cracks opened around it. They are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. But it does exist.

The summoning effects of the Holy Giant and the Holy Sword have ended. disappear at the same time.

Next. The Holy Spirit White Phoenix and the Holy Spirit White Dragon flew at the same time. The dragon golem and the silver-white double dragons that the dragon man turned into also attacked together. Four high-temperature flames condensed into a small fireball. In the process of continuous compression, it reached hundreds of millions of degrees. Brighter white light than the sun.

His. . The Holy Spirit White Dragon screamed. A dragon swings its tail and shoots out a fireball. The fireball flew out under the impact of kinetic energy. Explosive precisely above that small gap. explode. .

It’s not over yet. The Holy Spirit White Dragon and the Holy Spirit Phoenix rushed out at the same time. Press in front of the gap. Block the explosion of the fireball. The Holy Spirits gave their lives to block the hole. The power of the explosion spreads nowhere. It can only be blasted inside the notch.

Boom. . It was by no means a loud explosion. Instead, there was a muffled sound. But it was more startling than any explosion in the world.

Pressed down by two holy spirits. More faster chapters to come. The power of the explosion was innumerable. Only spreads in cavities. Blast the dimple cracks bigger and deeper.

The two holy spirits, Bai Long and Bai Feng, were also blown to pieces. Return to the pure land of Avalon.

It’s not over yet. An octopus-shaped Holy Spirit spewed strong acid into the rift. This is a high molecular acid. Can quickly dissolve all substances in the world. In time is an adult dragon. Contaminated with a drop of such a strong acid. It will also turn into a pool of blood within ten seconds.

And not a drop of this deadly acid was wasted. Completely penetrated into the gap in the Origin Sin’s shell. Spread in the countless cracks of the notch. The high speed erodes the shell of the original sin. The notch surface is large enough to accommodate one person. about ten feet deep.

The centaur of the Holy Spirit also rushes in at the same time. Pulling a huge steel bow three hundred feet long in his hand. Shoot dozens of steel arrows. The arrow pierced every crack in the gap with precision. Then move the enchantment. Dozens of consecutive big explosions are generated. . Create gaps from gaps. Create more cracks from cracks. The notch on the source sin’s shell is getting bigger and bigger.

Spirit Razer attacked simultaneously with the Holy Spirit Dragon Cannon. A hundred-foot long steel dragon-shot cannonball. Bring a high-voltage current of 100,000 volts. penetrate deeply into the gap. Tens of thousands of degrees of electric heat melts steel. Shatter the stone. Coupled with overclocking vibrations like high-voltage pulses. The Dragon Shot shells embedded in the notch can destroy the Origin’s shell at the molecular level. Even after using the sharp move. The Razer disappeared along with the Dragon Shot. The cannonballs are still there. Continuous erosion and damage to the gap.

Meanwhile. The Holy Spirit Dapeng also spread its wings. The giant bird, which is over a thousand feet long, fires about a billion light bullets from its wings. These light bombs instantly transformed into shock waves. Blast into the gap.

They don’t just rely on their own shock to widen the gap. It even hit the dragon shot cannonball just now more deeply. Use the giant dragon shot cannonball as a wedge. The crack was enlarged by prying. The high-molecular acid solution of the Holy Octopus did not completely fail. Taking advantage of this opportunity has penetrated deeper. cause more damage.

Original Sin’s shell begins to loosen. keep collapsing. Dropped countless black stone bricks… or iron filings. More faster chapters to come. It was drilled with a large hole about a hundred feet deep. But not fully penetrated.

It’s not over yet. The Holy Spirit’s eye of the storm stirred up a huge tornado with a speed of tens of thousands of kilometers per hour. Among them is the Holy Spirit Sun. A super-fast tornado swirls a billion-hot fireball. At the same time, inflict kinetic energy and entropy energy damage to the rift in the original sin’s shell.

A vacuum wave that instantly shatters molecules. Plus destructive energy like nuclear fission. At the same time, it is released in the pothole. destroy everything.

As the pillar of fire soars into the sky. A large hole three hundred feet deep appeared in the shell of the original sin. But it still hasn’t been penetrated. What a thick crust. .

Same time. The eternal ice wall built by the merfolk sacrificing battleships also began to crumble. More faster chapters to come. The undead black dragons saw that their master’s protection was about to be captured. Can’t care about everything. They piled up against the ice wall. Countless black dragons were crushed by the companions behind them. Turned into puddles of rotten meat sauce. However, more and more black dragons continued to squeeze in. Destroying the ice wall with physical pressure.

The Eternal Ice Wall cracks at breakneck speed. It will collapse soon. There is no time left.

