Light Spirit Epic Chapter 619: Fighting on the Frontier (13)


Chapter 619: Fierce Battle at the Border (13)

Arthur is still in pain. He remembered what happened before, and immediately realized that he was poisoned.

Some kind of poison spreads in the body of the King of Knights, but not enough to kill Arthur. His body was actually strong enough to survive the poison. This body is automatically producing anti-venom serum, and it is estimated that it will not take long for the last bit of toxin in Arthur’s body to be removed.

“I’m having those weird dreams again.” Arthur whispered to the Holy Spirit Crown above his head, “Have I left Avalon, am I still affected by the Round Table system?”

“Of course not. Don’t forget, you—wear—wear—the round table system.” The Holy Spirit Crown replied unhurriedly.

“And I died in a dream again. How dare you say that is reality?” Arthur asked in a disdainful tone, trying to blame it all on a system error.

“You need to ask yourself this question.” The Holy Spirit Crown avoided the question, “Please rest, my king. Your health is not optimistic, and now is not the time to worry about these superfluous things.”

Arthur muttered a few words softly, but closed his eyes tightly. He was indeed very tired, and had to rest even with the constant nightmare of his own death.

Of course, he can take off the crown and go to sleep.

But he’s so concerned about it that he’d rather continue to have nightmares, see through the wonders of those dreams, and find out the root cause of it all.

Another nightmare. This time, Arthur faced the leader of the Viking fleet, a giant thirty feet tall.

After a little trick, the Vikings smashed the boat in half, but Arthur took the opportunity to appear behind his opponent, and the lightsaber stabbed the Vikings in the chest.

“Ouch!” After spitting up blood and muttering a lot of nonsense that Arthur was too lazy to listen to, the Viking leader actually leaned back and pressed the boy behind him!

The spaceship kept sinking. Arthur tried his best to escape from the giant man’s body, but he was so crushed that he couldn’t escape!

The spaceship sank, exploded, and instantly set everything on board on fire! Arthur was burnt to coke within a few seconds, and then blown away by the powerful blast, leaving no body behind.

(No. It’s not true. Without Merlin’s help, I would have been like that. But I met Merlin…. fate has changed.)

Another nightmare. Arthur against the frost dragon Xianvia.

The Red Fire Dragon Shaxing shoved his younger brother Xianvia to the ground. The golden three-pronged spear in Xianvia’s hand immediately flew out, drawing several arcs in the air.

“Come on! Stab him with a spear!” shouted Wendina, the mermaid court magician on the side.

Arthur had already leaped out and successfully caught the golden gun in the air. The gun turned and stabbed at Xianvia.

But, it’s too late! Xianvia had already noticed Arthur’s attack, it opened its mouth and spit out the hoarfrost dragon breath!

The dragon’s breath, which was close to absolute zero, flooded the sky and sprayed on the boy’s body, instantly taking away all the boy’s body temperature.

Arthur freezes into a giant popsicle, falls limply to the ground, collapses, and dies!

(Again. How could this happen?!)

Another nightmare. Arthur against the deep sea trolls.

The cannonballs of the Dragon Cannon have completely hit the troll and continue to **** photons from the troll. The deep-sea troll gradually shrank and collapsed, but still stubbornly resisted.

Its tens of thousands of tentacles attacked Arthur, wanting to kill Arthur standing on the dragon cannon shell in one fell swoop, and pulled out the dragon cannon.

Arthur swung his light blade frantically, shattering the tens of thousands of tentacles that were attacked!

The deep sea troll roared, fighting back one last time before defeat!

“What?!” Arthur was swallowed by the troll before he could dodge!

He was crushed in the mouth of the troll and killed instantly!

(No. No, that never happened…)

As soon as the scene changed, Arthur had come to the Colosseum.

“Hmph, what a pity.” With only a slight difference, Arthur’s attack missed Coves (Palamidis) and was hit by the leopard warrior’s counterattack. The leopard man’s photon claws penetrated Arthur’s chest, killing the boy in one blow.

(how could it be possible…)

The scene changes again, and it is already the tomb of the warriors, in front of the huge duel field where the sword of the king is placed.

Arthur looked at his companions who fell to the ground and died one by one. He also broke an arm and a leg himself, and he no longer had the strength to fight.

The steel dragon guarding the holy sword ruthlessly stepped down, killing Arthur.

(Is this really possible?)

In the next nightmare, Arthur died in a duel with the celestial knight, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens. The blades penetrated each other’s hearts.

In the next scene, the “Emerald Whirlwind” of the Celestial Knight, Grand Duke Yones, involved Arthur, and the high-speed rotating axe chopped the boy’s whole body into pieces!

(How many times will I die…)

In the next scene, the Celestial Knight Hall strikes through Arthur’s abdomen. The teenager who was powerless to fight back fell to the ground and was crushed by the powerful gravity field created by the golden lion Wallace!

In the next scene, the Grand Duke of Palinlor and Arthur had a deadly hand-to-hand battle. Arthur couldn’t dodge and was smashed by Palinlore’s head!


In the next scene, Arthur is tied to the guillotine. Although Zephyr and Seglade ran with all their might to bring Arthur the Sword of the Holy King, it was still too late. The guillotine’s guillotine fell mercilessly, cutting off the boy’s head!

(A lot of nonsense!)

The scene changed again, and Arthur came to the core of the phantom crimson dragon, watching the battle between the crimson dragon and the world-destroying demon dragon Nidhogu.

However, Nidhogg struck through the chest of the crimson dragon, killing Arthur along with him!


Another scene, and something that happened recently. Arthur is in the crimson dragon, fighting with the king of the Holy Spirit, the steel **** dragon.

The Iron God Dragon used the [King’s Domain], and tens of thousands of floating lightsabers flew in the air, constantly attacking the Crimson Dragon!

The Phantom Crimson Dragon uses all his powers to block attacks with a fluent sword dance!

However, the Iron God Dragon has always been superior, and countless light blades pierced through the Crimson Dragon and exploded! Destroyed together with Arthur!

(really enough!!)

The King of Knights roared loudly.

All the nightmares finally stopped, gradually replaced by pure darkness.

Arthur looked around, surrounded by a group of figures.

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