Light Spirit Epic Chapter 616: Fighting on the Frontier (10)


Chapter 616: Fierce Battle at the Border (10)

Roble’s previous sword slash did not stop, instead, the blade turned and stabbed at Arthur’s chest! According to the momentum of the King of Knights, even if Roble’s abdomen is pierced, it can also penetrate through Arthur’s chest at the same time, and both sides will suffer!

And the orcs’ self-healing ability is far better than that of humans. Under the same injury, Roble still has a huge advantage! Moreover, his space transfer armor can still be used, what is a serious injury?

——This duel, Roble thought he was going to win!

Arthur is sneering! Roble didn’t even know that Arthur, who had the sheath of the king, had unparalleled self-healing ability! Even if it was a lose-lose situation, Arthur was still able to recover quickly and capture Roble!

And his sword of the holy king only needs to stab the opponent: once the king of knights let go, the photons of another world overflowing from the sword of the holy king will “stuck” the blade in place, even if Roble transfers the armor in time and space Can’t escape either! The Khajiit patriarch is destined to be Arthur’s captive!

Arthur wins this duel!


A white shadow rushed between the two at this moment, disrupting the battle!

Brush! Arthur’s sword pierced through someone’s abdomen fiercely!

Smack! Roble’s sword also pierced someone’s chest!

“Cough…” The figure spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What!?” Arthur was startled.

“Are you crazy?!” Roble also stopped. His tiger eyes widened, looking at his son Albert.

“I…” Albert (Bediveville) gasped in a low voice, his face pale as paper: “I can think of…that’s the only way. ……the way to get you to stop fighting…”

“No!!!!” Arthur screamed and let go of the hand holding the sword. He took out a spare weapon from his arms—–his dragon martial dagger, and swayed right around the tiger boy. , came to Roble: “Go away from me!”

His Longwu dagger came out in response, and the monstrous waves of fire swept through the tiger man patriarch. Despite the invincible protection of the time-space transfer armor, Roble was still frightened by the oncoming flames. Out of the creature’s natural fear of fire, he jumped back several yards and even gave up the long sword in his hand.

“Beddie, hold back, I’ll heal you right away——” Arthur carefully drew out the two swords from Albert’s abdomen and chest.

As soon as the two swords were pulled out, blood spurted out of the tiger boy’s wound with an astonishing momentum. According to this amount of blood loss, even an orc with a strong physique might not be able to last for a quarter of an hour.

Arthur didn’t think for a second, and immediately called from his Holy Spirit Crown.

A white light flies from the crown’s halo.

A bird flew out. The whole body of the bird is white, but the tips of its wings and tail feathers have a seven-color rainbow luster. Even in the real world, this creature is rare: it’s a bird of paradise.

Known as the Holy Hand of Healing, this magical bird can heal people’s hearts just by singing, and the photon dust shaken from its feathers can instantly heal wounds.

The holy bird of paradise has evolved the healing power to the extreme. It flew around Albert, and the seven-colored dust it used scatters on the tiger boy’s wound, so that the wound that should be spitting blood immediately converges and heals!

Even so, Al (Beddie) is still badly wounded, and there is no way to escape the danger of death.

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu00000” Albert (Bediveville) regained some strength, and a few mouthfuls of blood gushed from the corners of his mouth, “I did something very bad to Al… …”

“Don’t talk. I’ll heal you.” Arthur whispered. The king of knights should have scolded the tiger man boy for the bad things, but the curse words were stuck in Arthur’s throat and could not be said.

Bediver is such a fool. He would rather let himself suffer all the harm than let the people he knew get hurt.

One is Arthur and the other is Al’s father. No matter who wins or loses, it’s not what Bedivere wants to see.

(What the **** are you thinking? Soft-hearted idiot.)

(Can only a blind kindness save the world?)

Arthur tore his sleeves and quickly bandaged Albert’s (Bedevier) wound.

“So sleepy…” The tiger man’s eyes gradually closed.

“No! Wake up! Don’t die!!” Arthur exclaimed, doing CPR massage for the tiger man boy.

But Albert’s heart has stopped.

The king of knights stared at the cold corpse of the tiger man boy.

Albert’s body is dead? What will it be like? Will Bedivere’s consciousness in this body also die along with it? Or, has he returned to his body? ——

Arthur stood hesitantly and looked at his opponent Roble with ghostly eyes.

“He died. We killed him.——Are we going to fight?”

Arthur used up the last of the Holy Spirit today, and even the effects of the King’s Domain completely disappeared. This would have been a perfect match for Roble’s counterattack.

But he didn’t. Losing his son made Roble very uncomfortable.

He responded with an indifferent expression: “It’s a disappointment. I’ll let you go today, Knight King. We’ll fight to the death tomorrow.”

He ran at high speed and disappeared in a few Your Majesty? “Leon Dickens had finished suppressing the enemy at this time and returned to join Arthur.

Arthur was absent-minded and commanded mechanically: “Go and help Palinlore clean up the mess. Organize Prague’s troops and see if there are any survivors left in this dead city.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens saluted and quickly retreated.

“Is that kid dead?” Sha Xing also rushed back, looking at Albert’s body on the ground and sneering.

Arthur glared at the evil star: “Don’t mess with me, I’m in a bad mood. Depending on the situation, I may slash you.”

Sha Xing felt a chill down his spine: “It’s so fierce. I’m not joking. If it’s not my business, I’ll be——“

Where is Arthur willing to let the evil star go: “You go and light a fire and burn all the corpses on the battlefield. If so many corpses are used by the succubus, the consequences will be very serious.”

Xinghuilong could not help complaining: “This kind of dirty work——“

Arthur glared at the evil star again.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go.” The evil star flew away as if escaping, hovering in the air of this wilderness, constantly spitting out dragon flames on the ground, setting the corpses on fire.

Arthur sat quietly beside Albert’s body, watching the fire pillars rise into the sky under the night, illuminating the darkness under the evening wind.

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