Light Spirit Epic Chapter 516: Battle of Chaos (12)


Chapter 516 Decisive Battle Against Chaos (Twelve)

The golden sword light was extremely precise, slashing towards Mogosi’s head!

Keng! ! ———-

But it was blocked by a blade.

Chaos was holding the injured Morgos and was falling. He, who was once eroded by [Blood of Chaos], still possesses the power of a blood-red knight. It is an ability similar to the emerald knight, the body can change the blood red wings for him to fly in the air.

“It’s you again?!” Arthur roared. He doesn’t even know the leopard man, so he can’t even call him by name, “What are you doing?! Get out of the way! I’m going to kill that witch! She’s causing enough trouble!”

Arthur tried to kill Morgoth several times to bring things to an end. But things backfired, and there were always people standing in front of him.

Kaos shook his head and looked at Arthur with a sad look:

“I’m sorry, I’ll spare her this time. I promise, she won’t cause trouble again in the future.”

“You fart! Mogos isn’t Mogos if he doesn’t cause trouble!” Arthur said angrily, “Didn’t she want to kill you?! Why would you protect her with such a woman!?”

“So you don’t understand love.” Kaos hugged Morgos tightly and whispered, “Even if she never loved me, even if she was a vicious woman——I still I love her.”

Having said that, he opened his mouth and bit Mogos on the neck. He reinjected the [Blood of Chaos] that had mutated in him into Morgoth’s body.

He thinks this will keep Morgos in check: “This will keep her honest.

——So, that’s enough. She can’t hurt anyone anymore. Please let us go! “

Arthur was silent. Their heights are still falling, and if it goes on like this, Kaos can really escape with Morgos!

“If I still want to kill her?——” Arthur asked in a threatening tone.

Chaos showed a relieved expression. He had already thought about the answer to this question.

“Then, please pierce my body with her. I won’t let her die alone.”

A strange feeling touched Arthur’s heart. He looked at Kaos’ clear gray-black eyes and knew that what the Leopard Man said was the truth.

Will you sacrifice for her even if she doesn’t love you?

Ask what love is in the world, and directly teach life and death.

I don’t know, Arthur, who doesn’t understand love, can’t always understand.

He withdrew his sword, suppressing the anger and unhappiness in his heart: “Take her and get away from me! Don’t show up in front of us again! Next time, I will kill you all without hesitation. !”

“…Thank you.” Chaos picked up his woman, wrapped each other with his wings, swooped down at high speed, and soon disappeared at one end of the horizon.

Arthur also accelerated his fall, and soon saw the Avalon Pure Land under his feet.

He landed on the floating island that had destroyed most of it, and the [Silver Shadow] also came over and anchored on the ground.

“Arthur!” Bedivere flew over as soon as he got off the boat, hugging the knight, “You’re still alive! Great!”

“Hmm, don’t hug me so tightly, my whole body hurts.” Arthur pushed the werewolf boy away. Bedivere hasn’t seen him for a while, and he’s as sticky as a puppy, and this guy is really sticky all over his body (there’s still a lot of organic gel stuck on his body that hasn’t been wiped off).

Seeing that the sky was getting darker (it gets darker very fast at high altitudes), Arthur hurriedly asked: “Vivian, borrow your spaceship, let’s move first. I still have a lot of I wanted to ask you a question, but now… go pick up someone first.”

Arthur hasn’t forgotten Greenville, who landed on another floating island. The girl turned into a stone statue, and the situation is very critical. She needs to be taken to the Archmage Merlin to remove the petrification as soon as possible.

At the same time, on the front lines of Rome, in a military camp in Brindisi.

“The Expedition?” Tristan grunted.

“Shh! Are you crazy, talking so loudly!” Ivan said in a low voice, looking around constantly, using his eagle eye technique to guard against the actions of the people in the barracks.

“Anyway,” Evan felt relieved when he saw that no one around made suspicious actions, and muttered, “This matter has been approved by the Grand Duke of Hall. The next step is to find suitable team members and go deep into the Romani tribe. (Fox people) territory.”

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking.” Tristan muttered disapprovingly, “You want to borrow my [Ice Crystal] and let us take you to such a dangerous place.”

Indeed, a snorkel along the route of the Mediterranean Sea can penetrate deep into the territory of the Romanes and investigate the [darkness] of the foxes. Maybe they can destroy those dangerous goods before the fox people can create any terrible weapons.

This does have high strategic value, but going deep behind enemy lines is also a huge risk.

“You know, just dealing with those three [Black Killer Whale Golems] has been very difficult before. If they release more than a dozen or twenty monsters like that, we will surely die.” Tristan babbles, “Think about it, the benefits are not proportional to the risks. This is a very unwise move.”

Ivan was stunned for a while, he looked at Tristanjing in a daze.

“What’s the matter? Is there something dirty on my face?” The murloc prince frowned, rubbing his face with his hands.

“Why did your personality suddenly change?” Evan asked suspiciously, “Before on the submarine, he was quiet and quiet…”

“Ahahaha, I hate it, I was the captain of the boat when I was on the [Ice Crystal]. How can I be unprofessional.” , with a sound, and released all the words that were held back during the military affairs. If I don’t rely on this to balance it, I will go crazy.”

Evan covered his face and made a sad expression: “So I told you to keep your voice down…”

He could clearly see that many people outside the barracks turned to look at the barracks. Tristan was so excited and rowdy that it was hard not to be noticed.

After waiting for a while, and after confirming that no one was eavesdropping, Evan said: “In short, your submarine is necessary. We have no other ship that can dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, and no one can. Use advanced freezing magic like you do against those [Dark Slimes].”

“Uh, [Dark Slime]?”

“Referring to those slime molds infected by Yinzi——hhh, you haven’t read the report submitted to you at all?” Ivan was That, of course I read it , have a look, hahaha. “Tristan covered his shame with a smile as he searched for something similar to a report on his desk.

“This—a—!” Evan pulled out a folder from a drawer beside him.

“Thank you. It’s really convenient to have [Eagle Eyes]. I’ll learn it when I have time.” Tristan was still chattering shamelessly.

Evan crossed his hips and said nothing, quietly waiting for Tristan to open the folder to read.

“Do I really want to read?—” Tristan felt tired as soon as he saw the densely written large page.

Evan remained silent, his face very ugly.

“You’re so annoying. I’ll just read it.” Tristan cast his eyes on the lines of the document: “Oh, modify the slime mold so that the shadows can infect it. So the black ones we dealt with earlier. The monster is actually a killer whale golem with [Dark Slime] adhered to the surface. Mmmm.”

“By the way, do you hate me?” Ivan asked suddenly, “Why do you always look at me with that contempt? Did I do anything to make you hate me?”

The murloc prince put down the file and looked at the gray-black-haired young knight in front of him.

“Do you want to listen to [the version that doesn’t embarrass you so much], or the [version that embarrasses you]?” There was a hint of malice in his tone.

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