Light Spirit Epic Chapter 659: Awakening from the original sin (9)


Chapter 69 Awakening to the Source of Sin

At the same time, being strangled by tentacles, Evan was about to die.

Kala la la la la la la la!

ZiZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! A large amount of anesthetic venom was injected into Ivan’s limbs from the tentacles, and the venom was sprayed everywhere, falling on the ground and corroding the ground, making a terrifying sizzling sound.

“Hahahaha! This body is mine!” Boken’s head grinned sinisterly, and the tentacles below his neck squirmed horribly.

It’s all over! Evan has been unable to struggle, and can only wait desperately for his body to be invaded!

Clap! Something shot.

The bright bullet precisely shot through the back of Bokken’s head, creating a scorching hole in the monster’s head!

Tattoo. Light bullets and raindrops fell, instantly smashing the monster’s head.

The emerald-green eagle-eyed Boken, who once smashed countless people, died in such a shameless gunshot.

Whoever blows people’s heads blows too. Just that simple truth.

The dead monster lost its power, and the tentacles no longer haunt Evan.

“Ugh!” The half-dragon boy knelt on the ground, using his last strength to tear off the tentacles around his neck, and then gasped for breath. His face has turned dark black due to lack of oxygen, and he will die of lack of oxygen in a few seconds!

“Huh, huh, huh, huh.” He turned around while panting, and lay down facing the sky, trying to see who saved him.

“Are you all right?!” shouted Constantine aboard the Silver Shadow.

“[Silver Shadow]?…Constantine?” The half-dragon boy slowly got up, the neurotoxin from Boken made his whole body numb, and it was very difficult to move.

“The spaceship is finally repaired, do you want to come up?” Constantine shouted, while already manipulating the spaceship, extending a robotic arm towards Evan.

At the same time, the duel between Great Mage Merlin and Dark Spiritist Ellie also entered the final stage.

The dark giant throws a right fist at the fire element giant. The power of the dark straight punch is boundless!

The Fire Elemental waved his hand up, and the flame palm unleashed the opponent’s attack, and the other palm shot out at the same time! The oncoming flames can scorch people!

The dark spirit giant waved his left arm, and his arm turned into a wall of smoke, isolating the heat of the flames!

“Humph, that’s stupid!” Ellie sneered, the moment the fire element’s fist penetrated the smoke wall, the dark spirit’s left hand turned into a giant mouth, a tear, bit the arm of the fire element giant!

“Since you want it,” Merlin sneered, raising his staff and commanding, “I’ll send it to you!”

The hand of the bitten off fire element giant instantly condensed into a fireball, which induced a powerful explosion under the command of the Great Mage!

Boom! ! The explosion ripped off half of the dark spirit giant’s body, and even Ellie, who was holding a tin stick to manipulate the dark spirit, was not spared, and half of her face was burned.

“Um…” Ellie turned around, clutching her burns, and the disguise on her face also fell off a lot.

The moment he saw the disguised face, Merlin’s whole body stiffened.

He knows the owner of this face.

“Pan…Pandora?!” The Great Master exclaimed, with surprise and sadness in his voice.

“Who is Pandora? I don’t know.” Ellie sneered. Since the other party was stunned, it was a good time for her to fight back. She manipulated the dark spirit and threw dozens of punches at the fire element giant!

Clap clap clap clap! The dark giant fist smashed the fire element into pieces, turning it into an indescribable flame. Sparks flying everywhere also fell on Mage Merlin, burning the Mage’s shoulders, hair, and left foot.

“Ow!” Merlin immediately cast a vacuum on himself, and the low pressure rolled over, and the fire on the mage was extinguished immediately.

“That face…can’t be wrong!” Merlin still shouted, “You really don’t recognize me, Pandora?! It’s me, Prometheus!”

Allie was puzzled at first, then sneered disdainfully. She stretched out her hand and pulled off the camouflage cortex on her face, revealing the appearance of a coquettish woman underneath.

“Is this face really so much like the Pandora you’re talking about?” She smiled wickedly, “I’m sorry, but I’m an android created by Queen Morgan using replication technology. Who was the original owner of this face? , I don’t know, you can only ask Her Majesty Queen Morgan!”

“Morgan really had contact with Pandora. Humph—” Merlin returned to his original calm, “Okay, even if you don’t know anything, it’s useless to keep you—go to hell! “

Moving the real Merlin, he released his spiritual body from the body.

Guangling Merlin floated in the air, and in an instant, he plunged into the fire element giant and merged with the fire element he created.

No longer relying on magic to control the fire element, Merlin himself “draped” the body of the fire element giant, turning himself into the incarnation of the flames!

“Oh, I can still play like this.” Ellie laughed dryly, and her body changed.

The body of the emerald knight turned into a pool of black mucus, which instantly wrapped around the dark giant. It has become the flesh and bones of the dark giant, manipulating this group of dark sons from the inside!

