Light Spirit Epic Chapter 525: Melee on the Frontline (9)


Chapter 525 The melee on the front line (nine)

In the face of King Oser’s questioning, Arthur could only choose to remain silent.

Wishes are there. But his wish is too abstract, too ethereal, and probably not something that [The Cabin in the Woods] can manifest.

What he wants without a soul is a complete soul.

He doesn’t have love, all he wants is love.

“Your phantom is very powerful, powerful enough to rival the forbidden golem,” King Other asserted, “but I am certain that you, without a soul, cannot defeat me. Absolutely impossible. win.”

Arthur immediately retorted: “Why are you so sure? What is a soul, and no one can even prove it. Can a soul be stronger?”

“King Oser told me this at the beginning.” King Oser’s spirituality sneered, “The strong person who can save the world must have a complete soul.

A healthy body resides on a healthy soul, and a healthy soul has a strong desire (desire), and it is this strong desire that breeds a powerful and unparalleled Holy Spirit.

The round table system is only responsible for collecting photons in this universe to create a group of photonic polymers. What really makes these polymers solidify into a ball is a strong will, a mind, a [wish].

The stronger the [desire] (thought body), the more power (photons) that can be condensed. The Holy Spirit is such a thing. “

Arthur smiled disdainfully: “After talking for a long time, you are thinking that I have no [desire], right?”

“Yes, that’s right.” King Oser pushed aside the huts and walked in by himself,

“You brought such a beautiful girl by your side, but you never wanted to pursue her;

You have a unique skill, you could have used your skills to make a lot of money, achieve great things, and get a lot of wealth;

You carry a powerful holy sword, which could have annihilated all nations in one fell swoop with the power of the holy sword, and took the world as your own;

——But you are indifferent to all this, and only move forward for that vain wish.

Arthur, you are weak. too weak. From strength to will, it is not as good as 1% of King Oser back then. With your current state, do you really think you can beat me? Um? ! “

In the face of King Oser’s questioning, Arthur was speechless.

“Answer me, are you happy?” King Oser asked loudly.

Arthur remained silent. It’s not a matter of happiness or unhappiness.

He doesn’t know what happiness is. Without a soul, he has no real sense of survival, and he can’t even answer what true happiness is.

He once thought that he could know the answer to this question as long as he recovered his lost emotions and filled his broken soul.

——But that’s obviously wrong.

The nature of this question is infinitely close to the question of “which came first, the chicken or the egg” – it is always a mystery, and the question and answer is always an endless loop, and in the end it can only be resolved like this.

“Hmph, come in.” King Oser waved to Arthur, “You’re still at a loss, so there’s nothing you can do. I’ll find a way to help you. Come and rest first.”

Arthur enters the cabin suspiciously. He was surprised to see another person sitting in the cabin: Greenville!

No. Arthur calmed down and took a closer look. The girl’s snow-white hair shows that she is not Greenville’s deity, but her spirituality.

“Why is Greenville’s spirituality here? Isn’t the Holy White Phoenix in Greenville’s Silmarillion?”

“That’s half right.” King Oser sat down at the table, drinking black tea and eating pastries with the maiden. “The Holy Spirits don’t actually leave Avalon. They are immortal spirits. Of course, the round table system will not let them go.”

Arthur sat down suspiciously.

“The Silmarillion on the girl takes away only most of the spirituality, while a small amount of spirituality maintains the core of the Holy Spirit and operates in Avalon.

When she needs to summon the Holy Spirit in the real world, the Silmarillion on her body is an anchor to open the entrance to the warp. It was not the Holy Spirit who moved into the world, but a part of the Avalon realm where the Holy Spirit was. “

“Using the warp to temporarily overlap the two worlds?” Arthur took a sip of the black tea, the fragrance of the black tea echoed in his throat, “It took so much effort to imprison the Holy Spirit– —-“

“It also shows the power of the Holy Spirit.” King Oser shrugged at Greenville’s spirituality. Greenville’s spirituality also shrugged to King Other.

“When the summoning is completed, the overlapping space combines the spirituality of Avalon with the spirituality of the gemstone on the summoner, and the complete Holy Spirit will appear, bringing powerful combat power to the summoner. Support.”

Arthur took a sip of refreshment: “You told me this for—?”

“If you can defeat me and get the right to use the round table system, these are the things you must know.” King Oser said it very seriously, as if he was explaining the future, “Of course, if you If you lose — it doesn’t matter if I tell you this anyway, the dead don’t reveal their secrets.”

That’s right. Arthur took another sip of black tea in desperation.

“How is it? Do you really want to fight? You had the Holy Spirit and evil spirits in your body before, and the Round Table System did everything possible to prevent you from leaving Avalon.

Now, the spirit body on you has merged into [Phantom Spirit], the round table system cannot recognize the Phantom Spirit, it will let it go.

You can leave with that phantom just like that, hoping to save the world with the power of that phantom;

Or you can try to defeat me, get the right to use the round table system, form a new generation of the Knights of the Garden Table, and save the world with the power of you and the Knights.

——Of course, you have to beat me first. And your chances of success are very slim. “

Arthur listened quietly. He also knew that the power of the phantom crimson dragon alone could not turn the tide—he couldn’t even control the power of the crimson dragon, and the crimson dragon summoned only destroyed everything with the power of anger.

That’s definitely not the power to save the world. The right way to save the world is to seize the round table system and form the new round table knights.

However, Arthur really couldn’t defeat the current King Orser. Something is missing.

Feeling extremely annoyed, Arthur gulps down the black tea in the cup, “I’m sorry, I’m going to take a bath and rest first. I’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“It’s useless to postpone the question. You won’t win for a few days.” King Oser reminded with a sneer.

“I know.” Arthur slipped out of the backyard of the house.

Sure enough, in the backyard there is a bathing pool surrounded by four stone walls, which has the same layout as the original wooden house in the woods.

Arthur circled in through the gap in the corner, took off his armor and jumped into the water. A comfortable, hot bath should soothe his fatigue and stress.

A white figure stared at the knight from a distance, as if he had other plans.

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