Light Spirit Epic Chapter 542: Dive into the Dark Abyss (5)


Chapter 542: Sneak into the Dark Abyss (5)

The Grand Duke came to the cell and performed a dark curtain magic. Within the shrouded range of the dark curtain, the outside world cannot see or eavesdrop on its movements.

“Wake up, hurry up.” Hall swiftly opened the door of the cell and kicked the tiger boy Albert, who was still sleeping late, out of bed.

“Ow! What are you doing, meow?!” Al, who had just woken up, couldn’t help but complain, he still didn’t understand what was going on: “Well, Bedi? Why are you guys here in the middle of the night? ——“

“Boy, calm down and listen to me.” Hall didn’t give Albert time to think, and said in a direct tone of command: “Bedivere and the others will organize an expedition team to enter the Underdark tomorrow to investigate Romany. The secret facility of the (Fox) clan. And you have to go together.”

“What meow? Hahaha, are you kidding me? Even if I’m willing to go, you can’t let me out of here. Can you convince that stubborn General Sirnas? Hehe—- –“

“I don’t need to convince him. I have this.” Hall pulled a fist-sized rock from his arms.

That’s a crystal ball. a snowball. There are white light spots in it, constantly fluttering in the crystal ball’s crystal clear interior. Those light spots are like snowflakes in the sky, falling in the eternal world, rising to the sky, falling again…

Al was stunned for a while. This snowball seems to have been seen somewhere before…

“[Soul-changing stone].” Hall whispered, and his words naturally revealed a mysterious atmosphere, “One of the ten national treasures of Pantoracken, which has been kept by our Hall family. Treasure. It can—”

“It can swap the souls of two people? Is it really possible?!” Hearing this, Tristan finally couldn’t help shouting, “So, you really swap bodies with Bedivere? Is the deputy body really Brady’s?!”

“…Don’t interrupt, I haven’t finished speaking yet!” Bedeville (Albert) was displeased when he was interrupted halfway through.

“Needless to say, I’ll be able to verify it right away—Answer in five seconds: What is 63 plus 15 times 2?”

Beddieville (Albert) counts his fingers: “Uh, um…153?”

(The correct answer is 156…)

“Sure enough, it’s Brady’s head, so stupid. Oh no…. to take over Beddy’s body, you **** bastard! If it hadn’t done so, it would have hurt Bedi’s body, I really want to Get your head off!” Tristan cursed in vicious words.

Beddieville (Albert) ignores Tristan’s swearing and continues: “…according to Old Man Hall, my body and my body have not actually been exchanged, and our consciousness remains the same. It exists intact in its own body.

However, there is a certain degree of synchronization between our photons, which allows me in Brindisi to control Bedi’s body from a distance, and Bedi, too, from a distance to control me in cloth. Lindisi’s body. This gives the users the illusion of [temporarily swapping souls]. “

“Um…” Tristan was still listening suspiciously, but his attitude was obviously not as tough as before.

Bedivere (Albert) stared coldly at Tristan: “What you did to me just now, Bedivere will know when our bodies are replaced.”

“If you know it, he won’t mind.” Tristan didn’t care, “So, what do you want to do when you take Bedivere’s body with us to the Underdark?”

“…As I said, I’m very concerned about something and want to confirm it.” Bedivere (Albert) replied in a low voice, “What the **** is that, I also said I don’t know. But I need to check it out with my own eyes. If I don’t do this, I always feel like I can’t let go.”

“…that’s not an answer at all.” Tristan sighed.

“Beep?” The crystal dolphin Bit beside him hummed a few times at Tristan, as if he had conveyed some kind of message to the murloc prince.

“What is it talking about?” Albert asked casually.

Tristan almost snorted out the words: “He’s saying, you’re a nasty guy, but at least you’re not lying.”

Albert scratched his head and cast a disapproving look at Bit.

“Finally, a question for you: Does Lian Yin know about the exchange of souls between you? She seems to have reservations, is that because of this?”

“Probably know…” Albert replied vaguely, not understanding the meaning of the question.

“Told Lianyin about such an important matter, but didn’t tell me. Bedi is such a friend.” Tristan’s eyes lit up with rage, and the anger in his stomach almost burst from his eyes, frightening Alber. He pressed his back against the edge of the big water tank. The chill of the water tank was immediately uploaded from Al’s back to his heart.

“Forget it, since it’s Bedi’s decision, I can’t say anything more. During the battle, you kid yourself to find a corner to hide, don’t hurt Bedi’s body!”

“I can fight together too!”

“No, you can’t! Please just watch from the sidelines, thank you!” Tristan commanded in an almost brutal tone.

Although this made Albert’s stomach full of anger, he didn’t dare to contradict each other on Tristan’s boat, so he had to keep compressing the anger in his until it dissipated.

At the same time, Brindisi in Rome.

“Did their boat go out?” Albert (inside Bedivere’s consciousness) sat on the bed of the cell, the hard bed made his **** hurt, so he had no choice but to talk to Cador, who was guarding the prison. Talk to distract yourself.

“You’re such an idiot, you know?” Cador ignored Bedi’s small talk, and taunted bluntly: “He may never come back. You’ve only known him for more than a month, and you’re like this. Trust a stranger without reservation.”

“He’ll be back,” Bedivere replied nonchalantly, as if it were a matter of course.

[Soul-changing stone] just let Albert use “remote control” to manipulate Bedi’s body, but Bedeville’s body is still Bedeville’s. He was wounded and even killed in the Underdark, and Bedivere here will suffer too. In the same way, Albert is now equivalent to still being locked in this prison and has never escaped.

The two of them are temporarily in a [community of destiny] relationship, and neither can be separated from the other, and one side will suffer and the other will not feel better.

That’s the real point of Hall’s question: How far can you go to help your friend?

However, Bedivere still did not understand the purpose of the Duke Hall. Send Albert to the Underdark, will things be resolved?

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