Light Spirit Epic Chapter 583: Due to Tianyuan (11)


Chapter 583: Duel against Yu Tianyuan (11)

Beneath thin, quaint overalls is an unbelievably old man. There are tens of thousands of wrinkles on his face, which look more exaggerated than the annual rings of a thousand-year-old tree.

“Oh heh heh, what a rare visitor.” The old man laughed dryly in a low, hoarse voice.

[Old monster] is the perfect term to describe this old man—he is as old as a monster and looks like a monster.

The sound of hitting the ground just now was not a weapon, but a staff in the old man’s hand. The hunchbacked figure was barely able to fall to the ground under the support of this metal cane.

God knows how old he is. It’s a miracle that he can still move around like this!

“The big cat and the little girl over there, how did you come to this [link]?” the old man asked again.

After taking dozens of seconds to be surprised, and even longer to look at the old man, Vivian exclaimed as soon as she opened her mouth: “My God! Earl Demian D. Conville, [ Lord of Chaos]! You are still alive!”

“Huh? There are still people who know me in this era?” There was a hint of surprise on the old man’s face. In fact, the wrinkles on the old man’s face covered most of his expressions, and it was not easy to reveal this vague surprise.

“Of course I know you. Your portrait is still hanging in my old castle.” Vivian replied in a low voice, “I’m your great-great-great-granddaughter, Vivian Conwell.”

“Oh, right?” The old man was stunned for a while, looking at Vivienne, “By the way, you are indeed somewhat similar to Nivi.”

“That’s my grandmother,” Vivian snapped, “Demian great-great-great-grandfather, do you know it’s the fifth century? If you’re alive, do you know how old you are? ?!”

“Um…” The old man thought and thought, he was getting a little confused, “Probably, ten thousand years old?”

“Twenty thousand!” Vivian yelled.

“…Oh, so I’m so old. Hehehehe——“

Palamidis tugged at Vivian’s shirt and said, “How long can a succubus live?…how old is that?”

“Convert to the life expectancy of your orcs. Your orcs can live about five hundred years, and he has lived for three thousand years; human beings can live for a maximum of one hundred and fifty years, and he lives six times that.”

“Oh.” Palamidis then reacted. A leopard man who can live for five hundred years is already too old, and this old man is six times the lifespan of the oldest old man he has ever seen.

No wonder Vivian was so surprised. Demian’s lifespan has completely surpassed the limits of his species.

Surprise return surprise, what should be asked is still to be asked. Vivian picked up her mood and asked bluntly, “Great-great-great-grandfather, why are you here? Where is this place?”

“Here? Well, where is this place?…” The old man began to ponder, and the severe Alzheimer’s made him think for a long time.

Vivian became impatient: “Change the question. What do you do every day?”

The old man’s eyes immediately became smart: “Oh, yes, yes. I’m here every day, trimming machines and creating new things. You know.”

“Every day?”

“Yes, how happy.” The old man talked about the things he was interested in, his eyes glowing, and the more he said, the more excited he said: “The foxes brought me all the materials I needed, I just need to assemble the things. Get up. You know, it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When you’re done, it’s a bunch of shiny artifacts, how beautiful——“

Palamedis was angry: “Damn it! He is making artifacts for the foxes! No wonder the foxes have so many weapons against the sky!”

Vivian motioned for her husband not to interrupt. She frowned and asked, “Great-great-great-grandfather, who ordered you to do this? Who brought you to such a place?”

“Who?” The old man’s eyes became hazy again, “Well, who, I can’t remember——she is——”

“Her name is Morgoth, right?” Vivian asked inducingly.

“Well…it seems right, but it doesn’t seem right. What’s the matter?”

“Morgan, Morgan Le Fay.” Vivian said another name.

A ray of light flashed in the old man’s eyes: “Yes, yes, it’s called Morgan! The little girl said that as long as I stay here, her servants will send me research materials. I want to do Anything, she will satisfy me. It’s so nice here, what I want, it’s just that the lighting is not enough——“

Vivian and Palamides look at each other: a mystery solved. Morgan colluded with the fox people, and she used Demian, the lord of chaos, to create (reproduce) a large number of ancient artifacts.

The foxes, and even the Hungarians, can so arrogantly declare war on mankind, precisely because they have strong technical support behind them.

“Morgan, after I find her, I’m going to make her look good,” Palamedis said through gritted teeth.

“Forget it, you can’t beat Morgan.” Vivian poured a plate of cold water on the big cat’s head.

“Great-great-great-grandfather, do you know about the [Crimson Plague]?” Vivian decided it was important to get down to business.

“[Crimson Plague]?…Oh, you mean [Self Destruction Factor], right? When foxes used goblins to do experiments, they often killed the goblins, they didn’t know [Self Destruction Factor] ], I kindly told them.”

“And you just watch them experiment on children without stopping?!”

“Well, why stop it?” The old man smiled sinisterly, “It’s also good to experiment with living things. I’ve even done it myself and modified a few.”

The big cat was instantly furious and grabbed the old man: “What did you say?! You **** old monster!”

“Stop it, Palamy!” Vivian stopped. “It won’t help you to tell him such a thing. Put him down.”

“!!” The Leopard Man thought about the matter of his two sons, and the resentment in his heart had nowhere to vent.

“Demian has no sense of good or evil, and for him, it’s all just a [study]. Right, great-great-great-grandfather?”

“Hehehe, maybe.” The old man continued to sneer, “I am a succubus, and I am not of the same race as you orcs. Why do you have to pity you bunch of furballs?”

The big cat gritted his teeth in hatred.

To the Chaos Lord, the orcs like Palamedis are but lumps of flesh.

Demian didn’t feel any sin even if he cut up the clumps for research.

The old man didn’t see the orcs as [people] at all.

Orcs are only created by the ancient gods, [Gene Soldiers].

It’s just a prop!

Not a bit different from the many golem limbs lying across this huge room.

The reality is very annoying. But it’s all true.

At least, the old man didn’t torture those orc children just because he liked it. The culprits were the foxes, not Demian.

Venting your anger on a demented old man who doesn’t even know the difference between good and evil doesn’t help at all.

“Damn it!” Palamedis threw the old man down and slammed the ground hard to vent his displeasure.

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