Light Spirit Epic Chapter 666: Awakening to the Source of Sin (16)


Chapter 666 Awakening to the Source of Sin (Sixteen)

The shredded black dragon reveals a core. Arthur saw clearly. That’s the head of a creature. Fox man head.

“It’s you **** fox again. Go to hell…” The angry king of knights dropped his sword. Cut off the fox’s head.

“Your Majesty Morgan.” The fox patriarch Leonard murmured. gone forever.

“Humph.” Arthur raised the sheath of the king to activate [Spellbreaker]. The golden light completely purifies the remaining shadows around. Destroy the black dragon completely.

Arthur flew hundreds of yards forward by inertia. But his pace soon slowed down.

“There is no dragon rider. Can’t the speed really be improved?” Arthur sighed.

“Your Majesty. More and faster chapters to come. Your Majesty.” An impatient voice came into the communicator in Arthur’s ear: “Your Majesty. Thank God. Finally got in touch with you.”

Arthur heard that the voice turned out to be the Grand Duke of Yones. He replied, “Youns. Where are you now? Are you still in the fleet in the Arctic Ocean?”

“That boy Ivan sent me an urgent message. Saying that Your Majesty, you asked for reinforcements. We have sent a warship to Brindisi. — Your Majesty. Is that signal on the radar you.”

“Yes. It’s me.” Arthur was able to see Yones’ battleship from a distance. Then he flew in the direction of the battleship: “Youns. Do you have a dragon cavalry or an iron cavalry on your battleship? Prepare one for me. Is there any news from Hall?”

“That—” Ewans and his son Aoyun muttered faintly from the communicator. Update “Your Majesty. You’d better see it yourself.”

Five minutes later.

Arthur just landed on the battleship. Immediately rushed to the bridge of the battleship: “How is the situation.”

The bridge is filled with Swedish and Norwegian soldiers. There were also several Icelandic Vikings. They saw the coming of King Arthur. Kneel down immediately.

“Get up. It’s urgent. Don’t waste your time on boring etiquette,” urged Arthur. “Youns. What you want me to see is—.”

“This.” Ewans stood up. While playing the video on the battleship’s tactical display.

It was a black giant a thousand feet tall. It was surrounded by a strange black gas. Extremely evil. Update as soon as possible

It walked straight in the direction of Brindisi. Hall and others used hundreds of dreadnought warships to bombard this monster indiscriminately. But it doesn’t hurt it at all. The monster was attacked without fighting back. As if these battleships were just scratching it.

To stop the monster from moving forward. Hundreds of warships bound it with a thousand strong steel cables. And yank at full speed in the opposite direction of its travel.

Under the powerful pull of a hundred warships. Although the monster can’t move fast. But its pace remains unabated. We are going south one step at a time.

Facing this behemoth. How powerless the fleet is.

Facing this behemoth. How small human beings are.

“It really is [Original Sin]. Update it as soon as possible” exclaimed the Holy Spirit Crown on Arthur’s head. “Someone actually released it from the seal of the World Wall.”

“Original sin.” Arthur muttered to himself.

“During the last world war. We in Europe fought against the people of the dark continent of Asia. A forbidden dark weapon made with Anko’s technology.

It is so evil. When we finally sealed the Eastern Hemisphere with the [Great Firewall], it was useless. It can only be trapped inside the firewall with the petrification hibernation spell. “

“Damn. There is such a horrible thing. Why didn’t you tell me earlier.” Arthur couldn’t help but curse.

“I’m not too sure about [Original Sin].” Holy Spirit Crown hesitated. “The real King Oser doesn’t seem to want to mention [Original Sin] too much. It was updated as soon as possible, so there is no detailed record of [Original Sin] in my system.

This thing is a disgrace to Europe. People at that time were eager to win. A demon created by breaking taboos in order to win the war. Of course I don’t want to mention this to posterity. “

(You absolutely did this on purpose.)

“Your Majesty. Who are you talking to.” Yones looked at Arthur suspiciously.

“Nothing.” The King of Knights waved his hand. Pretend what you just said to be self-talk. “What the **** is that thing. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s focus on how to get rid of it.”

The Crown of the Holy Spirit said: “It cannot be destroyed. Its outer shell is exactly the same as the wall of the world. [Theoretically indestructible] matter. Even if it is destroyed, it can be instantly and infinitely regenerated. It is composed of [the boundless darkness] Provides power. Its power is almost limitless. The only [Great Firewall] that can seal it. Can’t move anymore.

—You still don’t understand. His Majesty. From the moment [Original Sin] was released. The world is doomed to be destroyed. It just has to wait for the [Dark Core] within it to be filled with something diabolical. Immediately will start destroying the world. “

“What a monster you’ve made.” Arthur marveled.

