Light Spirit Epic Chapter 614: Fighting on the Frontier (8)


Chapter 614: Fierce Battle at the Border (8)

At the same time, Roble, who was jumping up, was passing Arthur. His sword slashed with Arthur’s wings, and the metal fins attached to the wings shattered and shattered, slashing Roble’s right cheek like a sharp razor, creating a small line on the big cat’s face. Wound!

“Huh?!” The Holy Spirit Crown sees all of this in their eyes. When it exclaimed, Arthur had already landed.

“What’s the matter?” Arthur got up and folded his wings. He couldn’t use his wings to fly for the time being, and his odds against Roble were a little lower.

“Look at his face.” The Holy Spirit Crown suggested.

A small amount of blood gushed out of Roble’s face, moistening the hair and dyeing the white tiger stripes on the black tiger man’s face pink.

He was really hurt. He was obviously wearing invincible armor, but he was accidentally injured.

Is it because he’s not wearing a helmet…?

Arthur immediately squeezed a dragon fireball and threw it.

As soon as Roble landed, the blood scattered from his face fell almost at the same time as the tiger man. Arthur’s fireball swept across and hit Roble’s head, but it penetrated the blood drop in mid-air and Roble’s head, flying ten yards before it landed and exploded.

“Um…” Arthur was even more confused. Roble turned back into a phantom again, and even the blood spattered from his face was a phantom, and the fireball couldn’t burn it at all.

Apparently it has nothing to do with the helmet. The armor on Roble’s body creates some kind of force field or effect, which “phantomizes” a certain area around the tiger man’s body, nullifying all external attacks.

Seeing that Arthur’s fireball missed again, Roble grinned proudly: “I’ve already said it. I’m invincible.”

In this way, he is indeed invincible. On what principle does the strange armor on his body work?

“Well, it’s worth a try.” The Holy Spirit Crown muttered.


“It seems that he only releases the invincible state when he attacks you.” The Holy Spirit Crown analyzed, “that is to say——“

“Fighting back while he’s attacking might hurt him.” Arthur instantly understood the Holy Spirit Crown’s words, and he immediately fell into deep thought.

Synchronized counterattack is easy to say, but very difficult to do.

It’s like dealing with a gunshot.

If the trajectory of the shot is known in advance, it is very easy to dodge it;

However, depending on the timing to catch a bullet passing through this trajectory, the difficulty increases dozens of times.

The high-ranking knights of the Pantoracken are trained to use a lightsaber to block bouncing bullets, a skill Arthur can use to a great degree.

However, the speed of fire of the light projectile is not very fast. The fastest light bombs are only about one-sixtieth the speed of light. The knights can easily catch the Dao with the naked eye.

In exchange for counterattacking Roble’s slash, the situation is completely different.

Roble’s attack was fast and ruthless, and it was melee combat, giving Arthur almost no time to react.

It is still possible to avoid or block the opponent’s melee attack by predicting the trajectory of the attack by the mind-eye technique;

But you want to counterattack in the face of such a fierce offensive? How many lives are not enough.

Unless the timing of Roble’s shot can be accurately determined, otherwise——

“Although the time is early, there is no other choice. Use [that].” Holy Spirit Crown said.


“——[King’s Domain], activate.”

A ray of light rose from the Holy Spirit’s crown, forming a halo.

Sounds familiar.

During the final battle with the Holy Spirit Iron Dragon in the Pure Land of Avalon, Arthur observed everything inside the Crimson Dragon.

Of course he has seen this halo-like move.

After King Oser (Steel Heavenly Dragon) released this halo, he created a sword formation made of tens of thousands of lightsabers, causing the crimson dragon to fight hard.

——This should be some kind of “increase control ability” move?

“I know what you’re thinking, but no,” explained the Holy Crown. “[The King’s Realm] works differently from person to person. Simply put, it’s about [achieving a certain potential to the fullest]. system.

My potential (referring to King Oser’s spirituality) is embodied in controlling everything around me, and [King’s Domain] will magnify this potential, allowing me to better control my [Light Magic].

If it is you, I am afraid it is another effect, awakening some kind of potential that belongs to you. “

——As for what this potential is, only Arthur himself can comprehend it.

Arthur was puzzled. To rely on such an uncertain ability to fight.

But he didn’t have much time to worry, Roble’s was approaching step by step, drawing a sword. The King of Knights leaned back, and the opponent’s sword brushed past the tip of his nose!

“What’s the matter with your halo?” Roble asked while attacking wildly, “Do you want to play any tricks again?”

“Guess what?” Arthur dodged left and right, using his mind and eye technique to protect himself. Roble’s sword brushed across Arthur’s left shoulder, right arm, chest, and forehead, but it couldn’t touch the King of Knights.

Strange to say. Arthur felt suddenly clear-headed and refreshed.

Arthur could see every detail of Roble’s body movements.

The biceps of the tiger man’s right arm twitched, and he was about to attack.

As expected, Roble’s sword slashed diagonally and slashed towards Arthur’s left shoulder!

After dodging, Arthur noticed a slight twitch in Roble’s left leg.

The next step must be to step forward, and then take a vertical cut.

Guessed right again. Roble caught up with Arthur who was dodging, took a step, and slashed the long sword!

Arthur had already swung to the right The sword wind slashed from the chest of the King of Knights without causing any damage.

Roble charges with suspicion. Sweeping, straight stabbing, and backhand slashing, all of which were dodged by Arthur.

Arthur has seen through all the opponent’s attack routines!

No. Not [see through]. It was Arthur’s [intuition] that told Arthur everything.

He got cues from every slight movement of the opponent’s body, and combined these seemingly confusing and inconspicuous information to derive a result.

This is Arthur’s [potential], [Chaos Theory].

It is the same as the chaotic domain of the crimson dragon. It is also from the chaotic and disordered information ocean to derive an orderly and logical answer.

Ordinary people will call this ability to see through everything “for no reason” as “intuition”.

But even experienced warriors don’t know how to use it, and they often rely on luck to occasionally save their own lives;

Magicians will name this technique of obtaining heralds from the information ocean of photons as [True Seeing], but few magicians can learn it because it is too inscrutable;

The effect of this kind of ability that everyone ignores and cannot reach is very simple – simple but extremely powerful:

It can see through the future.

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