Light Spirit Epic Chapter 639: Attack on Youyu (9)


Chapter 639: Attack on the Netherland

One night about ten years ago, on a small hill in the West Siberian plain. ♀

A werewolf teenager looks up at the stars.

“You really are here, Beibei.” A bunny boy stepped out of the grass and jumped behind the werewolf boy. “The eclipse hasn’t started yet. You’re so early.”

The bright moonlight penetrated the cloudless night sky and fell on the werewolf boy’s body, reflecting the silver-white wolf fur of Bedivere, as well as the darkness on the boy’s face.

“Well, I’ve been worrying a lot recently, come here to cool down.” The little werewolf sighed in a childish voice.

“What could be the trouble? Anyway, you were scolded by your father again, and you are making trouble, right?” Rabbit Ryder sat next to the werewolf boy, looking up at the stars, waiting for the coming of the lunar eclipse, “Babe, Our caravan is leaving tomorrow. Tonight is the last night the caravan will spend in your village. I’m here to say goodbye.”

“Are you going to leave too?” The werewolf boy sat on his knees and sighed in a low voice, “I’ll be left with one more.”

“You are not alone, you still have parents, and your brother—“

“Don’t mention them, okay?” The werewolf boy interrupted immediately, with a little anger in his tone, “Ryder…why should I go with your caravan? I don’t want to stay here anymore. I’m in the village. I’ll go with you, you can go anywhere.”

The rabbit was silent, as if considering the possibility.

A moment later, the bunny boy who had been through the storm and was more sensible than the same age shook his head: “Forget it. You are not used to the life of our gypsies. We, to put it mildly, are free and easy, Doing business everywhere; to put it uglier, it’s actually wandering around, cheating money everywhere. Babe, you are not on the same road as we are, and this life is not for you. — Oh! The eclipse has begun!”

The silvery-white moon in the sky begins to be obscured by Earth’s umbra, before completely darkening within seconds. The silver light of the moon itself was replaced by a black shadow, and a faint red light appeared on the edge of the black sphere in the air, like a blood-colored ring.

“Sure enough.” The werewolf boy looked at all this, but his heart was full of gloom, “I really want to leave here. I really want to live a completely different life. I’ve had enough of this kind of life.”

As if hearing Bedivere’s heartfelt cry, something bright fell on the moon.

Shiny, golden, fragments of something. All this is reflected in the werewolf boy’s eyes, and only he knows this secret.

A meteor rushed into the atmosphere at an astonishing speed and slammed into the two teenagers watching the moon.

“Oh, damn!” Ryder jumped up, “Babe, run away! It’s going to fall!”

The werewolf boy sat still, squinting at the approaching meteor.

In an instant, the meteor has fallen. The giant light completely engulfed the two teenagers.

“Um…” Rabbit Ryder slowly got up, clutching his aching head: “Babe…Are you okay?”

The werewolf boy opened his eyes and saw several arcs flashing around his body. Under the feet of the two of them was a large crater about twenty feet deep that was hit by a meteorite.

The two teenagers who were supposed to be wiped out under the impact of the meteorite were intact, not even their clothes were scratched.

“I, are we still alive?” The werewolf boy was surprised and checked his body. Apart from a few arcs caused by the occasional electric shock, his body was not abnormal.

“It’s all just a dream, yes, it must be just a dream.” Rabbit comforted himself, “Look, the eclipse is over!”

The moon, shrouded in darkness, has regained its brilliance, radiating silvery white as usual.

“Make a wish on a shooting star and your wish will come true.” Ryder comforted Bedivere, “Look, you not only made a wish on a shooting star, you were also hit by a shooting star. Your wish must be It will come true, for sure!”

“God knows.” The werewolf boy still looked unhappy. He had the urge to be killed by a meteor rather than continue living in the village.

A few days later, the Eskimo village was blood-washed by the tigers, and the Eskimo were exterminated.

The Werewolf Boy’s wish comes true in a twisted way.

This is an unexpected turn of events for Bedivere.

Bediver wakes up to find Vivian stitching up his wound.

Use her hair.

The succubus hair, slender as silk and tough as steel, is both a needle and a thread, and moves autonomously under Vivian’s control, making it more capable than any physician in the world for surgery.

But, hair…is it disinfected?

“Are you awake? How are you feeling?” Vivienne asked dispassionately.

“Ugh…I thought I was dead.” Bedivere coughed lightly, “How long have I been in a coma?”

“It’s not too long, it’s just ten minutes.” The woman sewed up the wound on the werewolf boy’s chest, cut off the hair, and tied it with a strong knot. “This is just an emergency treatment, don’t force it.”