Flame Avatar vs Dark Avatar! The two punched each other violently, and they were clearly 30-foot giants, but they were both fighting at an astonishing speed!

“Simple hand-to-hand combat words—” Ellie’s voice came from the dark incarnation, “I have been trained as a regular knight, how could a magician like you who never go into battle personally win me!”

A punch slammed into Flame Avatar’s face, sending it flying dozens of yards!

“Um…” The flame avatar climbed up from the ground, and the huge hole in the face was immediately filled with flames, which was instantly repaired.

“You think I’ve traveled through so many time and space, just practicing magic?” Merlin’s voice came from the flame avatar, “Tremble, stupid human!”

The flaming avatar instantly transforms into a huge flaming sword. The thirty-foot-long great sword emits a blazing brilliance that makes it impossible to look directly at it!

“It’s you who should tremble, the **** of the old generation!” Ellie also transformed into a huge dark sword, and the dark sons were tightly combined with extremely high concentrations, looking like some kind of dark crystal.

“The times are constantly improving, and you old gods cannot avoid the fate of being eliminated! Look, your flaming sword will never win against my dark sword! Just looking at the hardness, you have already lost!”

“Let’s see.” The flame avatar slammed into the opponent, and the flaming sword stabbed straight out!

“Die!” Ellie also swung the dark sword and stabbed out!

The tips of the two swords collided and shattered each other, counteracting each other’s hardness and strength! !

Clap! ! After the fight, Merlin’s flaming sword smashed the dark sword and pierced the chest of the dark incarnation!

“How…how could it be!” Ellie’s voice came from the dark core, with infinite doubts in it.

“With fire alone, of course I can’t win you.” Merlin’s voice came from the flame incarnation, passed through some solid body to the dark incarnation, and echoed in the dark spirit.

“However, I will continue to grow along the way from countless time and space.”

It wasn’t just fire that shattered the Great Sword of Darkness.

During the battle, Merlin kept secretly collecting the sand on the ground, fused it in his flaming body, and transformed into a crystal-hard bracket under high temperature and pressure!

The flaming sword he took out had tens of thousands of degrees of flame on the outside and hard and sharp crystals on the inside.

Under the attack of this dual structure, the Dark Sword is certainly hard to stand up to!

The crystals pierced into the body of the Dark Avatar burst into super vibrations. The flames of the Flaming Greatsword also surrounded the Dark Avatar from the outside.

The scorching of high heat and the power of overclocking vibration affect the dark incarnation at the same time, and quickly decompose the dark son!

“No! No—” Ellie screamed in despair, dying in agony.

“Ahahaha, I lied to you.” Dark incarnation sneered sinisterly, raised his hand to fire magic, and fired several dark arrows at Merlin’s “detached” body!

“What?!” The flame avatar hurriedly reached out to grab those dark arrows, but the hardness of the arrow was beyond his imagination. It directly penetrated the flame avatar’s palm and continued to shoot at Merlin’s body!

“Damn it!” In desperation, the light spirit had no choice but to escape from the incarnation of the flames and flew towards his body. The moment he returned to his body, the dark dart came towards him, only a foot away from Merlin!

The big mage rolled to the left, barely avoiding the attack of the dark dart! The dark dart left a scar on the mage’s leg, but nothing else.

However, the flame avatar that lost control also lost the opportunity, and the dark avatar suddenly counterattacked!

“I won, Mage!” Ellie’s rampant laughter came from the air.

“Hmph, not necessarily.” Merlin sneered and waved his staff, detonating his flame avatar.

Boom! ! The flames swept through everything, completely engulfing the dark giant! It even shook the boulder column, giving Arthur a jolt as he fought in the elevator! Lift back to work, keep going!

“What?!” At the moment when Arthur was distracted, the light beam of darkness had overwhelmed Arthur’s golden sword light, and pressed towards the King of Knights!

“It’s time to send you to the West, King of Knights!” Uther shouted viciously, stepping up his attack.

Oops, I’ll be overwhelmed by the momentum! Arthur felt bad, and his [Third Miracle] effect was about to pass!

“Hiss!!” A scream rang out, and a white light flew out of the Holy Spirit’s crown, transformed into the Holy Spirit’s white phoenix, and slammed into it!

“Don’t get in the way!” Uther opened his mouth and spit out a dark flame to drive away the Holy Spirit White The white phoenix fluttered nimbly, dodging the flame’s attack, and slammed into the emerald knight Uther! Once hit, the white phoenix immediately turned into a mass of white flames, igniting the emerald knight!

“Wow ah ah ah!” Uther, whose whole body was scorched by the flames, screamed and was distracted.

Seeing that the time has come, Arthur concentrates his last strength and strikes with all his strength! !

A huge torrent of golden photons covered the darkness and completely obliterated the black armored knights!

After the golden light, only the emerald knight Uther was left.

The golden light purifies the dark child within the green knight’s body, and the green knight who has lost his power is gone.

Even with the infinite dark power of the opponent, Arthur still wins!

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