Light Spirit Epic Chapter 536: The duel against the Holy King (7)


Chapter 536 The duel against the holy king (seven)

King Orser knew this too. He (the deity) was once also the owner of the Sword of Kings, and he knew all too well about the capabilities of this sword. Instead of dodging, he raised the lightsaber in his right hand.

Touch! The moment before King Oser was stabbed, the lightsaber immediately transformed into a shield! It blocks Arthur’s light blade perfectly! Moreover, due to the extremely high concentration of photons gathered in King Oser’s shield, it outperformed Arthur’s blow, knocking the boy back several yards!

When two beams of photons collide, the one with the lower concentration must be collided and fly farther. This is the theorem.

Arthur, who was knocked into the air, did not give up. He spread his wings and climbed rapidly, staying in the air.

The next second, Arthur raised a huge light blade and stabbed his opponent! He sprinted like a storm, and the golden light blade more than ten yards long stabbed at the blind spot of King Oser’s light shield!

King Oser adjusted the angle of his shield, intending to block the blow.

Whoosh! The sword shadow directly penetrates the light shield. It wasn’t so powerful that it pierced the shield, it was—it was just a phantom! Arthur launched the Mirage Phantom the moment he was in the air, and he let the Phantom rush towards King Oser at a completely different angle from himself. The phantom deceived King Oser very well, and Arthur had already circled to the right rear of King Oser and stabbed a deadly sword!

However, a white hand instantly circled behind King Oser and grabbed Arthur’s sword with one hand!

The phantom hasn’t disappeared yet, the supposedly transparent Arthur seems to have been read through the attack trajectory by King Oser’s mind-eye technique? ! However, the people of King Oser’s era should not know how to use the mind-eye technique! ?

“[Mirage] is my son Yase’s favorite magic trick.” King Oser turned his head, and the light magic ball in his hand changed into more hands, firmly grasping Ya Se’s Light Blade: “How could I be deceived by this kind of magic?”

The deity of the Holy Spirit White Knight is actually the son of King Oser! No one in the world knows the method of cracking this [method] better than King Oser!

King Oser’s eyesight is very good. The moment he saw Arthur’s image flipped left and right, he already recognized that it was a mirage.

And Arthur, he used his wings to move in the air by mistake. His flapping movements were all too easy to spot in the mirage. Coupled with the speed and angle of the boy’s movement, it is not difficult to calculate the position of Arthur’s body!

King Other did not use the Eye of the Mind. That’s just pure calculation! He is too familiar with [Mirage Phantom], and it is not difficult to figure out where the opponent is from the Mirage!

Pop sand! While Arthur put away the blade of light, he also flapped his wings and flew high. He didn’t give up and wanted to take advantage of the Mirage Phantom.

The young man flew thirty yards, and immediately charged towards King Oser. The sword of the holy king stabbed the opponent in a straight line!

Phantom? Deity? Hard to tell. Arthur held the sword in both hands, and it was hard to see if it was a flipped mirror image; his speed was lightning fast, and it was difficult to distinguish the sound of flapping wings.

King Oser had to roll over, in short, dodge the oncoming attack first!

Arthur looked at King Other and smiled. What he attacked was really the deity. He was three yards away from King Oser, and was just about to pass him. But that’s all within Arthur’s calculations. He raised the sword of the holy king and kept spinning, and the ten-foot-long light blade of the sword of the holy king stirred up with the rotation, forming a strong photon storm that hit the opponent!

With such a huge storm blowing from the side, it is impossible to escape even if the distance is maintained.

At this time, King Oser also looked at Arthur in the storm and smiled. All this is within the calculation of King Other. He transformed the light shield in his right hand into a huge net and threw it towards Arthur!

A web of high concentrations of photons, each wire as sharp as a blade. If Arthur slammed into this net, and then spins at that speed, he must be entangled in the photon net and cut into hundreds of pieces by his own rotational speed!

At this moment, Arthur looked at King Oser and smiled. The opponent will use this method to “capture” themselves, and it is also within Arthur’s calculation! He raised the sheath of the king, and instantly unfolded the Holy Spirit Griffin Shield, wrapping himself all over!

Of course, the giant net captured Arthur, entangled Arthur in the shield tightly, and flew out. But Arthur, who was diving down quickly, also had huge kinetic energy. King Oser couldn’t grasp the net in his hand, and the entire photon net flew out together with Arthur in the net!

Touch! Arthur hit the ground. The effect of the Griffon Shield has expired and disappeared without a trace. Once the photon net that caught Arthur left the hand of King Oser, it also disappeared without a trace.

“That’s true. Your [light magic] needs a strong enchantment to maintain. Once you leave your hand, the concentrated photons will break through the shackles of the enchantment and disappear.” Arthur stood up and sneered, “It seems that [ Light Magic] I’m not that invincible.”

“It is indeed not invincible.” King Oser looked disapproving, reached out and made another light ball: “As you can see, it can’t leave the hand, nor can it attack from a distance, it is only used for close combat. the technique.”


King Oser made a photon spear, with a large number of photons wrapped around the tip, emitting a blazing light like daytime: “With this thing in hand, you will never be able to attack.”

“You will never beat me.” He concluded in a very arrogant tone, as if everything he said was an inevitable truth.

This kind of tone of speech is what Arthur hates the most. The boy grinned, and his eyes were full of anger. “This kind of nonsense, wait until you really beat me!”

The light magic in King Oser’s hands can bounce magic, block attacks, and have ever-changing shapes, making it very difficult to deal with.

To win King, you must use a wide range of attacks that he cannot dodge or block, attacking him from all directions, leaving him nowhere to run!

Thinking of this, Arthur put away his weapon, spit out dragon flames from his mouth, squeezed into countless flame balls, and threw them frantically at King Oser. He hovered in the air and kept dropping these fireballs, and the sky was immediately dyed red, as if the next fireball rain.

King Oser kept dodging, and fireballs fell from the air, blasting them into the air one after another, blasting scorching potholes on the ground.

Can’t hit? Do not. Everything was within Arthur’s expectations.

Dragon flame is actually a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen extracted from the air to form a gas, which is then ignited with entropy energy, and finally creates the effect of a flame. To put it bluntly, Longyan is also magic, the most simple and rude, but powerful magic.

Arthur uses a low-temperature dragon flame to attack King Other. Its low temperature is precisely because of incomplete combustion. A large amount of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas remained after the fireball hit the ground, permeating the ground like natural gas, and even stored in the cracks of the surface rocks.

King Other was so focused on dodging that he had no idea that a huge volume of gas had already been stored in the igneous ground beneath his feet. And this huge “gas field” will soon turn into a flame hell!

Whoosh whoosh! Arthur continued to throw three fireballs, and the fireballs scattered out, secretly inducing King Oser to dodge in the center of the trap.

Then, the time was right.

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