Light Spirit Epic Chapter 612: Fighting on the Frontier (6)


Chapter 612: Fierce Battle at the Border (6)

Come back and talk about Arthur’s side.

On the battlefield in Prague, an orc in black armor appeared before the king of knights.

Of course, it was Roble, the patriarch of the Fierce Fang and the leader of the tiger people.

Albert’s father.

Albert (Bediveville) looked at that person from a distance, and with an extremely complicated mood, hid behind the Grand Duke of Palinlor.

But he knew it was futile. In the upper wind here, his scent has long been detected by Roble, who has a keen sense of smell.

Although I vaguely anticipated this possibility before coming here, but actually meeting this Roble on the battlefield still made Albert (Bediveville) in an extremely embarrassing situation.

Patriarch Roble had already walked twenty yards in front of Arthur, and chatted with ease: “Hehe, isn’t this the famous King Arthur?”

“Oh? Do you know me?” Arthur responded calmly with a deliberately poker face.

During the last hostage exchange, Arthur had a relationship with the Roble Patriarch.

However, at that time, Arthur’s opponent was Corvez (now Palamides), and Roble was fighting against other Heavenly Knights, and they didn’t know each other’s details.

“Of course I do.” Roble grinned again, “Your Majesty, you defeated four Celestial Knights with one person, and finally took the throne of Pantoracken. Your heroic deeds, even in the Underdark. It is also widely spread in the backcountry!”

“Overwhelmed. It was just a fluke.” Arthur was on guard.

The orcs must have inquired a lot about Arthur from the Radiance Territory. After all, Arthur’s decisive battle against the four heavenly knights, and his enthronement as king under the brilliance of the holy sword, has recently become a buzz in Europe.

Roble probably already knew most of Arthur’s abilities and combat skills, but Arthur didn’t know anything about Roble, and this battle might be unfavorable.

Nevertheless, Arthur gains a lot of new powers, enough to startle the opponent.

Before fighting, however, something else must be tried. Arthur did not give up his plan to make peace with the other party.

To bring peace to the world — that’s the promise he made with Bedivere. No matter how difficult the current conditions are, if you don’t try it, you seem to be ashamed of Bedi.

The King of Knights thought about it and said:

“Lord Roble Clan, please withdraw your troops. It is pointless to fight like this, it will only increase casualties. Humans and orcs can coexist peacefully, so there is no need to fight.”

“Ahahahahahahahahaha!” The black tiger laughed out loud as if he had heard a very funny joke, “Your Majesty is really joking! There’s no need to fight?! When you activate the Holy Spirit to destroy my army of 300,000 After that, did you come and tell me such nonsense?”

“It was a last resort. It was you who attacked first.” Facing Roble’s accusation, Arthur remained calm, not even moving a muscle on his forehead, “How many people have you killed in Prague? coming?”

“Fifty thousand people.” Palinlor, who was not far behind Arthur, replied loudly regardless of his injury: “The defenders of Prague, including the seven thousand three hundred and sixty-two of my Eastern Knights, Twenty-five thousand seven hundred and thirty German sergeants, plus other sporadic support troops, totaled fifty-seven thousand three hundred and eighty-one.

These more than 50,000 lives were all sacrificed to protect human territory.

Their deaths are on you, damned beasts! “

In the face of Palinlor’s accusation of vomiting blood, Roble just shrugged contemptuously and said nothing.

“So many people have died, is that enough?” Arthur continued to persuade, “Let’s end this peacefully, let the dead rest in peace, and may their blood not be shed in vain.”

Of course Roble refused: “Hmph, you want to run away after taking advantage? King Arthur, you think so beautifully.”

“I didn’t take any advantage from you orcs. On the contrary, it will not benefit everyone if you continue to fight like this. The war will cost the people and money, only destroying but not building is the cancer of the times. We are all civilized people, so don’t use such savage methods anymore. The dispute is settled, let’s sit down and have a good talk.”

“Forgiveness is hard to obey.” Roble still refused to listen, he pulled out a weapon from his waist, a pitch-black long sword.

“Because so many compatriots have died, I must continue to fight. Only in this way, the blood of the dead compatriots will not be shed in vain, and everything will have meaning.”

“It doesn’t make any sense at all!” Arthur also drew out the sword of the Holy King, “Even if you can flatten Europe, what you will get will be a land destroyed by war and desolate. This is not the same as the darkness you live in. Geography is no different!”

“Yes! Of course there is!” The opponent raised his sword and retorted, “Without you humans, we orcs can live freely in Europe! Even though the first days were very poor, we have the sun! We have the sun! , you can grow crops and live a full life!

——In this land that was exchanged for blood, we can live happily! “

“Do you build your own happiness on the bones of others?” Arthur sneered and satirized the other party’s selfishness, but he didn’t blame him too much, instead he changed the topic:

“But it still won’t work. What if humans die? There are also dragons, giants, trolls, elves, sirens, succubuses — tens of thousands of enemies competing for your territory.

Fighting with humans to the end, the Hungarians will be devastated and unable to fight against these species that are much more advanced than you.

Once human beings become extinct, once the balance of the world is broken, you orcs will be the next race to perish! “

Arthur spewed out a long burst of truth, and even he couldn’t believe it was coming out of his mouth.

“Consider the pros and cons!”

His words are full of arguments (wrongs) that make one have to be convinced.

“What you have exchanged with great sacrifices is not happiness, but emptiness and despair!”

King Orser once said that those who have the crown of the Holy Spirit [speak righteously and do righteousness]—everything he says will become truth, and everything he does will be recognized.

“Wake up! Don’t dig your own grave!”

Is this the power of the Holy Spirit’s crown?

Roble paused. The other party had such a powerful debate ability, which the tiger patriarch did not expect.

“No.” But he is a stubborn guy, and he can’t be fooled by a few This kind of trivial matter will be considered after the extinction of human beings.

The woman promised that the legacy of these ancients would be enough to dominate the world. We will never lose. “

“Don’t make yourself the enemy of the world, Roble!” Arthur shouted.

“If this is the only way for my compatriots to be happy, I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world!” The tiger patriarch rushed up with his sword, “Stop talking nonsense! King Arthur, die!”

Arthur sighed. This guy Roble has gone mad – addicted to the power he has, his mind has become paranoid.

Either way. The King of Knights did not expect a smooth resolution of this matter.

A few words can quell a war. This kind of vulgar plot can only appear in those third-rate novels.

In the real world, there are very few people who are willing to listen attentively;

And those who insist on their own opinions and can’t listen to others’ words, unfortunately, are all over the world.

It is precisely because people do not understand each other that discrimination and disputes arise.

It is the differences and incongruities in the thoughts and actions of each individual creature, group, and nation that cause the distortion of the world.

Arthur caught a glimpse of this world [darkness] for a split second, but he didn’t have time to think about it, Roble’s blade was approaching!

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