Light Spirit Epic Chapter 636: Attack on Youyu (6)


Chapter 636 Attack on the Netherland

“Cough!” The werewolf boy spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Think you can catch me just by chasing the smell of blood on my body?” Bo Ruiqi appeared from behind the werewolf boy, and the lightsaber in his hand stabbed deeper, “I took off the **** armor, and it was completely I lied to you. ♀ You are such a cute idiot.” “Hum hum hum,” the werewolf boy sneered, ignoring the constant tearing wound on his chest, “No, this is what I want. “The magic bow in his hand had already been turned over, and the sharp hydra dagger at the front of the bow had pierced deeply into Ser Borage’s heart. Because she didn’t wear a breastplate, Bo Ruiqi’s chest was gorgeously stabbed.

“Wh, what?!” The jazz spat out a mouthful of blood.

While Brygge approached Bedivere triumphantly and made a sneak attack from behind, she never thought that she would also be stabbed in the back.

“I admit, your stealth magic is really superb, I can’t catch you.” The werewolf boy twisted his backhand hard, smashed the opponent’s heart, and blood splattered everywhere!

“Since I can’t catch it, I’ll let you come to the door automatically.” “Do… well done!” Ser Berridge released his hand, and the blade of his lightsaber disappeared, only The lightsaber with the remaining hilt fell to the ground, and he died at the same time.

“Ugh…” Bedivere was also badly injured, the big hole in his chest was still bleeding, and he just lay flat on the ground, gasping for breath.

A figure came to Bedivere, and the werewolf boy fell into a coma before he could see who this figure was.

At the same time, in the duel between Tristan and Viscount Raymond, the murloc prince also got into a tough fight.

Hundreds of floating turrets fly around Tristan, firing frantically without interruption, mercilessly bombarding the murloc boy.

Tristan had to take a defensive stance, holding his head in his hands, and using the crystal dragon armor on his body to block the rain of bullets. The hardness of the crystal dragon armor is far greater than that of diamonds, and even if it is ruthlessly bombarded by hundreds of bright bullets, it is still unscathed.

However, Tristan was still in constant pain all over his body, and his body suffered a lot of internal injuries from the impact, and the skin under the crystal dragon armor was already black.

Not anymore. So frustrating. Even if you want to fight back, your body can’t move in this uninterrupted rain of bullets!

Tristan tried to move his body, but he only took a step away, and the opponent focused his fire and shot the murloc prince in front of him, pushing the murloc prince back with the impact of the light bullet!

“Let’s see how long you can last!” Viscount Raymond smiled smugly.

Brushes all over the body can impede blood circulation. The body’s internal bleeding gets worse and worse, eventually leading to shock. Tristan is very close to the critical point of shock, his body is gradually numb, and his brain is also full of pain due to the lack of blood supply.

If you don’t want to come up with a countermeasure, you will really be killed.

Just when the murloc prince was helpless and distressed, he unwittingly unleashed a magic trick.

A spell that was originally unrelated to combat and was not developed for combat.

A snow butterfly floats from the Murloc Prince.

“What?” Raymond looked suspiciously at the snow-white butterfly. [;Magazine Bug] He was about to defeat his opponent, but was bewitched by a butterfly.

He maneuvered the turret and fired at the little snow butterfly, intending to destroy the butterfly.

Even if he didn’t know what kind of magic it was, he decided to destroy it immediately to avoid future troubles.

But the butterfly dodged the storm of light bullets with amazing agility, traversing among hundreds of light bullets, dancing freely and gracefully!

“What?!” Raymond was even more surprised and increased his firepower to deal with Snow Butterfly.

Tristan sees it all, and even he is amazed.

The magic of Snow Butterfly is actually only given to the simplest four commands: avoid danger, go out to find information, and then return along the way to feed back the information to Tristan.

It shouldn’t have such an amazing evasion ability.

But as the saying goes, “moving like a butterfly, stinging like a bee”.

The butterfly dances against the wind, and its agility is truly amazing. What’s more, it is only an extremely small target, and it is indeed not an easy task to hit it with a light bomb.

After bombarding hundreds of flares, Raymond finally crippled the poor snow butterfly. Snow butterflies turned into shining snowflakes scattered, both poignant and gorgeous. Destroying a small butterfly also took so much effort for Raymond. Does that mean anything?

There are countermeasures.

Tristan remained silent, but quietly cast two sets of magic.

A white fog is swirling around, and a burst of ice fog is released from the murloc prince’s body!

Missing butterflies flying, hundreds of snow butterflies escaped from Tristan and danced in this white mist!

A cold current burst out from the foot of the murloc prince, and with the help of the cover of the white mist, it gradually accumulated on the periphery of the battlefield quietly!

“Boy, what are you doing?” Raymond frowned suspiciously as he watched all this. [;Zi Lang Literature]

“Hmph, you’ll understand soon.” Tristan remained in a defensive stance, protecting himself from the light-bomb attack. After he had a winning plan, he was invigorated, and regardless of the pain in his body, he gritted his teeth and persevered.

