Light Spirit Epic Chapter 605: The twists and turns in the return (8)


Chapter 605: Twists and turns in the return (eight)

At the same time(?), Brindisi, in Archmage Merlin’s makeshift laboratory.

Merlin was so busy that he was fiddling with a lot of complicated scientific instruments with the help of Lian Yin, constantly assembling the spare body of the dragon man golem Bols.

Boers’ head was placed on a pedestal beside him, and thousands of wires of different colors and sizes were connected. These sophisticated instruments work non-stop, linking the electronic minds of the dragon man golems to a giant server. This server plays the role of power supply and data storage, and is the only basis for maintaining Bolls’ consciousness and preventing the “soul” in the electronic mind from disappearing.

Hearing that Merlin was also in Brindisi, Arthur hurriedly arrived with Bedy Welshine.

The King of Knights slammed the door open and shouted: “Merlin! I’m looking for you everywhere!”

“Arthur?” Merlin glanced at the King of Knights, but his face was full of indifference and exhaustion. “Are you ready to go?” he replied lightly, and immediately turned his head to continue his delicate electronic work.

Merlin thought that Evan had informed Arthur, and thought that Arthur was going to Turkic to join with Palamidis and others to prepare for the attack on the Wall of the World.

Who knows, Arthur is going to Prague.

“Yes, we’re going to leave soon.” The King of Knights’s answer was unexpectedly correct, and such a major misunderstanding was fooled in one sentence.

Merlin was still busy, so he didn’t delve into Arthur’s answer. He just grunted, “Very well, I wish you luck. I’ll be here soon after I finish my work here.”

Arthur resents Merlin’s indifference, but he knows there must be a reason for Merlin’s indifference.

“This is ——?” Arthur looked at Boles’ head.

The once majestic dragon man golem seems to have been damaged by some kind of strong explosion, and now there is only one dragon head left. The metal faucet was covered in charred black and seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

If the machine has the concept of death, this is probably the state of dying.

“…Babe?” A faint voice came from the machine.

That’s Papaloff’s voice.

The last soul (consciousness) of Papalov, the polar bear, residing in the electronic mind of the dragon man golem Bors, woke up because he sensed the presence of his younger brother Bedivere.

—–I want to see my brother one last time before my consciousness completely dissipates.

The tiger-man boy beside Arthur is the consciousness of Bedivere.

Albert (Beddieville) leaned over curiously: “Why do you know my nickname…”

“Babe… I’m sorry——” Papalov’s voice became smaller and smaller, and he could hardly hear him: “Brother… I can’t accompany you in the future. . …you need to take care of yourself—-it’s nice to see you at last…”

Watching Papalov’s soul (consciousness) completely dissipate, Bedivere should have burst into tears and was heartbroken.

However, the tiger boy replied with a confused (calm) face: “Who are you? Do I know you?”

An unintentional answer, but extremely cruel.

A flash of despair flashed in the golem’s eyes. Then, the light in it completely disappeared, and even the last bit of [Papalov’s] consciousness disappeared into the void together, and no longer exists.

Arthur glared at the tiger boy in amazement. He understood everything.

The impact of the death of the Holy White Wolf on Bedivere is finally revealed.

Bediver forgets his brother Papalov completely. This older brother completely disappeared from Bedi’s memory.

This is the price of the death of the Holy Spirit.

When a person dies, others can still mourn him in memory.

If the memory also dies, the person’s past becomes nothing, erased from history forever.

There is no memory, not even a mourning.

To be forgotten forever is to never live.

Live, for the moment to be forgotten.

——That is, how unbearable.

“Ah, Arthur?” The tiger man looked at the king of knights curiously, “What’s wrong with you? Your face is really scary, did I say something wrong?”

“No. It’s nothing, don’t mind.” Arthur tried his best to hide the guilt on his face. “Merlin, do you remember the last time I brought you a note from Tobey? The equipment I entrusted you with- —–“

Merlin was still busy, so he only answered lightly: “Well, it’s done, Lian Yin?”

“Follow me.” Lian Yin put down her work and led Arthur to another room in the laboratory.

In a small storage room, the Petimo girl opened a box.

The contents of the box are a backpack. A metal backpack that reflects silver light. It appears to be some sort of auxiliary device, but its size is so small that its performance is questioned.

“Well, that doesn’t seem like what I’m asking for?” Arthur frowned.

“It is made of memory alloy.” Lian Yin explained, “Put it on your back, spread your wings, and it will deform and overlap with your wings.”

“Oh, so high-tech.” Arthur took the backpack and put it on his back.

“It’s mind-controlled and requires no explanation. As long as you flap your wings, it generates extra propulsion in the direction of the airfoil.”

“Understood, thank you.” Arthur turned to leave.

“That, Mr. Arthur?” Lian Yin called out to the King of Knights.

“What’s wrong?”

“Please take care of Bedi, please.” Lian Yin’s words were full of affection.

“I don’t need to remind you, I plan to do that too.” The King of Knights smiled lightly.

He has long regarded Bedivere as a family member. Brady has lost an older brother, and Arthur intends to personally make up for the loss of Brady. He took this as an atonement.

In the research room, Elaine was staring at Albert (Bediver) with vicious eyes, staring at the tiger man boy’s heart.

He casually looks at a sword beside him.

“That’s your tiger friend’s saber, bring it with you.” Merlin noticed Al (Beddy)’s gaze, and immediately laughed softly, “A very dangerous ancient weapon that can actually cut through space. Be careful when using it.”

Albert (Bedivere) put away the magic slashing sword Tyrphon: “Cut the space?”

Merlin kept his hands and mouths: “Its blade has a terrible enchantment, which can separate the space inside the object the moment it touches it.

It can sever the subspace and separate molecular structures. In fact, there is no object in the world that it cannot sever. Be careful not to misuse it. “

Albert (Bedivere) carefully sheathed the sword, “It won’t be abused. It’s not killing people. I’m just protecting Ya——“

“Yes for protection.” At this time, Elaine finally interjected, “I can’t even protect my own brother, how can I protect others.”

Confused by this unreasonable complaint, Albert (Bediver) turned his head to look at the dragon man boy in astonishment: “I, Elaine?”

Not only has her appearance changed, but her usual honest attitude has also changed a lot. Albert (Bediveville) had earlier recognized Elaine from the voice and smell of the Dragon Boy, but now, he couldn’t be sure.

“No, don’t talk to me. I’m begging, I hate you!” The dragon man huddled in the corner with a look of fear, but he kept scolding: “You unconscionable guy! Just disappear from Mr. Boles’ memory forever. We don’t want to see you again.”

Albert (Bediveville) was stunned for a long time, he had no idea what he was saying wrong and would make Elaine angry – he could never figure it out.

And Elaine’s unintentional curse will become a reality in a few days.

Everyone will forget the existence of [Bedivere].

Everything he has will be completely lost and reduced to nothingness.

He will linger forever in loneliness until the fateful day.

The [price] he paid to change his destiny will be extremely heavy.

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