The pillar of fire has not been completely extinguished. The white planet of the Holy Spirit has split into tens of thousands of meteorites. The steel dragon of the Holy Spirit summoned tens of thousands of lightsabers. These lightsabers are combined with meteorites one by one. Become countless white meteors. And smashed into the deep pit with the speed of light. A white meteor shower merges with a pillar of fire in a deep crater. Bring on the heat of fire and amazing destructive power. There are countless explosions in the depths of the pit.

The Holy Spirit Steel Dragon before it vanishes. Turn yourself into a white light. Dive into the deep pit. explode.

The fire column burning in the deep pit was immediately replaced by a plasma flame of hundreds of millions of degrees. It melts everything. Burn everything. Decomposes substances into vapors. be its fuel. Let this plasma flame burn more vigorously.

Under the onslaught of the Holy Spirit. The small pit on the Origin Sin’s shell has become a bottomless pit. But has it been pierced.

No. The darkness is still endless. [Original Sin] Just a shell is bottomless. The cocoon of darkness is getting more and more intense. The monster that is constantly evolving and mutating in the original sin. Will wake up soon.

The eternal ice wall also cracked countless cracks under the frantic squeeze of the black dragons. The black dragons could almost get through the crack. Fly in and attack Arthur and his party.

Among the remaining clusters of white light. Another Holy Spirit was formed. A huge Holy Spirit battleship three thousand feet long appeared.

Just appeared. The Holy Spirit aimed all the guns at the pit. Over 100 million beam cannons fired frantically. Continuously bombarding the deep pit. .

“Let’s not be idle either. Step up our attack.” Arthur yelled. Has been pinching out a huge dragon fire ball all the time. Throw it into the deep pit.

Seeing that Arthur is also attacking. More faster chapters to come. Three dragons present: Shaxing. Bols. Elaine immediately spit out dragon flames. One by one, the high-temperature dragon flame fireballs flew into the deep pit. Inciting constant explosions.

Arthur’s knights kept firing on their cavalry. Bedivere also slammed the Silver Shadow spacecraft. Thousands of cannons. A gorgeous firepower network is interwoven in the black sky.

Evan had already summoned Cuifenglong and Zidianlong together. At this moment, the two dragons have completed their energy storage. Javier spit out a huge wind pressure bomb [Dragon Wave]. Spark spit out thunderbolts. Releases a huge electric ball [Cloud Chasing Thunderstorm].

Shock plus lightning. Explode at the deepest point of the crater.

The Holy Spirit battleship is out of ammunition. Dive into the pit before disappearing. Press the destructive power of the plasma flame into the deep pit. The battleship exploded at the same time. A more intense plasma flame tornado was set off.

After the battleship of the Holy Spirit, a giant steel knight of the Holy Spirit appeared on a white horse. It shoots a steel lance three hundred feet long. At the same time, the white horse also spit out lightning. Lightning coiled around the steel gun. produce high frequency vibrations.

The steel gun flew less than ten yards. It spins at an astonishing speed in an instant. Dig into the deep hole. The Iron Knight and the White Horse were also transformed instantly. Turned into the base of the steel gun. Dozens of flames were ejected from the bottom. Pushing the steel gun at high speed.

The giant steel gun plunges deep into the bottom of the pit. Destroy everything with frantic spins and shocks. It quickly merged with the plasma flame tornado. The resulting storm of entropic energy can directly disintegrate atoms.

Clap. The cracking sound was faint and awake.

Boom like a raging sound of a raging flood. Immediately cover everything up.

Endless darkness emerges from the pit. Like a wound bleeding. Source Sin’s shell was pierced. .

Seeing that this endless stream of dark sub-solution is about to pour into the sea. Contaminate the entire planet. The black hole of the Holy Spirit immediately appeared at the mouth of the deep pit. Spin at high speed. Sucks the darkness away with incredible speed.

As if drawing the black blood of light sin. The black hole of the Holy Spirit absorbs so fast that the naked eye cannot catch It greedily attracts a large amount of dark matter. Throw all these disgusting liquids into the eternal void world.

The black hole of the Holy Spirit absorbs all the “dirty stuff”. Let the deep pit of the original sin shell be passable. Although it still has a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees.

This is not a problem at all.

The final appearance of the Holy Spirit Moon rolled into the pit at high speed. The deep, freezing fog it walks quickly cools the hundreds of millions of degrees deep. The walls of the pit are covered with hoarfrost. It’s like paving a white road in a very dark abyss.

Clap la la la la. . The eternal ice wall around it shattered at the same time. The army of black dragons poured in like flowing water. Overwhelm King Arthur’s fleet with an unstoppable force. About to crush the crowd. .

“Your Majesty. Go.” Palinlor raised his lightsaber and charged forward. A slash. Cut the dozens of black dragons oncoming to pieces.

Leon Dickens et al also retreated to the hole formula of the pit. The Celestial Knight shouted: “We are here to block it. Go quickly.” () “Acts of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If it is found that its content is in violation of national laws, Please delete it, our position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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