Light Spirit Epic Chapter 653: Awakening to the Source of Sin (3)


♀Chapter 653 Awakening to the Source of Sin

“Oh my God” Evan and Merlin were shocked to see the jungle after they arrived

The “warp” Merlin explained “it is estimated that there is an extra layer of space superimposed within the solid structure of the World Wall. It is the entrance to the space just passed through”

“Whatever” Arthur picked up Evan and spread his wings, jumped from the battleship and fell into the jungle

Merlin also cast a light fall to keep up

“It’s too easy to get lost here if you don’t know where to go” Merlin shoved a small prop to Arthur and Evan. It was like a pocket watch with a small screen on it showing some red dot

“This is the tracker. It points to the location of the big cat. Even if we get separated in this jungle, we can split up and gather at the location of the big cat.”

Palramidis doesn’t seem to be in the crashed Silver Shadow, they should have gone deep into the enemy’s line

In other words, I can’t wait any longer

“I won’t waste my time walking here” Arthur spread his wings and jumped to fly directly over the jungle

“No” Ivan screamed and jumped up and grabbed the back leg of the King of Knights. Arthur fell down immediately after being pulled like this

There was a faint sound in the distance, and as soon as the bullet hit the top of Arthur’s head and strayed half a foot away, it would hit the king’s forehead

“Ugh” Arthur fell awkwardly and fell ugly, but he got up like he was fine right away “Thanks for being saved”

“There is a sniper and he is a very powerful guy” Evan has already drawn two guns” Arthur, I will cover you, take Merlin and go forward”

“You can really win” Arthur can’t help but wonder

The opponent’s shot Arthur just couldn’t feel it with his mind and eye technique, which means that the opponent is a master who hides hostility and uses [Wuxin] combat skills

Aiming accurately in this kind of jungle means that the opponent is also a master of [Eagle Eye]

Arthur has fought against similar enemies—the Holy Gecko He knows what a terrifying combination of [Hawkeye] and [Wuxin] is

No matter how skilled a warrior is, no matter how skilled and skilled in swordsmanship, if he is shot from a few hundred yards away, he is helpless.

Evan is just an inexperienced brat and such a veteran will suffer in a duel

“It doesn’t matter if you walk.” The half-dragon boy quickly climbed to a tree and said as if nothing had happened: “I will find a way to block the opponent’s attack, you can rest assured and go on your way”

“Okay” The King of Knights did not hesitate, grabbed Mage Merlin’s hand and fluttered into the air: “I’ll give it to you”

Arthur and Merlin, who were galloping away in the wind, did not fly a few yards and received another sniper

Evan was prepared for a long time. He used the eagle eye technique to see the movement of the opponent’s light bullet. He also shot a light bullet

Bounce two bullets together and bounce off each other Arthur and Merlin take no damage

“It’s not bad to actually intercept my sniper.” Hawkeye Boken hurriedly ran away and disappeared in the other end of the jungle

“Don’t run” Ivan jumped from the tree and quickly caught up

Arthur took Merlin through the air and was sniped several times by light bullets, but was blocked by Ivan’s firepower

“That kid did a good job” Merlin praised “Arthur is the pillar in front”

“Understood” A towering boulder of the Knights Dynasty swooped over and landed in a sandy field

Another bright bullet hit Merlin and set up a magic shield to block it

Arthur looked up at the black mass on the pillar

An army of dark creatures and there are around 30,000 of them trying to climb up along the outer wall of the column

Seeing this scene, Arthur is more worried about the safety of Bedivere and others

At this moment, a fireball came in and was fast and violent, dragging out a long tail flame, and Merlin instantly swayed to the side of the king of knights and set up a magic shield to block

The fireballs shattered to form a wall of fire, and the heat hit Arthur and Merlin to scorch them

Merlin released ice fog earlier to neutralize the opponent’s offensive before the heat wave hit

“Magic?” Arthur snorted

A woman emerges from the shadow of a stone pillar

“Allie” the knight king exclaimed that of course he recognized the female knight and they had worked together in the same army

“Hey King Arthur” the celestial master had a weird smile on his face “Take this elevator up and I won’t stop you from having someone you want to meet here”

Arthur thought that Ellie was talking about King Morgan with a look of contempt: “I knew you were sent by Morgan and you have been lurking in the Knights of the North to spy on me”

“God knows this.” Ellie, the celestial psychic, said ambiguously, “Let’s go, if it’s too late, the werewolf child will die.”

“Beddie?” Arthur was puzzled for a while, wondering why Ellie was deliberately letting him go, but he didn’t have time to think about the situation, so he rushed out and ran into the huge stone pillar

Merlin also wanted to keep up with Ellie but fired several magic light bullets around the Great Master “I told Arthur to go over, it’s not a good thing for you to go over and don’t get in our way”

Merlin took a step back and looked displeased with him. The principle is not to kill and not to attack the lady, but if the other party is aggressive, it is another matter.

“Guangling. The only survivor of Merlin’s ancient gods” Protoss master revealed Merlin’s identity as soon as he came up. Is your ancient magic stronger or my protoss stronger? Let’s wait and see bar”

Mage Merlin’s always kind and kind face showed fierce killing intent for the first time

“Very good” He clenched the top of the ebony staff and condensed photons to produce a blue-white magic ball “How can I not fulfill you if you want to die”

“Who will lose?” Ellie also raised the tin stick and the finely crafted tip of the tin stick turned into a crimson magic ball of light

Just as Arthur took the elevator up, the battle between the two magicians also began

The time when the floor was moving the elevator up at a slow speed and waiting for the elevator made the King of Knights very anxious but helpless

But he won’t be idle

As if I have been waiting for a long time, a shadow falls from the sky in front of the king of knights

The elevator also shook and stopped working when it landed

Arthur was already prepared, he drew out the sword of the holy king, and the king of knights narrowed his eyes and looked at the enemy in front of him by the golden light of the holy sword

“It’s really you” he sighed

As expected by the King of Knights, the black armored knight in front of him is the captain of the Rangers

Or [former] Ranger Captain——Black Knight Zach

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