Light Spirit Epic Chapter 648: Attack on Youyu (18)


Chapter 648: Attack on the Netherland

At the same time, Rome, on the battlefield outside Brindisi. ♀

“Arthur!!” Kai, who was knocked away, shouted in despair before landing.

The King of Knights was caught by the huge hands of the Black Crystal Tower, and he should have turned into flesh at this moment.

Or maybe not.

A golden light oozes from between the two giant black crystal palms, dazzling in the dark night.

“Uh uh uh!” The King of Knights slammed hard and pushed the two giant palms that were holding him away!

“Arthur!” Kay was overjoyed. He didn’t expect Arthur to be so strong and have the strength to contend with a giant palm several times larger than himself!

Actually, Arthur doesn’t have that kind of power. At the moment when he was caught by the black crystal’s palms, he deployed the griffon shield to resist the impact, blocking the initial and most deadly impact.

The two giant palms did not flatten Arthur, but instead burst into two concave surfaces because they slammed **** the griffon shield, giving the king of knights a little room to survive!

At the same time that the Griffin Shield failed, Arthur also spread his wings and used all his strength to resist!

The King’s Sheath brings an endless stream of photons to Arthur, converts these photons into kinetic energy, and releases them from the feathers of the King’s Wings, which can resist the pinch of the giant palms.

Arthur didn’t use his hands to “stretch” his giant palms. He replaced his hands with two wings, like two jacks, to “pry” Richard’s huge black crystal palm apart!

Even so, Arthur couldn’t escape. He was just wrestling with Richard, barely maintaining his own life!

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaasu!!” Seeing that the monster couldn’t kill the knight king, in addition to being angry, it also began to change its shape.

It acts on instinct. And its instinct is to kill——the killing intent to tear the King of Knights into pieces!

As if reflecting Richard’s wish, the black crystal tower twisted, and the black crystals on it grew rapidly like a malignant tumor, and instantly transformed into a huge mouth. It has hundreds of black crystal fangs as sharp as knives, and an infinitely **** like a black hole.

At the moment when the giant mouth was transformed, the two black crystal giant palms also clamped the King of Knights and dragged Arthur into the giant mouth!

—It’s going to eat the King of Knights!

Chew him, gnaw it, and digest it with gastric juices! —If you don’t, you can’t express your hatred!

Richard’s incomparably vicious hatred almost turned into a voice, emanating from his infinitely **** and heard by the King of Knights.

Arthur is still fighting, but he is unable to escape on his own and can only watch himself be eaten!

“Arthur!!” Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Kay made a very correct decision in an instant, probably the most correct decision in his life: “Catch it!!”

He threw out the Fiery Demon Sword in his hand.

The handle of the flaming magic sword Raivadine keeps spinning in the air, drawing a beautiful arc and flying towards the King of Knights.

Arthur grabbed the Flaming Sword in one hand. At the same time, he was also swallowed by the giant mouth!

“No! Arthur—” Kay watched as the giant mouth devoured Arthur, followed by a frantic chew, followed by a swallow. The King of Knights was chewed up and swallowed by the Black Crystal Tower!

“No!!——” the red-haired knight’s shout echoed in the wilderness.


Then more darkness.

Arthur opened his eyes, only to find himself in a pitch blackness where he could not see his fingers.

At the moment of being swallowed, Arthur opened his griffon shield to protect himself. Under the protection of [Absolute Defense], the King of Knights at least avoided being bitten by sharp black crystal teeth.

But the effect of the Griffon Shield soon wore off, and Arthur still couldn’t escape being swallowed by the monster.

So, this is the inside of the Black Crystal Pagoda? …Richard’s belly?

“You’re always a bastard.” The voice echoed in the darkness, with unparalleled viciousness in it.

“Richard? No—” Arthur immediately recognized the owner of the voice, “Gunther?”

A figure looms out of the darkness, that is Arthur’s brother Gunther. ♀ He has only a strange black outline, although it is dark, it can be seen in this darkness.

“You’ve always been an asshole, a thorn in my side.” Gunther’s voice was still echoing, “and yet—as loathsome as you are, I still won’t watch you die.”

“Gunther…” Arthur muttered in a low voice. The flame sword in his hand began to burst into flames. That flame was a pure pale light, as clear as water, but as bright as day.

“Arthur, I think you should also know that I’m not the real Gunther, just a soul copied by Morgoth using Gunser’s dying memory.” Gunther’s form gradually faded in the darkness Fuzzy, it seems to be about to disappear, “This is my last thought attached to this magic sword, and it will soon disappear completely.”

Arthur was speechless as he looked at the fire from the magic sword. The surrounding black crystals gradually approached, as if they sensed the energy of the magic sword in Arthur’s hand and wanted to devour that energy.

