Light Spirit Epic Chapter 560: Fighting in the Dark Abyss (3)


Chapter 560: Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (3)

At the same time, the Turkic Marsh, [unnamed ruins].

[Guardian] made a low and strange cry, the sound was like a sharp object scraping glass, and it was harsh and uncomfortable.

The people present had to endure the unpleasant sound while walking cautiously.

The guardian’s speed is very fast, and the black crystal on his body floats on the battlefield, flying everywhere under the control of electromagnetic force, like a crystal rain. They were as sharp as razors, and if the patriarch Tut was a little careless, a large gap was immediately cut off in his left arm.

“Ooooooooooooooo!” The guardian’s cry turned heavy, and it gathered crystals to form an arm, and the several tons of black crystals immediately smashed the injured and stiff Elephant Man!

Tut was about to be smashed into meat sauce by a huge crystal fist, and he planned to use madness to save himself.

But Vivienne has quickly flashed to the elephant man, forming a wall of hair with her long black hair as smooth as water.

Touch! The black crystal slammed hard against the wall. Tut thought that the wall was about to crack. How hard could a wall made of hair be?

But he guessed wrong. The first blow of the punch dented the wall deeply, but Vivian’s hair was soft, smooth and bouncy.

These extremely tough hair absorbs the moment of the first impact, dispersing and weakening the impact just like the surface of the water. The surface of each hair is as smooth as a mirror, the impact force does not really touch the hair fibers, but changes the direction of the impact and slides past!

The hair wall was hit and deformed, and the next second after it rebounded, the guardian’s fist was completely unloaded and flew out diagonally upwards!

“Be careful! It has high voltage electricity, don’t touch it hard!” Vivienne put away her hair, her hair was not damaged at all under the impact, it was still silky smooth, with the wind fluttering.

“Lord Goddess——” Tut exclaimed from the bottom of his heart.

The guardian who was blocked by the next blow still did not give up, raised his other arm and slapped it down. The black crystals spread out to form a huge crystal community, which fell like raindrops under the control of the electromagnetic field.

Palamides rudely rammed Tut away and charged forward with his two-photon claws.

His photon claws spread out, forming a huge attack range. Eight purple light arcs danced in the air, sending the crystal rains flying one by one. Vivian also wielded nine light blades and sat in formation. The husband and wife cooperated seamlessly, making up for each other’s blind spots in each other’s actions, and easily blocked the dense raindrops of attacks.

“Enough, get out of the way!” Tut yelled. He saw the gap where the Guardian’s round of attacks had ended, and he had already raised his spear and rushed over.

Palamidis and Vivian leaned slightly to let the Elephant Man rush past them. At the same time, their hands were not idle, and they continued to wave their weapons to block the attack from the wings.

Seeing the sky in the middle, Tut stabbed a shot. The Meteor Gun Eternal Neil roared, stabbing the Guardian with astonishing momentum.

Touch! ! ! ! !

This hit hits perfectly, and the impact that erupted shook the surrounding dust, and the dull sound spread throughout the ruins!

However, the Guardian is safe and sound! The meteor spear stabbed on its black crystal body, but it didn’t even scratch at all!

“What? This hardness is impossible!” Tut couldn’t help exclaiming. The meteor gun can even penetrate the mithril armor of the ancients [theoretically indestructible], but it can’t hurt the guardian at all? !

“It has a [superconducting coating].” Vivian yanked Tut back with her hair, saving the Elephant Man from the enemy’s massive punch, “that thing is capable of counteracting all physical shocks, no matter what. No amount of attack can hurt it!”

“Then what should we do?” Palamidis asked hurriedly, avoiding several crystal rains.

“There is no better way than to cut its energy by constantly attacking.” Vivienne pulled Tut back a few steps, “Superconducting coating is quite a power-hungry thing, it can’t always be Keep it up!”