The war between the humans and the orcs is coming to an end. The world is on the verge of a glimmer of peace. But this old demon appeared.

It is the darkness before dawn. before true peace comes. The biggest obstacle in front of Arthur.

On the outskirts of Brindisi. Update as soon as possible

A tiger boy struggles to his feet. His broken body had just been brought back. It still hurts now.

But it wasn’t the physical wound that hurt him the most. but the trauma of the soul.

Albert looked dead before his eyes. Deanna, whose eyes have lost their luster. Can’t help crying.

All this. It was like a nightmare.

If it was a dream. Please make it wake up.

I lost everyone I cared about in one night. Albert’s heart became empty. Start cursing the world.

(Whether it’s human. Or orc. It’s a bunch of bastards.)

(Self-interested. For own benefit. Constantly trampling on the happiness of others.)

(The creatures on this earth are a bunch of unsaved scum. More and faster chapters to come.)

(You all die.)

“The very dark man—” A deep voice gradually entered Albert’s mind.

In the uninhabited wilderness. There was no half-figure around.

And the sound doesn’t seem to be coming from anywhere. It sounded straight out of Albert’s mind. Probably something akin to telepathy.

“Who is it?” Albert replied in a low voice.

He just answered casually. There is not much interest in getting to know each other’s origins. in his eyes. This lifeless world is no longer worth looking at.

“The very dark one—” the voice repeated. The voice was as low as a muffled sound from hell: “Do you curse the world. Do you wish the world to be destroyed.—Come on. One of the darkest. Merge with me. Be the food of darkness. May the boundless darkness consume you. Exhausted. May the boundless darkness bring the world to annihilation.”

“Destroy the world.” Albert stared into the far north as if possessed. dark. The deep and boundless sky seemed to be waving to the tiger man boy. Calling him to the embrace of darkness and death.

“It can really destroy the world meow.” He asked suspiciously. “Just give me one. I can destroy this abominable world.”

“Sincere wishes. Dedicate your soul. What you wish for. It must be fulfilled.”

The dark sky reveals an apparition. The first update is like a mother’s open arms. Welcome to the arrival of Albert.

“Very good.”

Even if the tiger man boy is waiting. is death and destruction.

“I give everything to you.” Al wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. Instead. It is a kind of awe-inspiring death.

Even if it was a stupid decision.

“But you must destroy the world. Destroy everything in the world.” His resentful heart had lost his mind. In a daze, he chose the wrong path.

“Kill all humans. Orcs. All living things in this world.” He spread his wings. But his wings were no longer flawless. It’s turbid black.

“Let them know. My anger.”

The tiger man boy endured excruciating pain all over his body. Take off. Speed ​​away to the north.

—Complete awakening from [Original Sin]. from the destruction of the world. Three hours left.

Same time. London’s dungeon ruins.

Kay frantically dances the double-bladed gun. Longitudinal cut. Sweep. Oblique cut. Backhand sweep. Then pick up a backhand slash. A series of actions are like flowing water. There is no interruption.

The moment you finish this set of actions. He continued to repeat the action of the previous round: vertical slash. Sweep. Oblique cut. Backhand sweep. Then pick up a backhand slash.

The two ends of the double-blade gun draw two red lights. Forms fixed but hard-to-touch tracks. Look dazzling.

The two gun heads fire one after the other in an uninterrupted arc. Each arc of fire has an attack range of about three yards. Basically just dodge. Can’t take it hard.

The double-bladed gun has a large attack range and no dead ends. Forcing Ser Arctor to keep rolling. Block. Dodge and dodge. There is no room to fight back.

“I seem to think… Kay has been repeating the same action since just now.” Greenville, who was watching the battle, couldn’t help but muttered in confusion.

“Yes. He definitely did it on purpose.” Frey also looked at him suspiciously. But the battle-experienced giantess gradually saw through Kai’s intentions.

“Intentionally Greenville felt incredible.” His attack was fierce. In this way, the same action is repeated all the time without worrying about the opponent’s counterattack. That’s right. But… intentional. “

“Yes.” Frey frowned. Carefully observe the movements of the two in the battle. “Kay’s father’s abilities are real. He can indeed see through the future. But. What does [the future] look like in his eyes. Have you ever thought about it.”

Greenville was lost in thought.

The so-called [future]. In fact, it is an indeterminate form. As the world is changing rapidly. The future is constantly changing.

There is “this second of now”. There will be countless “next second futures”.

Just as light can diffract an object into countless mirror images. Has an indeterminate form. A changing future. Can it really be foreseen?

Then. Seen in the old man’s [Stargazer’s Eye]. What is the “future”? () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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