Light Spirit Epic Chapter 670: Awakening to the Source of Sin (20)


Chapter 670 Awakening to the Source of Sin (Twenty)

Wait for the tiger boy to fall. The clutches of the original sin have caught Albert once again. Once grabbed. It immediately dragged at a high speed to the north of 500 kilometers.

When the clutches are opened again. Standing in front of Albert. It is this black demon that destroys the world. [Original sin].

This thousand-foot black giant has no features. There is only a vague outline of a [person]. It doesn’t feel awe-inspiring. Rather disgusting.

In the midst of ancient warfare. Europeans to compete with the people of the dark continent of Asia. Use prohibited technologies. Create this dark son-driven monster. By virtue of the infinite proliferation of dark sons. [Original Sin] has an inexhaustible amount of energy.

Of course. More faster chapters to come. The premise is to devour a creature of the extreme darkness. Make this creature a breeding ground for dark sons. The power source of darkness——[The person of extreme darkness].

However. When the ancients realized that [Original Sin] was no longer in control after absorbing [The Dark One]. When transformed into a machine of destruction and killing. These foolish ancients could only seal [Original Sin] in fear.

The reason why taboos are called taboos. It is because of the infinite maliciousness that exists in it. When malice replaces the system of [Original Sin] itself. Transform this dark giant into only destruction. When indiscriminately attacking all the demons around. Humanity can no longer escape the fate of extinction.

Historical proof of countless ages. destroy the world. Never a catastrophe. but **.

Destroy the world. More faster chapters to come. It is the bottomless malice of mankind.

“The Dark One. Come on.” Its voice kept seeping into the minds of those around him. Even if the other party doesn’t want to listen. Its whispers will never end.

“With me. Destroy the world. Embrace death.”

It preaches destruction and destruction. No one can deny it.

“In sweet silence. Let the world sleep forever.”

It celebrates death and silence. No one can turn it around.

The faceless black giant opened his big mouth on his chest.

The huge toothless mouth opened into a black hole. Inhale Albert.

Hundreds of millions of dark tentacles stretch out from a black hole without suction. Catch [The Dark Man]. More faster chapters to come. Drag him into the endless abyss.

Albert closed his eyes. He knew this was his destiny.

No matter how hard you struggle. In the end it’s just death.

A dead thing. How easy.

He discovers that he doesn’t actually hate the world. whether the world will perish. Nothing to do with him.

Everything is lost. There was only indifference in his heart.

——Alive. Every day I live to die. That is. How unbearable.

Surrounded by darkness and cold. That was Albert’s final destination.

——As if he was born to be a tinder. It’s just fuel to make this darkness burn more vigorously. More faster chapters to come.

The mouth is closed. Completely engulfed the tiger boy.

At the same time [Original Sin] began to change. It spewed black silk from its body. The black thread keeps entwining. surrounded it.

Heavy and heavy. until it loses its human form. In the form of a cocoon.

A large cocoon of darkness. Instant expansion. Mutation.

The pervasive, dark, poisonous mist emits a sickening stench. Carrion-like stench.

The spreading darkness pollutes the ocean. Countless fish died. floating on the sea. Paved into a sea of ​​floating corpses.

Meanwhile. From the shell of the Dark Cocoon. Crawled out of countless terrifying undead black dragons.

They were thousands of years ago when humans and dragons fought. A collection of dragon carcasses. These things were added as visceral materials for the manufacture of [Original Sin]. But it was released when [Original Sin] was disintegrated and reorganized.

Their rotting flesh is enveloped in dark mucus. These rotting flesh that is clearly about to fall apart. But in the air very spiritually flying.

These corpses that have been dead for thousands of years are just a collection of resentment. It was given a death order by its master: protect the cocoon of darkness. until it hatches.

They let out a silent hiss. It was a roar from hell. A cry from the abyss. They vented their only remaining emotion – resentment – into this world-destroying catastrophe.

Regardless of size. Just this disgusting scene. The scene of howling corpses. It is enough to deter the most courageous people in the world. People are afraid. panic. confusion. despair. No one can see this army of tens of thousands of black dragons. Both legs will be weak. Nausea. Not to mention fighting them.

The fleet turns around. flee. Out of instinct to escape this army of darkness. Like prey fleeing from predators.

However. Origin sin is not made for predation. All it wants is killing and destruction. wake up this monster. It is the bottomless malice of mankind. And it is about to return maliciousness with maliciousness. Let the world sink into the abyss of despair.

—Complete awakening from [Original Sin]. from the destruction of the world. Two hours left.

Reaching in this boundless darkness. When humans are helpless. A golden light flashed across the dark night sky. As if to tear the darkness apart. Bring the last ray of hope to the world.