Raymond controlled half of the floating turrets and continued to shoot the murloc prince, while the other half of the artillery fire chased the snow butterflies, trying to shoot them down one by one.

No results. The snow butterfly is more agile than expected, fluttering in the bullet rain,

[High cadre] read the full text on

Just miss it.

They received an order from the murloc prince and kept flying towards the floating turrets.

A snow butterfly landed on a floating turret and disappeared instantly, frosted. It froze the entire floating fort!

“Is this your plan?!” Raymond saw that something was wrong, and hurriedly concentrated his firepower to kill Snow Butterfly!

The turrets ignored Tristan and attacked Snow Butterfly instead.

The continuous artillery fire chased the butterflies with no way to escape, and shot down hundreds of snow butterflies in an instant.

However, once again, Raymond miscalculated.

The icy fog suddenly thickened and thickened, and after a frost storm, Tristan disappeared without a trace.

This is the real plan of the murloc prince.

He collects the water vapor in the air, and the thicker and thicker icy fog blocks the view of a battlefield.

In the field of increasingly low visibility, Raymond began to eat even objects ten feet away.

“Hahahahaha!!” Tristan’s laughter echoed throughout the battlefield, “You can’t trap me, now it’s your turn to be trapped in my [Iceland Labyrinth]!” Dispersed after a few seconds, the surrounding scene has completely changed.

Raymond looked around, the battlefield was surrounded by numerous ice walls. These treated ice walls are so smooth that they constantly reflect light like mirrors.

There are countless Raymonds and countless Tristans in the battlefield, and it is impossible to tell which one is the deity!

“Stinky boy, do you think you can confuse me like this?” Raymond controlled the floating battery to shoot indiscriminately, intending to destroy the ice wall.

But useless. The ice wall was made very thick and smooth, thick enough to withstand the attack of the light projectiles, and smooth enough to dispel the impact of the light projectiles!

“It’s no use!” Tristan’s voice echoed in the maze, the ice walls were smooth enough to reflect sound waves, making the maze echo, “You can’t escape this maze any more, you’ll have to die here. !” Raymond began to scramble in the maze: “Huh! You too! Under these conditions, you can’t find my deity at all!” Tristan sneered: “Well, let’s play catch and hide. Come on! You are sure to lose.” Countless ice butterflies began to fly in the maze.

Raymond sprinted, trying to shake off Butterfly’s pursuit.

However, no matter how he escaped, the butterflies always followed, flying towards the knight without hesitation, gradually narrowing the encirclement! In this maze, Raymond has nowhere to escape!

The butterflies were given the simplest order: [Follow Raymond’s Photon].

They are not visually disturbed at all, and just keep flying towards the photons on the opponent’s body. As long as Raymond is alive, the snow butterfly will chase forever.

Raymond senses this too. Tristan’s Snow Butterfly may not have any attack power, but it has powerful tracking ability and self-control ability, and it is a super high-level magic.

His opponent is a rare magician. Could it be the support sent by the ivory tower? Why would such a big man appear in such a place?

No, no one has ever heard of this magician. As you can see, this is just an unknown young man. How can a young man who has never been heard of before have such profound magic skills? !

What a creative tactic to use intelligence-gathering magic for battle!

Feeling that he underestimated his opponent too much, Raymond dared not neglect him any longer. He took back thousands of floating forts, and around himself, unfolded the photon shield of the fort, and made an unbreakable photon shield array!

“I’m not afraid of you.” He shouted, “Come on, boy!” The snow butterfly flew closer. Raymond commanded the battery to attack with all his strength, and the butterflies were wiped out in the dense rain of bullets!

However, after a group of butterflies died, another group came.

More snow butterflies are coming from all directions.

What a powerful magician. Don’t you get tired by casting such advanced magic one after another? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by petrification?

Unbeknownst to Raymond, most of the snow butterflies were not given complex instructions, but just followed a few with tracking ability. Only a few of the swarm of butterflies could actually track Raymond, and the rest were added to confuse people.

And, butterflies serve another purpose.

Raymond defended her airtight, almost invincible. But he soon became aware of subtle changes on the battlefield.

The temperature is dropping.

If it is a large area, this drop in temperature will not affect the battle situation. But Tristan blocked it all around with a wall of ice.

In this area of ​​about thirty yards square the temperature has dropped as the ice butterflies continue to die, and it is close to freezing!

This time, Raymond completely understood the opponent’s intention: the murloc boy wanted to trap the knight in this ice labyrinth, and then use magic to freeze it! It is not the patent of Viscount Raymond to defeat the enemy without doing it yourself!

“Hum hum hum, very good.” Raymond folded his fists in the floating artillery formation, concentrated: “It seems that you can’t beat you without some magic.” He is human. And he didn’t bring any wands or magic aids. This means that he will be severely punished by petrification for using magic, and even die because of it.

Nevertheless, Raymond had no choice but to escape.

Attentively, Raymond conjured a fireball between his palms.

He threw the fireball to the ground, and a monstrous pillar of fire instantly formed on the ground!

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