Light Spirit Epic Chapter 601: The twists and turns in the return (4)


Chapter 601 The twists and turns in the return (four)

Arthur retracted his shield and looked around.

This is right outside Brindisi’s castle. The battle had just ended, and the scene was full of corpses, blood-stained in yellow sand.

The Roman soldiers were busy trying to clear the battlefield before night fell completely.

“It’s so tragic.” Arthur fell from the dragon’s back and walked towards the castle.

“This is not the most tragic battlefield.” Leon Dickens also followed, “The battlefield between Germanic and the Arctic Ocean was also fierce. Ewings said before, [The sea is full of floating corpses and the smell of corpses. Smoked fish].——-You should go and see this scene, Your Majesty.”

Arthur showed a look of indifference: “I’ll talk about it when I have time. Shaxing? Why don’t you go back?”

“Do you have an opinion when I follow, [Your Majesty]?” Sha Xing replied, saying the word [Your Majesty] in a mocking tone.

Dragon is so annoying, so selfish and arrogant. But Arthur didn’t take his anger on Jin Twinkle. The friendship between Shaxing and Arthur was so deep that an occasional bickering was not a big deal.

On the contrary, the evil star deliberately stayed, there must be some hidden secret.

“Whatever you want.” Arthur guessed the dragon’s plot, which was mostly related to the [she] that the dragon said.

The King of Knights deliberately didn’t ask questions, so that the evil star could not bear his temper and let everything out.

At that time, it is the evil star who has begged Arthur, and Arthur can bargain all over the sky.

After the baptism of Avalon and his party, Arthur has become more cunning (tricky).

“What’s going on here?” Seeing Arthur and his party suddenly appear on the battlefield, the Roman general Celnas rushed over to check what happened. Because the battle had just ended, he was still taken aback.

“We were just passing by.” Arthur sneered.

“What? You—-” The sword on Sernas waist was about to be unsheathed.

“Bold pariah!” Leon Dickens shouted loudly, “Seeing that the king of Pantoracken not only didn’t kneel to salute, he actually wanted to draw his sword?!”

“Ah!” Only then did Cernas recognize that the speaker was Leon Digens, the Celestial Knight, so this young man wearing a crown, black dragon armor, and the sword of the Holy King on his waist must be the The legendary King Arthur!

Cernas hurriedly knelt down: “Damn the villain, I didn’t recognize the famous King Arthur right away!”

The busy soldiers around heard Leon Digens shouting, and then saw the attitude of Cernas, knowing that he was a big man, and hurriedly knelt down to worship.

“Get up. Get busy with your own work.” Arthur replied coldly. There is no special intimacy, and no domineering majesty.

The soldiers all dispersed after the salute. They still had a lot of work to do, and they couldn’t care less.

Cernas did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly asked: “His Majesty King Arthur, you came to Brindisi this time because——”

“Looking for someone. It’s urgent. Um, you’re —–?”

“Next is the Roman general Cernas.” The general replied.

“General Selnas,” Arthur tried to describe Bedivere’s appearance, “that was a thirteen-year-old orc boy, with silver-white hair, short stature, and blue eyes. He should be here with the troops. Nearby ——“

Arthur describes the werewolf boy Bedivere. There was another similar image in Cernas’ mind—the tiger-man boy Albert. He cared so much about the tiger man that he took Arthur’s description and put it on Al without hesitation.

However, the numbers were mistakenly matched.

It is indeed Bedivere who controls Albert’s body now. (The two exchanged their bodies with soul-changing stones.)

“That kid?” Cernas looked embarrassed, “It’s a little troublesome to see him now.”

Perhaps Albert (Bediveville) has eaten a poisonous meal and died from the poison.

King Arthur’s attitude is so concerned, is that kid an important person to the king?

Let King Arthur learn of the tiger boy’s death, and things start to escalate.

