Light Spirit Epic Chapter 530: The duel against the Holy King (1)


Chapter 530 The duel against the holy king (1)

At the same time, Rome’s front line, Brindisi, inside the barracks.

“Then,” Tristan asked in an indifferent tone, playing with the cast of his arm, “Who did you organize to join the expedition?”

Evan is sitting at a table three yards away, taking his Photon Pistol apart for maintenance. When he saw Tristan ask this question, he put down the barrel of the gun and the rag in his hand, and replied reluctantly, “Because it is a secret infiltration mission, the number of people should be limited to ten people. If you can please, I want to call Merlin. Mage to go. Then my brother Aoyun——“

Tristan interrupts immediately: “He’s not the right fit. His fighting style makes too much noise, you don’t want him to attract a horde of enemies.”

Being told this, Evan was greatly displeased. He must have had a fight with Tristan before. But now that he and Tristan have a partnership, he has to listen carefully to each other’s opinions.

The murloc prince is right, Owen’s abilities are inappropriate. Gaia Knight Oyun’s [Magic Sword—Fafnir], whether it dances or turns into a dragon to rush into the enemy, will make too much noise.

“Okay, rule out Ao Yun.” Evan said helplessly, “Let’s add some more magicians, I want to call Lian Yin.”

Tristan looked at the half-dragon boy with a half-joking, half-serious expression: “If something happens to Lian Yin, Bedivere won’t let you go.”

Ivan didn’t care: “Well, Bedivere can come after me later. But now, I want to use the power of Lotus to do things well. Mages who can use teleportation are very precious. , one more person, we have more security. I have obtained her consent.”

“Then, I’m fine.” Tristan shrugged.

(Who wants your approval?)

“Cough. Six spots left. I have to add Constantine and Elaine——“

“Wait. What?! You’re taking those two kiddies with you?! They can’t even fight!”

“But Elaine is the key to all of this.” Evan also looked helpless, “The white bear knows the research institute of the foxes best. He seems to have some kind of spiritual connection that allows us to find [darkness]. “

“That’s just a kid. What about that kid Constantine?”

Evan shook his head. He just went to check the condition of the white bear boy this morning.

Elaine’s mental state has deteriorated beyond control. He hid under the covers all day crying and shaking, and the stupid bear wouldn’t even get up for breakfast if it wasn’t for Constantine’s constant persuasion.

“Without Constantine, Elaine can’t do anything but shiver. Unless you want to walk with that bear on your back?”

“Oh, damn…”

“All we have to do is sneak in and inquire. As long as we keep quiet all the time, even if we carry two burdens, there will be no big problem… right?”

Tristan is silent, scowling. He became increasingly dissatisfied with this mission.

“Anyway, anyway——” Evan cleared his throat, trying to find someone who would convince Tristan: “There are two more candidates, Arthur’s cousins: Jaglow and Persiva. “

Tristan pondered with his good hand resting on his chin: “I don’t know the strength of these two very well. Aren’t they from the Eastern Knights? The Eastern Knights are currently stationed in Sweden? Is it okay to summon them from the Grand Duke of Palinlor?”

Ivan shook his head with a slightly smug expression: “You are wrong. Although their father Palinlor is a Celestial Knight, they are not from the Eastern Celestial Knights. They did not participate in the war and are currently in Panto. Laken, it can be said to be idle.”

“Even so, you can’t command them?” Tristan couldn’t imagine how Evan could persuade two people who had nothing to do with the Knights to participate in this suicide mission?

“I’ll think of a way.” Evan was poised.

“Honestly, I don’t know if these two are reliable. But you don’t have anyone else, right?” Tristan sighed helplessly.

As the war heats up, all knights who can fight have been transferred to the front line, and there are really not many people who can be transferred at will (this is why Ivan gave up calling Lancelot).

“There is one more. But I haven’t been able to contact him yet.” Evan said.

“Nympho Kai.” “Stupid Kai.” Evan and Tristan said almost simultaneously.

About a month ago, Kai and his fiery son, Frey, went on their honeymoon. The whereabouts of the two are currently unknown, let alone when they will be willing to return.

“Alas.” Tristan sighed, “If only Bedivere were here.”

Evan shook his head, “No. If only Arthur were here.”


The two recalled yesterday’s battle. The two of them faced the elite army of orcs, and only killed hundreds of enemies with all their magic weapons, and almost killed themselves.

In contrast, Arthur once used only a standard knight lightsaber to destroy an entire elite Viking fleet.

This is the gap.

“You know, it’s just a legend, I won’t take exaggerated legends seriously.” Tristan said in disbelief.

However, as a mermaid, he is most aware of the authenticity of this matter. Although he is now stubbornly denying this fact, he is still very shocked in his heart.

Those who have never been on the battlefield cannot know the difference between their own and others. Only when you have actually been on the battlefield can you understand the respectability of those who have gone through wars.

The original Arthur was just a thin teenager. If it wasn’t for the battles he had experienced thousands of times and struggled to survive in countless crises where his life was on the line, he would never have been so strong.

Arthur’s strength doesn’t depend on equipment or talent.

The strength of Arthur D. Pantolaken stems from a will as firm as a mountain, a mind as clear as water, and a passion as fiery as fire—and more from him The toughness of the soul Ivan sighed. He knew some things, and he would never be as good as Arthur.

That is, as a measure of [king].

“After everything is ready, we are scheduled to leave tomorrow night.” The half-dragon boy asked worriedly, “Can your wound heal in time?”

“Intensive healing with healing magic, yes,” Tristan replied. His arm was just broken, not a piece of meat, and there will be no problem after it is connected.

“Okay, rest well. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Evan turned and walked out of the infirmary.

“Wait—” Tristan hurriedly stopped Evan.

“What?” Evan had already stepped out of the door half body, and he was very displeased when he was stopped like this.

“That…” The murloc boy looked around and reconfirmed that no one was eavesdropping before saying, “I should thank you. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be sitting here without you saving my life yesterday. Talked to you.”

“We are comrades-in-arms. It’s a matter of course to rescue our comrades on the battlefield. This kind of thing doesn’t need to be thanked one by one. Even if you save me in the future, I won’t be grateful. Because it’s a matter of course.”

“Okay, got it,” Tristan agreed. He looked at Ivan’s back, and suddenly felt that Ivan was very cool.

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