“Are you sure?” Palamedis looked at the Guardian suspiciously. They have been fighting against this black crystal golem for almost half an hour. Not only is this guy not tired, his movements are getting more and more agile, and his attacks are getting crazier!

God knows what power supply the ancients installed on this golem? It has been active for at least tens of billions of years, so why doesn’t it run out of electricity?

Vivian understood Palamidis’ doubts through telepathy, and changed her words: “Yes, it’s probably powered by nuclear energy. It’s not easy to run out of its electricity.”

“Then what should we do?” Tut raised his gun to block the monster’s giant fist attack, and was shot dozens of yards away by the impact. He looked a little tired.

Argus, who is not far away, sees everything in his eyes. He draws his weapon and throws it out: “Use this!”

Palamides put out both claws and bounced off the guardian’s giant fist. At the same time, he used his recoil to fly into the air, catching the lightning spear thrown by Argus with one hand.

Fighting poison with poison and making electricity with electricity? Does this really work?

“Do you know how to use it? It’s the same as casting Madness,” Argus shouted.

“Stop being wordy, I understand!” Palamedis had seen Bedivere use a magic bow, and he understood the principle of using such a magic weapon just by touching it. Anyway, it is to extract the photons from the user, convert them into magic and send them out.

Although I don’t know what effect it will actually have on the Guardian, there is no other way but to try it.

“Vivian, cover me.” Palamides tightened the muscles of his thighs, using his green knight ability to change the structure of the muscles, making them explosive hundreds of times stronger than usual.

“Just rush!” His wife stretched out her hair, and the seven lightsabers swirled around Palamidis, forming a tight guard.

  "哈啊啊啊啊啊啊!"豹人发挥自己速度上的优势,用尽全力疾冲而出。 His figure was like a flash of lightning, slashing straight towards the golem!

The golem also sensed danger at this moment. Unusually, it did not use the crystal attack, but stretched out two of its six sharp metal legs and slashed straight at Palamides as if waving a blade!

The big cat didn’t care about those spider legs, he knew he would never care, he just needed to concentrate on doing what he should do. Sure enough, Vivian’s lightsaber flew together, blocked those metal legs in time, and “pried” a gap so that Paramy could attack!

Smack zi zi zi zi zi! ! The leopard warrior raised his spear and stabbed the golem’s spherical crystal base with the tip of his spear. The electric shock from the spear interfered with the superconducting coating of the golem, and countless electric sparks burst out!

“Also, still can’t pierce?!” Palamidis was a little disappointed, but didn’t want to let go, hoping for a miracle.

“No, the Guardian’s conductivity coating is far more advanced than our weapons!” Vivian advised, “Palamy, run!”

It was too late, and the guardian took back all the crystals, forming two giant palms. It raised its palms and pinched Palamidis, and it was about to flatten the Leopard Man!

“Ha!” Tut dashed Ignoring the danger he was about to face, he raised his gun and stabbed!

The [Eternal Nir] in his hand accurately stabbed the guardian’s base, which is the same place that Palamedis’ spear stabbed!

Pounds! ! ! ! !

Before the guardian made a move to flatten the two, Tut took a step forward and used the powerful impact of the meteor gun to send the guardian flying!

The huge black crystal golem flew out a hundred yards and fell lumberingly to the ground, seemingly suffering serious damage.

Palamidis was still in shock, and while withdrawing his weapon, he asked the Elephant Man: “What did you do?!”

“Your attack is not ineffective.” Tut also raised his gun and repositioned, “The gun’s electric shock did weaken its coating… um, what coating? “

“Superconducting coating.” Vivian reminded, “yes, maybe it really works. First use a strong current to partially override the coating, and then apply a strong attack at the same point. then——“

Before Vivian could finish speaking, the Guardian had already climbed up. When everyone looked at the guardian, their expressions changed.

Such a powerful combination attack only left a small wound on the guardian’s base.

Less than an inch in diameter, a pit that is almost innocuous.

It seems that it will take a lot of work to kill the Guardian.

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