Light Spirit Epic Chapter 540: Dive into the Dark Abyss (3)


Chapter 540: Sneak into the Dark Abyss (3)

“I heard that Rome was also attacked. It seems that the vanguard is there, just to test the strength of human beings. Is this the main event?” Palinlor was unusually calm. He is a reckless man without any merit, only being very slow at this juncture of the catastrophe can be regarded as a kind of “advantage”.

The Hungarians are not fools, they don’t fight uncertain battles. This huge army is estimated to have been reserved many years ago. Once it is used, it will be like a tide, and the army of mankind will be hard to stop it.

“There is no time for hesitation,” ordered the Grand Duke of Palinlor at once, “to gather everyone, and arrange the formation of the Musketeers and the Shields. We may not be able to overcome this with our strength. The army of monsters, but we must do something, hold them back as much as possible, and buy more time for the Allies to prepare!”

“You are crazy!” The German generals exclaimed in unison, “Do you really want to fight against such an army?!”

“I’m not crazy.” Celestial Knight Palinlor’s expression was extremely calm, and his eyes showed a look of generosity and righteousness, “If anyone wants to run away, just run away, no one forces you to die. Even if I’m the only one, and I want to hold back these monsters as much as possible. If I don’t hold them here, once they break through the Prague line of defense, it means that the Hungarians will enter the hinterland of Europe, and the entire front of Europe will collapse. .——I can’t let this happen by any means!”

The German generals looked in a dilemma. They really wanted to abandon the city and run away. After all, everyone cherishes life. In the face of this absolutely unwinnable war, no one has ever thought of running away.

However, the Pantoracken knight in front of him displayed extraordinary bravery, and what he said was very reasonable.

A foreign knight sent to help out can be so calm, which makes the German generals anxious like ants on a hot pan. ?

“Okay, okay,” said one of the younger Germanic generals, “I’ll stay with you. Assemble your troops and focus all your firepower on those giant ape golems…. ..maybe able to withstand it for a while.”

“Very good. Stop it as long as you can, don’t force it.” Palinlor saw through the minds of the German generals, and a slight disdain appeared in the corner of his mouth.

He wiped the hilt of the lightsaber in his hand, ready to strike at any time: “I’ll take the lead, you just need to focus on not letting the battle line collapse.”

Although, Palinlor thought, it is almost impossible to keep the battle line from collapsing. The enemy’s force is so fierce that once attacked, it will wash everything away like a flood. ten minutes? No, five minutes. It is estimated that this is the limit of the collapse of the front line.

No matter how magically reinforced Prague’s city walls were, it was impossible to withstand the onslaught of the Great Ape Golem. Palinlor thought secretly how to solve as many giant ape golems as possible in the fastest time. Judging from the size of those things, it is estimated that they are all thick-skinned and tough guys. It takes a lot of work to solve one, right?

Palinlor and his knights are about to face the toughest battle ever, and the reckless man’s mind is blank, thinking only of what to do next.

At the same time, the territory of the Turks, the Great Moor of Central Asia.

“Wow, what a disgusting place.” Facing the dim morning light, Palamides looked out from the window of the control room of the spacecraft [Silver Shadow].

The far black swamp is constantly wriggling, twisting, and struggling. ——That is the trace of the activities of the creatures in the swamp, and it is also the movement of various methane gas in the swamp coming out of the mud.

The entire swamp seems to have its own life, and it still lives tenaciously (ugly) in the darkest and harshest area of ​​the Underdark, which shows the incomparable strength and magic of [life] itself.

—— Even if it is extremely ugly, it is still alive. To live, to constantly struggle to live better, and to devour others to strengthen themselves, this is what [life] should be.

Just like the war between humans and the Huns, it was a natural biological behavior, and who can judge the right and wrong?

Vivian focused her eyes on the dashboard, trying to clear her mind from the musings. She had no interest at all in the war, but the fact that it still inevitably involved her husband and children bored her deeply. After living for so many years, this succubus, who should have seen through the world, is now starting to feel a little restless.

She stayed silent the whole time, focusing on flying the ship—or she pretended to be so, lest her husband ask any more questions.

The keen Palamidis noticed his wife’s absent-mindedness: “…you are extraordinarily quiet, what happened, Vivienne?”

The woman sighed and rolled her eyes at Argus, who was traveling with her. “There won’t be any Datura grass at all. I know this best.”

The leopard Argus replied stubbornly: “I have seen it with my own eyes, and it must not be fake. Why do you say [you know best]? How much do you know about the Everglades?”

“Of course I understand, here is ——“

Vivian’s words were only halfway through, when the spacecraft’s radar continued to emit a piercing alarm. A giant spaceship dozens of times larger than the Silver Shadow had already approached rapidly and fired two beam cannons preemptively.

Vivian made an emergency stop, and the entire spaceship shook violently immediately, and Palamedis, who was standing by the window observing, fell to the ground in embarrassment. The leopard warrior clumsily got up: “What’s the matter?! Is the enemy attacking?!”

“No.” Vivian stabilized the spaceship, made the Silver Shadow hover in mid-air, and showed a friendly signal to the other spaceship: “Just a warning shot. If they really want to attack, The Silver Shadow may have made a few big holes by now.”

Palamides is silent. The opponent’s spaceship is coming so fast, and the main gun on the ship is so powerful, if it really wants to fight, the Silver Shadow will be blown into scrap metal in an instant. With such a disparity in strength, it is best to be honest and see what the other party wants to do.

As for Vivian, she had already recognized the origin of the huge spaceship in front of her. Because she knows its origin, she knows that the performance of the Silver Shadow is absolutely unmatched, and it is even impossible to escape from the attack range of this ship.

“The spaceship ahead, please explain your purpose.” The other party’s spaceship sent a communication. The tone of that voice was cold and blunt, and it was full of warnings, as if Palamides and others made a mistake, the Ark would immediately fire and attack, blasting the Silver Shadow into rubbish.

Vivian was still hesitating what to say, “Leave it to me next.” Argus had already snatched the microphone from Vivian.

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