Light Spirit Epic Chapter 518: Melee on the Frontline (2)


Chapter 518 Melee on the front line (2)

When Cador adopted the two children, he had long been accustomed to the madness of the white bear boy. He doesn’t like Elaine, but his adopted son Constantine wants to take care of Elaine: the white bear is too pitiful.

Cador knew that with his salary as a Gaia knight, it was definitely not a problem to support these two children. But he didn’t like Elaine, just didn’t.

The Bearman is always so terrified and crazy, and his huge bearman body is a potential danger. Elaine is still tame, but there is no guarantee that one day the bear will suddenly go crazy and attack Constantine – this will be the last thing Cador wants to see.

Because of this, Cador is always wary of Elaine, and won’t easily believe the mad words of the Ice Bear, especially when these words are related to Constantine’s safety.

He, like other Pantoracken knights, and even other humans, will always take the side of humans when it comes to the interests of humans and orcs.

The world has never been fair, and some things have never been fair in the first place. It is deeply engraved in people’s concept, this is not the difference between good and evil, it is just human nature.

“I still don’t want you to go, Elaine.” Cador strongly objected, “If you go, Constantine will have to go too. You two have no ability to protect yourself, but you are running into danger. Among the enemy’s formation——“

Boom! A fireball exploded on the city wall outside, and a little spark splashed through the window.

The Pyrenees have burrowed into Constantine’s back quickly.

“Look? You’re exactly what I’m trying to say.” Cador’s down the drain,” Elaine, I hate to say that, but you’re a… umm (he tries to keep himself keep his tone soft), you are indeed a coward.”

“Ugh…” The tears that the bear man had been holding back for a long time began to burst out, “Uhhhhhhh! Elaine is not a coward! Elaine will go! You don’t need Constantine to go. Elaine, Elaine hates Uncle Cador the most!”

The polar bear ran out crying.

“Dad!” Constantine angrily glared at the Gaia knight Cador.

“What? I’m just telling the truth.” Cador shrugged innocently.

“Elaine’s heart is very delicate, how can you talk to him like that!” Cador’s adopted son protested, and then he walked away angrily: “Elaine, wait for me!”

“I just want you to stay in a safe place, Constantine.” Cador muttered in a low voice, looking at the back of his adopted son. Only he could hear his words.

At the same time, the dragon man golem Bols just came out of Merlin’s temporary research room with a large pile of scrolls and documents.

Elaine, the polar bear running in the corridor, just happened to bump into it.

“Wow!” The two fell down at the same time, and the document scrolls were scattered.

“Ow, it hurts…” The white bear boy got up and touched his swollen forehead. He slammed into the dragon golem, which was equivalent to hitting a large piece of steel. Imagine.

“Walk carefully, child.” Boles shook his head, busy packing up the scattered documents.

“I’m sorry, sir.” Elaine apologized, but her eyes kept looking at each other.

“What’s the matter?” Feeling the gaze of the white bear boy, Boles stopped and asked strangely.

Elaine the Ice Bear looked at the dragon-golem in front of him. Boles’ whole body is composed of silver-white memory metal, and his refined and toned body reflects dazzling silver light.


“Boers.” The Dragon Golem corrected.

“Mr. Bolles, have we met somewhere before?” the white bear asked in a low voice.

“Well, maybe? I’m the assistant of the Archmage Merlin, maybe we’ve met?” Boles didn’t understand the intention of the other party’s words at all, so he had to answer vaguely.

“Not the [you] now.” Elaine whispered, “the [you] before.”

What he saw was not the mithril-wrapped metal golem in front of him.

What the white bear boy saw was [something] inside the golem, which once belonged to the white bear Papalov.

Boles was stunned for a while. He also vaguely felt something. He stretched out his hand to help the white bear boy, and wiped the tears from Elaine’s eyes: “Don’t ask, leave here quickly. Stay where you should be.”

Elaine looked at the dragon man golem suspiciously and walked away.

“That kid feels really sharp.” Hearing the sound outside the door, Archmage Merlin, who came out to check, sighed, “Boers, don’t mind. Although I did use the parchment when I made you. Papaloff has part of his personality and memory, but your personality and memory belong to you.——You are you, and you and Papaloff are two completely different individuals.”

“I know, Master Mage.” The dragon man golem was packing up the documents on the ground, trying to use his work to ease his doubts, “but that kid, he saw through my soul. He could actually see what was left of me. Pieces of Papalov’s soul inside. Incredible.”

“Not at all, Bolles. It’s all inevitable and reasonable,” Merlin replied casually.

White Elaine, not some white bear. Like the late Papalov, he is a mysterious dragon-human — the [Guardian family] in the legend of the orcs.

Only the Guardians can synthesize the complete key to the wall of the world in their Therefore, the foxes hunted this mysterious race everywhere for decades.

There are only two survivors of the dragon people who were attacked and wiped out by the fox people.

One of them, abandoned by his mother as a “white bear” outside the village of Bediveville, grew up with the werewolf boy “white bear Papalov”.

The other is “Elaine the White Bear”, who was protected by his mother until his death, and finally fell into the hands of the fox people.

The foxes immediately began to make the key in Elaine’s body, but there was still a missing piece of the key, and the young Elaine did not have the physical strength to complete the key, so the foxes had to freeze the white bear man.

Until Arthur and others broke into the fox’s research institute and rescued the white bear (head)——

Until fate brought Elaine to Papaloff once again——

These two dragons met again at the intersection of fate.

There is no [accident] in this world, only various unpredictable [inevitability].

The reincarnation of Karma (destiny) is great and mysterious. It is a network intertwined with countless personal fates.

The meeting of the two dragons made the fate of the world’s destruction speed up once again.

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