King Arthur arrived just in time.

—Or. Not so timely.

Knight King’s Dragoon has been slowed down. Circling in the air again. He watched [Original Sin] change. Can’t help but be shocked: “Are you late?”

“It’s too late.” The Holy Spirit Crown’s answer was a little terrified: “It has merged with [the very dark one]. Its dark core has an infinite number of dark sons as a source of power. There is no more Anyone can stop it.”

“Even if you send troops from all over the world, you can’t win.” The King of Knights asked.

“Can’t win.”

“Even if the Holy Spirits of Avalon are dispatched, they can’t win. More chapters coming sooner.” The King of Knights asked again.

“Can’t win.” Holy Spirit Crown chanted. “[Original Sin] is such a terrifying existence. It got [Darkness]. It is almost equal to God. We have nothing to do.”

“Good.” Arthur raised his lightsaber. “This is the opponent I’ve been looking for. Let me beat this [God] all over the place.”

“You are serious.”

Arthur did not answer. No need to answer at all.

“——The whole army obeys orders.”

The communicator of the Dragon Rider of the Dynasty of Knights roars: “This is the king of Pantoracken. Arthur.d. Pantoracken.

This is in front of you. It is the cancer of the world. is the product of our human sin. It is [Original Sin].

Now. It will hatch. Become a demon that destroys the world. when it wakes up. I am afraid that there is no longer half of the world suitable for human habitation.

Therefore. I command you to give everything. No matter what. Regardless of the cost. No matter how great the sacrifice is. Destroy this demon too.

Our [sin]. Just let us correct it.

For yourselves. for your loved ones. for the continuation of this world. Please don’t hesitate to give your life.

—The whole army. The total attack starts. . “

Encouraged by the impassioned speech of the King of Knights. The fleet began to regroup. They all attacked the Black Dragon army.

The fleet surrounds the cocoon of darkness. Hundreds of millions of light bullets were fired at the same time. A blast against the army of darkness.

The artillery fire of the fleet is so intense. The frequency of attacks is so high. So that the whole sky is illuminated by various colorful light bombs. Has a strange splendor.

Every battleship. High heat radiated from the muzzle of each turret. The high heat reddened the surrounding iron. Reflecting the white smoke coming out of the muzzle. Accompanied by the continuous firing of light bullets. Form an unprecedented fierce battle scene.

As Arthur ordered. Humanity [whatever it takes]. If at this moment they have a whole world of ammunition. They’re sure to run out of ammo within minutes. Blast the monster army to the point of slag.

under attack. The enraged dark army scattered. Tens of millions of black dragons rushed towards the fleet. Want to shred these tin toys.

(Struggle. Human.)

Even with a strong shield. A cumbersome tin box like a battleship. Want to survive from the clutches of the nimble black dragon. Probably not possible.

——So. The iron cavalry poured out from the battleship. Fight with the black dragon.

(No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t escape the fate of destruction.)

These cavalry are a collection of Romans. Pantoracken. Germanic. Anti-gravity gunboats manufactured by the most advanced technology of several European powers such as France. A total of 700,000 units. They were called in to besiege [Original Sin]. An earth-shattering battle was long awaited.

The knights who drive the cavalry are the elite of the elite. Good at cavalry warfare. Although the number is only one tenth of the opponent’s (less than) one. But not afraid. Slash and slash through the army of black dragons. Cut down countless black dragons.

(It’s all in vain. It’s all in vain.)

“Shut up.” Facing the mental disturbance of the original sin. Arthur shouted loudly. His roar echoed across the battlefield. Spread thousands of miles. Inspired soldiers who were in a state of anxiety.

Arthur growled. Take the lead on one side. Desperately hack and kill in the enemy line.

“We won’t give in easily. Humanity won’t just be destroyed like No matter how small human beings are. Stupid. Pathetic. Weak. We will live on.”

He turns into a golden meteor. everywhere. It’s all chopped up black dragon fragments.

“Because there is an indelible tenacity in our human soul. It is this tenacity that gives us the power to change our destiny.”

Looking at the mighty and heroic appearance of the King of Knights. The army was greatly excited. It attacked the enemy more vigorously. Although the casualties were heavy. But the black dragon army was under the impact of the fleet and the iron cavalry. It was miraculously wiped out in half.

Dead black dragons turned into carrion and fell into the sea. But more black dragons were born from the cocoon. They are just impurities thrown away when [Original Sin] reconstituted. There are as many replacements as needed.

And the human fleet. But it continued to wear off at an astonishing speed. Dead soldiers cannot be resurrected. Even a battleship. The consumed energy and ammunition also need to be replenished. In order to continue to output in the fierce battle.

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