Light Spirit Epic Chapter 565: Fighting in the Dark Abyss (8)


Chapter 565: Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (8)

At this moment, the control unit in Argus’s hand struggled again, and began to mutter an electronic sound that no one could understand.

“No damage yet?” Palamides raised his weapon to make up for it.

Vivian immediately stopped him: “Don’t do it! I destroyed its body control center, it won’t move anymore. Keep it, maybe I can get useful information from it!”

Argus looked lost, and shoved the little golem into Palamidis’s hand: “It’s all yours.”

Seeing Argus wandering forward, Palamidis couldn’t help asking: “Where are you going?”

“Leave me alone, I want to be alone, so that I can think about my next move. I will wait for you at the exit of the ruins.” After speaking, Argus disappeared into the dark corridor of the ruins.

“…It’s not just you who should be lost.” Palamidis looked gloomy, his intact hand was clenched tightly, and he almost wanted to rush up to hit someone. His two children were also infected by the plague, and their lives and deaths are still unpredictable, and the “panacea” mentioned by Argus turned out to be just a false legend.

All hope vanished in an instant, and anyone would feel frustrated and angry.

“Don’t do this, there is still hope.” Vivian patted her husband’s shoulder lightly, “Here is the database of ancient gods, their technology is so advanced, maybe there is a cure for the scarlet plague long ago. A special medicine.”

“Yes, we just need to dig it out from these hundreds of trillions of trillions of data. It’s too simple.” The Leopard Man sarcastically said.

Without saying a word, Vivienne slapped the cat in the face: “Cheer up for me! Don’t give up hope easily!”

“…Okay.” The Leopard Warrior sighed.

He knew it was an impossible task, but he still tried to do it with energy. Maybe there really is a way to save Zephyr and Seglade, so I can only hope so.

At the same time, in [Mirror World], the Romani tribe’s territory (?).

It was late at night when Ryder the Rabbit woke up. He found himself cuddled by the murloc prince, sleeping in a tent.

“Let go… let me go!” Ryder struggled to no avail. Tristan hugged him tightly, as if he completely treated the rabbit as a teddy bear (rabbit).

“Hehe, little white rabbit, fluffy…” Tristan was talking in his sleep, unable to wake up.

“Damn.” Ryder sighed helplessly and gave up his struggle.

He looked around, and through the weak cold light of the magic light ball, he saw Evan and the others who were sleeping in the tent together.

Evan is dozing off wrapped in a blanket, exhausted from days of fighting, and is now sound asleep like a muddy mess.

Constantine and Elaine, wrapped in a blanket, snuggled together in the corner of the tent. The polar bear snored in a deep, rhythmic sound that sounded as if it was shaking;

Merlin was sitting cross-legged in a corner of the tent with a wand and a blanket, as if sleeping and contemplating;

Lianyin seems to be sleeping in another tent, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Finally, Ryder set his eyes on Bedivere, only to realize that the werewolf boy lying on his side was not sleeping at all, and was looking at Ryder with the same curious eyes.

“Er…Beddie? Come and help me, please?” Ryder asked for help from Bedivere, unaware that this “Beddie” was actually Albert.

Bedivere (Albert) hesitated, “Waking up that prince will be very troublesome. Just be patient.”

Ryder rolled her eyes at Brady: “Be patient… how long?”

Bedivere was helpless: “They were just too tired to travel and had to rest for a while. They will wake up soon. When you were knocked out, he kept walking behind your back, and he was the most tired.” You can accommodate him.”

Ryder’s eyes began to change as he watched Bedyville: “Beddie never turns down a friend request. You’re not Bedy, who are you?”

Recognized again. Albert was shocked. Bedivere’s friends knew him so well that it was almost impossible to get away with it. The more in-depth contact, the easier it is to leak stuffing.

——The more you will make your situation more embarrassing.

“Oh, you’re the white tiger kid that Beedy mentioned.” Before Al Abbott could explain, Ryder came to a conclusion, “It’s amazing to bring Beedy’s body to the scene.” Here it is. Did you exchange souls? How?”

Bedivere (Albert) was speechless by the barrage of questions from the other party, and turned around quickly, avoiding the rabbit’s gaze: “Anyway…for some reason. , I swapped bodies with Brady, that’s all.”

In fact, the body has not changed at all.

Al and Bedi are just “remote control” of each other’s bodies, and Albert is still in Brindisi in Rome at the moment.

…… but controlled Bedivere and brought the Werewolf boy’s body into a dangerous situation like the Underdark.

This makes Albert feel a little guilty.

If you don’t complete this task, this guilt will never be eliminated, and it will only increase with time.

This kind of guilt was also the main reason why he didn’t dare to face Ryder and couldn’t tell the truth.

“It’s fine if you don’t say it.” Ryder vaguely guessed Albert’s thoughts, “However, I advise you to take good care of Brady’s body and don’t hurt it. Brady put his body in order to help you. Lend it to you, please don’t let him down.”

(I know.)

(Why is everyone talking to me about this. It’s annoying.)

“So…” Ryder continued, “Will Brady know what I’m telling you now?”

“As long as I don’t tell him, he probably won’t know.” Bedivere (Albert) replied.

“Very well, I have something to say to him, but I haven’t had the courage to say it. You just lie down like this and ignore everything I have to say.”

(Since you want to say, just tell him directly!)

(If he can’t hear, what’s the use of saying it?)

Bedevier (Albert) is still wondering, Ryder has been muttering incessantly.

Rabbit speaks the language of a gypsy (rabbit man), with a very low voice and very fast speed, which Al can barely understand. It is full of words of apology: “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry”, “It’s all my fault”, “I don’t expect your forgiveness, but——“

“I just hope that one day, we can be friends again.” The last sentence Al understood.

(“One day”, but “not now”. What was he thinking?)

Al can hear Ryder sobbing softly. Rabbit is not so much apologizing as it is repenting.

The affair between Ryder and Bedivere, Albert actually heard Beddie mention — when the Werewolf boy told about his adventures.

Of course, most of it has been glorified by Bedivere. The truth is probably even uglier.

Not only did Ryder want to kill Bedivere, he also wanted to kill all of Bedive’s clan.

Now I can’t see how this rabbit is such a cruel and ruthless character. A rabbit is just a rabbit, a fluffy ball of white fur.

Bewildered, Bedivere (Albert) fell asleep as Ryder murmured gradually surrounded by distress.

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