“I’ll give you one last gift before I disappear.” Gunther’s voice grew fainter, almost inaudible, “My brother, although I don’t love you, I don’t want you to die. Alive. Go down.”

Something lodged in Arthur’s left arm. That left arm, which had been assimilated in half with the black dragon armor, and became like a monster, brought Arthur a heart-wrenching pain.

At the same time as the pain, Arthur’s left arm moved on his own, grasping the Fiery Demon Sword tightly.

At the same time that the black arm grabbed the magic sword, the pale-white flame of the flaming magic sword changed instantly.

A nearly transparent white flame that quickly turns black. Evil, ominous black flame.

This is the true face of the [Flaming Demon Sword—Revadin]: the Demon Sword of Extermination.

The cursed sword that should only be launched for those with bad intentions, it is extremely evil, and exists only to destroy all living beings.

This extermination sword was once held in the hands of Gunther’s replicants, threatening Arthur’s existence for a time.

The horror of the black flame of the Sword of Extermination is that it can obliterate the law of causality and turn “existence” into “non-existence”.

The person who is burned to death by this black flame is not only dead, but has become “never existed”, all traces of this person’s existence in the world will be erased, and this person’s past will no longer exist Remember.

It can obliterate Karma.

The Sword of Extermination is such a terrifying sword that it can kill even gods!

The surrounding dark crystals are getting denser and denser, and they are almost touching Arthur. The King of Knights knew that it was never a good thing to encounter these black crystals.

“Go, Arthur.” Gunther’s voice echoed in the darkness, “Live and take my share.

—Let me see how far you can go. “

The King of Knights raised the magic sword and stabbed it without hesitation. The black flame of the Demon Sword of Extermination instantly burned the black crystal that was surrounded by it without a trace!

Outside the tower, Kai and the others watched the movement of the Black Crystal Tower. It had been almost ten minutes since Arthur had been swallowed, and Tower had remained silent, wondering what the outcome would be.

“Come on, little one, I know you’re not going to die like this,” Kay muttered in a voice only he could hear.

Touch. Finally, there was an abnormal sound in the tower.

“Arthur?” Kay called softly.

Touch, touch, touch! The sound is getting louder and faster. It was as if someone was beating the tower from within.

“Boom!” With a loud bang, the Black Crystal Pagoda began to split.

Black flames erupt from the top of the Black Crystal Pylon, reaching the sky. As if eating a bad stomach, the Black Crystal Pagoda let out a burst of wailing.

Where’s Arthur? Everyone hurriedly looked for the trace of the King of Knights.

There is a small ball of light among the black flame pillars that reach the sky. After the flames burned, the light ball showed its prototype. That is the Holy Spirit Griffin Shield.

At the moment when the Extinguishing Demon Sword released the Demon Fire, Arthur wrapped his body in a griffin shield and flew out together with the black flame.

He destroyed the top of the Black Crystal Pylon in the most brutal way, and fled with the flames. The torrent of flames that burns away everything is the sanctuary of the King of Knights.

Anyway, the King of Knights escaped safely.

He spread his wings and hovered in the air, looking at the black crystal tower on the ground.

The thing didn’t continue to grow.

Richard’s dark crystal may devour all energy and grow himself. But it’s definitely not invincible.

The black flame of this Demon Sword of Extermination is neither a source of energy, nor can it destroy the existence of the opponent.

—It is the nemesis of Richard’s anti-sky ability!

“YaYaYa Arthur Twitch!” As if feeling his own crisis, Richard screamed hysterically: “Why! Why is it always you—

Why is it always you, the best thing in the world? !

Why is it always you, get all the fame and fortune?

You are nothing but a lowly slave! Just trash from the slums! !

Why do you get all this? ! “

“Richard, you just don’t understand, right?” With a sneer, the King of Knights hummed, “I have fought against fate and have died countless times. It is precisely because I have been able to keep fighting and never give up. ——“

A monstrous black flame erupted from the Sword of Extermination, turning into a three-hundred-foot-tall pillar of fire. This amount is enough to burn the black crystal tower to nothing!

“Because I have nothing!!” The king of knights plummeted from the sky, his sword fell, and the dark flames swept the sky and covered the earth, instantly engulfing the black crystal tower!

—He came from the void.

False identity, false family, false feelings, false humanity.

Even false souls.

All of this is not for nothing.

No. It is because of being born from the void that this soul understands [cherishing]. Know better than those souls who already have it all.

Even feelings that should be meaningless—anger—have been used to the fullest by this soul of eternal catastrophe!

Everything that Arthur has experienced from the past is real, the road paved with his blood and sweat, and the results obtained with his struggle and hard work.

Not even God, not even fate, could stop Arthur from going his way and bearing his fruit.

This is a legend forged with perseverance by a soul with nothing, a little weed in the crack of the wall.

—Richard, a flower that grows in a greenhouse, can never be understood.

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