Light Spirit Epic Chapter 54: Resolution to Reunification (middle)


Chapter 54: Resolution on Return (Part II)

When Bedivere returns to Arthur’s room, he sees Tristan clinging to Arthur.

“No, no, no, no.” Arthur refused impatiently.

“Once, just once!” said the murloc boy, “I promise, I won’t bother you again this time, and I will agree to any request you have. Just this time, go with me- —–“

“What are you talking about?” Bedivere couldn’t help asking.

“I’m persuading Arthur to come with me to see his sister.” Tristan said, “Kay said, if Arthur follows, his sister will give me face, and then the repair of the holy gun will not be a problem. “

“No way!” Arthur retorted, “don’t listen to Kay! He’s just playing tricks on you! Sister… Vivian hates me to the core, seeing me with you Dude, I will reject your request instead!”

The murloc boy looked at Arthur, “I always think what Kai said is much more credible than what you said! How can your own sister hate you so much? Stop joking.”

Arthur didn’t answer, whether he didn’t want to or couldn’t.

“Tristan,” Bedivere pulled Tristan over and whispered in a low voice, “You go back first and discuss the departure time and location with Kay, and I’ll persuade Arthur. Let’s get in touch later.”

“Can you do it, Bedi?” The murloc boy asked in a low voice, “I’ve been grinding him for a long time, and the wooden knight seems to be determined, so it’s not easy for you to persuade him. “

“Anyway, leave it to me. You won’t be disappointed,” said the orc boy.

After Tristan leaves, Bedivere closes the door.


“Don’t say anything, you are covered in sweat and smell bad, go take a shower,” interrupted the knight.

“Okay, I’ll take a shower if you promise to go with Tristan to see your sister,” Bedivere said.

“Blackmail me?” Arthur said. “You know it’s useless.”

“Humph.” The orc boy sat on the ground, “Let’s see if it helps, see if you can’t stand it first or I can’t stand it first.”

“As you like, idiot,” Arthur said, then stepped aside to do his own thing. The two dragons couldn’t bear to find a place to hide themselves.

An hour has passed.

“…” Bedivere endured the itchiness, sweat and greasy feeling all over his body, sitting on the ground motionless.

Another hour has passed. (Bedyville is drowsy)

Arthur was writing a report of the previous incident, but the smell of sweat and gasoline in the room kept distracting him. Bedivere, who had just returned from the mechanical warehouse, had so much gasoline on his body that he drove Can’t get out of the window.

Another hour has passed. (Bediveville is sitting and snoring)

“Okay, I’m afraid of you.” Arthur stood up and said.

“What? Are you willing to see your sister?” Bedivere stood up and asked in surprise.

“No.” The knight grabbed his little servant with one hand and dragged the orc boy into the bathroom, “You stink to death. Anyway, wash you first.”

“No!!” The orc boy wanted to resist, but he couldn’t match the knight’s arm and was dragged into the bathroom.

“I, I’ll do it myself! I don’t need you—-“

“Noisy!” Arthur took off Bedivere’s overalls, grabbed the faucet, and poured it on the orc boy’s head.

“Wow!” Bedivere was soaked and soaked, so he had to sit on the ground honestly.

“Apply the shampoo yourself,” Arthur said.

“Got it, idiot!” The orc boy shyly smeared shampoo, and soon his whole body was covered in foam.

“You’re such a nosy guy,” Arthur said with a bit of sullen anger, “Why did you intervene in the matter of the stupid prince? Because he’s your friend?”

“No,” Bedivere said, “I didn’t do it for Arthur!”

“For me? Don’t be stupid. If you were for me, you should stop the foolish prince. He’s always bothering me. How bothered I should be.”

“Arthur, I actually have a brother,” said the orc boy.

“What?” The knight was baffled by the sudden change of subject.

“Accurately speaking, they are righteous brothers who have lived together since childhood. We werewolf Eskimos and Pyrenees Loosia live in a very close area, and that guy was an abandoned baby of Pyrenees and was kept in the village by my mother. I found it outside.”

“Oh…” Arthur still didn’t understand what the other party wanted to say.

“Although we grew up together like brothers, that guy… Papalov, is always loved by everyone.” The orc boy whispered, “It’s obviously a foreigner. It’s obviously picked up and raised. but my parents love him more than my own son. So I always hated him and never treated him like an older brother.”

“Really.” Arthur’s face was gloomy, although Bedivere, who had his back to Arthur, couldn’t see it.

“I’ve always been an asshole. I’ve been using various methods to trouble my brother since I was a child.” The orc boy sighed and said with courage,

“We also had a fight that day. I scolded him with as many vicious words as I could imagine, just because my clumsy brother broke one of my favorite toys. I ran out and hid by myself In the wilderness. But my brother didn’t come to me. I was angry and hated, and I kept cursing my brother in my heart. I really wanted him to disappear from my life.

In the evening, I finally couldn’t help but run back to the village, but I saw the village in a sea of ​​flames that was attacked by the Fierce Fang. I was dragged away by the fleeing team, but there was no sign of my brother in the team. I heard from others that my brother had stayed with the other men who could carry weapons to break up for the escape team. Then came the news that the broken team had been wiped out, and no one survived. “

“I still don’t understand, what the **** are you…” Arthur still didn’t understand.

“After that, I have been regretting that I have been so bad to my brother. Even the last sentence is full of curses.” The orc boy turned his head and said, “If I can, I really hope that everything can be done again, tell my brother. , how much I regret, said to him ‘I’m sorry’. But, but this is impossible.”

“So Arthur,” Bedivere turned to look at the knight, “you must not go down the same path as me. Your sister is still alive, and no matter what festivals between you, you must at least Meet your sister. Who knows if this will be the last chance to see her? There is no chance to say what should be said, and no chance to do what should be done. When your sister is really gone, you must I will regret it.”

“Then should I walk up to Vivienne and ask her forgiveness? What if she won’t forgive me? What if she told me nothing but a curse or a ?” Arthur said coldly.

“Even so,” the orc boy said, “at least you tried to apologize, even if you didn’t get it, at least you did. It’s me, if I have the chance to see my brother again, I will also Apologize to him, even if I get beaten up, I’ll feel better.”

“Selfish guy. You’re just doing it for your own good in the end,” Arthur said.

“I know. But I hope Arthur can be freed from his past. I hope Arthur can… er… happier.” The orc boy choked, ” Although Arthur has never been emotional, he always looks like it hurts, hurts, and the pain is unbearable.”

“I don’t have…”

“You have.” The orc boy cried, “Especially when Kai talked about your sister last time, you looked even more painful. I want to know the reason for your pain, otherwise, even if I want to help Ya I’m crying, I don’t know how to cry. This way I will only feel more uncomfortable.”

The knight didn’t speak, he raised the water tap and rushed straight to Bedivere’s head, pushing the foam on the orc boy’s body to the ground.

“What a willful little guy.” The knight patted the orc boy’s head and walked out.

“Arthur…” The orc boy was still sobbing softly, watching the knight’s back.

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