Bediver set his eyes on Vivienne’s chest, the woman was illuminated by Jack with divine enchantment

The Newest Chapter

The sword had pierced the heart and was supposed to be on the verge of death. But Vivienne is proficient in surgical stitching and can control her own hair to stitch it, which saved her own life.

“That’s right, I’ve temporarily sutured my heart.” Seeing Brady staring at her chest, Vivian explained quickly, “I thought I was going to die. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Shen, the black dragon armor robe lent to me by Lian Yin blocked most of the attacks.

I lay on the ground and pretended to be dead, secretly stitching up the wound in my heart, and waiting for the [divine] power to pass.

It’s all thanks to the efforts of the three of you, though. Without you dragging down the enemy, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even have the chance to save myself. “

“Um…” The werewolf boy felt a pain in his chest even when he spoke. He struggled to get up, “Where are Tristan and Palamidis?”

“I’m fine.” The leopard warrior sat aside, waiting for the wound on his chest to heal. It was a very terrifying incision, almost cutting Palamidis in half, but the powerful self-healing ability of the Emerald Knight can heal the wound in a short period of time, so there should be no need to worry.

Bediver looks at Tristan. The murloc prince’s injuries were much more serious. He was covered in blood, mottled with numerous bruises and wounds caused by explosions, as well as crystal dragon scales that were half detached.

There are so many wounds on Tristan’s body that it looks like a broken puppet even with countless stitches.

“Hi, Buddy…” Tristan said breathlessly.

The werewolf boy looked very heartbroken: “We’re going to send him back to the spaceship. Tristan is so injured that he can’t fight anymore.”

“No, just let me… rest for a while.” Tristan is still trying his best, “It’ll be fine soon, it won’t hold you back.”

“Actually, we have no way to go back. The way back is full of enemies.” Vivian murmured in a low voice, “We can only pick us up when the ship is repaired.”

Palamidis casts his gaze to the far room: “And we must move on.”

Bedivere immediately protested loudly: “What?! Are you going to leave Tristan here? There’s no door!”

Vivian and Palamidis looked at each other, exchanging glances. After the woman got her husband’s consent, she said to the werewolf boy, “Beddie, you should also stay here and wait for us to come back.”

Bediver, who was planning to continue protesting, was immediately stunned: “But I…I can still go on—“

“Morgan is right in front of us, waiting for us.” Palamedis interrupted Brady, “The three just now were just part of her trump card. She must have more, more difficult men to deal with. You are injured like this, it is very difficult to stand, and if you go further, you will die.”

“So do you,” Bedivere retorted.

“Even so,” Palamidis tapped the werewolf boy on the shoulder, “We are adults, and we have responsibilities that adults should shoulder. Even if the chances of survival are slim, we must keep going.

—It is our responsibility to protect you children. “

Vivian also patted the werewolf boy on the head: “If we die, please take care of Zephyr, Seglade, and little Pavle, okay?”

Bediver wanted to shout, but some invisible force grabbed his throat, and he couldn’t say what he wanted to say for a long time.

The Leopard Warrior continued: “I’ll find a way to hold Morgan and her men, and Vivienne will find a way to activate the [Second-Level Security Protocol]. No matter what, the wall of the world must be prevented from opening. “

“And you,” Vivian continued, “just stay here and wait for the ship to pick up. Don’t think about it too much, just keep yourself safe. . . Live, okay?”

After speaking, the two walked to the bright spot in the distance, leaving Bedivere and Tristan behind.

The werewolf boy wanted to catch up, but there were companions behind him to take care of, and he was at a loss at the moment. The figures of the Palamides and his wife had drifted away, almost blurred to the point of being invisible.

At the same time, a terrifying abnormal sound began to be heard around.

The huge circular building they are in is actually connected to the silicon desert on the ground through a giant pillar. The giant column of the hollow structure is the lift they just rode on.

Fighting with three Twilight Cultists, and resting for so long after the battle Some uninvited guests began to arrive outside the building unexpectedly.

The dark army chasing Bedivere and others climbed up through the outer wall of the elevator column. They didn’t know to give up at all, and they still targeted Bedivere and others, chasing and killing them.

The sound that Bedivere heard was the muffled sound of the army of darkness knocking on the outer wall of the building. They would soon chisel through the outer walls of the building, rushing in and besieging Bedivere and Tristan.

The two are like ducks sitting still.

“Beddie…” whispered the murloc prince, “leave me alone, you hurry up.”

The werewolf boy did not answer, but instead grabbed the weapon in his hand and stood quietly beside his friend.

No matter if the attack is a thousand troops or a flood of beasts, the werewolf boy will not escape. Holding on to his friend until rescue arrives is Bedivere’s last remaining mission.

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