Cernas was still thinking about how to get out of the way, but Arthur said impatiently: “Don’t go around in circles. Take me to see him now. This matter is urgent, I don’t have time to spend with you!”

Cernas frowned. I didn’t expect King Arthur’s attitude to be so tough. This time, a catastrophe is imminent, and there is no way to avoid it!

“Okay. This way, please, Your Majesty.” Selnas secretly sweated, biting his head and leading the way to King Arthur.

At the same time, in Brindisi’s dungeon.

The soldier brings another plate of food. In addition to bread and oatmeal, an extra chicken leg was given.

The poison is hidden in the drumstick. This time, it was foolproof, not afraid of the food spilling on the ground and revealing the filling, but also a perfect battle to ensure that Albert eats it.

“Wow, so rich. Thank you!” Albert (Bediveville) took the plate of food, sat down on the floor, and began to eat.

Cador frowned. The soldiers delivering meals today are so strange. Delivered meals three times in a row, what a thoughtful and thoughtful service.

He saw that Albert had eaten a few bites of bread and seemed to be fine, so he relaxed a little.

(Am I over-hearted?)

At the same time, in a military camp outside Brindisi.

“Then, I’ll go back to the lab first.” Merlin said.

“Don’t you eat something to replenish your stamina first?” Evan looked at Merlin’s pale paper face worriedly.

In fact, Merlin’s face was originally that white.

“It’s okay to eat.” Merlin turned to look at Elaine beside him. The dragon man looked at Merlin with almost pleading eyes, and didn’t stop for a moment.

With such expectations from a child, how could Merlin leave his job and eat with peace of mind?

“I’ll go to the lab and fix Bols right away, okay?” Merlin sighed. “You stay here and eat and wait, kid.”

Elaine shook her head, insisting on following Merlin to the laboratory.

“Okay, just follow.” Merlin took a long loaf of French bread from the table. “Eat this in the lab to satisfy your hunger. Don’t faint.”

“Yeah.” The dragon man nodded.

“Then,” the archmage said to Evan again, “I have to go to work, you are responsible for reporting the matter to Arthur. Don’t forget it.”

“Understood.” Before Evan could finish speaking, Merlin had teleported away with Elaine.

“Then,” Jaglowy, who had finished his meal in an instant, stood up, “Me and Pasiva should also go. Father’s battle in Prague is urgent, and we have to go to support.”

“Go. Take care.” Evan nodded, “Thank you for your help along the way.”

The two day people walked out of the camp, went to find their iron cavalry, and were about to leave.

“Then,” the Grand Duke Hall turned to the half-dragon boy, “What military situation do you want to report to me?”

“Well, let me think about it——” Evan organized the language, thinking about where to start to describe the details of the He was thirsty when he moved his brain and throat, and subconsciously took Pick up a glass of juice and drink it up.

“Uh, it’s weird—-” He was about to report the military intelligence to Hall, but he began to feel dizzy, and the whole world was spinning.

“Huh? How did you drink my wine?!” Hall shouted.

It was only at this time that Evan could clearly see the glass of “juice” in his hand. That’s not juice at all, but a glass of wine!

“Oh, bad—-” Evan, who had zero alcohol, slammed down on the table and fell asleep at a god-like speed.

“Hey, boy!” Hall was startled by Evan’s [instant drunkenness] magic, and shook Evan, “Don’t sleep yet! Wake up! Don’t you have something urgent to report to me? ?!”

Too late. Evan, who was so drunk, fell asleep, unable to wake up at all.

After shaking Ivan for a few minutes, there was still no result. Hall finally gave up, “Forget it, report it to me when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Well,” Evan wanted to say something else, but as soon as he opened his throat, a torrent came out: “Uh uh uh uh uh.”

“Oh!” Hall’s appetite disappeared completely. He hurriedly went out and ordered the knights waiting outside the tent: “Help him clean up. I’ll go back to the city for a walk.”

“Yes, Lord Captain.” The knights ran into the tent to clean up the mess.

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