Light Spirit Epic Chapter 508: The final battle against Chaos (4)


Chapter 508: Decisive Battle Against Chaos (4)

Bedivere didn’t answer, paying close attention to the world snake’s movements.

His mouth hurts, his upper jaw and tongue were cut by the barbed scales on the snake’s tail, and his mouth is now full of blood. The act of biting the snake’s tail and throwing the snake out like that just now can only be done again at most.

This is a desperate gamble, trying to throw the snake into one of the two warp entrances, it’s impossible to think of a way.

Beddie whispers to Ryder.

Rabbit thought for a moment, “It’s possible. But you have to try to get it’s attention. Let it see what I’ve done, and this tactic won’t work.”

“Understood.” Bedivere turned back to his original form, raised his bow and arrow and ran out, “I’ll make it so busy that it doesn’t have time to pay attention to your movements. You just do it.”

“Stop ordering me!” Rabbit replied viciously and ran to the exit of the room.

World Snake saw the two parted ways in front of him, and was about to see what the rabbit did. But Bedivere has already drawn a bow and shot several arrows, and three shock waves blasted into the eyes of the world snake.

The snake was provoked and rushed towards Bedivere, identifying him as the top priority to eliminate.

The werewolf boy immediately bit his magic bow and turned into a wild beast, turning into a huge silver wolf and running wildly on four legs.

The world snake rolled up in a tornado and slammed into Bedivere. Silver Wolf rushed to the wall of the room, jumped on the wall before being overtaken by the snake, kicked the wall hard, and rebounded. The snake slammed into the wall, shaking the whole furnace to the point of being unsteady.

Bediver was unaffected in the air. It swung the magic bow with its tongue and fired several arrows! The shock wave blew up on the world snake, causing the snake to twist its body even more furiously, and slammed into the wall of the power furnace!

“Be careful!” Ryder got up from the ground, “Didn’t you hear Vivienne? This thing blows up half the world!”

“Understood, stop arguing!” Yinlang scolded, he didn’t dare to be distracted. The provoked world snake has become very dangerous, and if you fight it, it will endanger your life at any time!

“Isn’t it okay, Ryder?!” The silver wolf dodged from the left, and the world snake scraped from the right side of his body, making countless small holes on the wolf’s right shoulder.

“Alright.” Rabbit continued his work.

The world snake attacked again, and its tail swept toward the giant wolf. The giant wolf jumped into the air, flipped nimbly, and at the same time moved the bow and arrow to shoot two shock waves. The impact blasts the eyes of the world snake, briefly blinding the snake!

The furious serpent probed Bedivere’s whereabouts with its tongue, and swooped down with a whirlwind all over its body.

“Om!” Ryder used the blue beam of the ring to quickly draw a circle in front of Bedivere, and the entrance to the warp opened immediately, waiting for the world snake to plunge in!

The snake was already able to open its eyes. It looked at the black film in front of it, and immediately felt bad, and immediately twisted its body! The whole body of the World Snake Golem is composed of strong metal ligaments, as flexible and soft as a whip, with incredible explosive power! At a distance of only two yards, he was able to turn in an instant, slanted past the entrance of the warp, twisted back, and slammed into Bedivere!

“Wow ah ah ah!” The silver wolf was knocked over 30 yards away, smashed against the wall, and spat out a large mouthful of blood. The force of the impact was no trivial matter, and Bedivere felt that his ribs should have been completely broken!

“No… Ryder!” Bedivere saw Ryder being chased by the World Snake, but his body couldn’t obey his orders, and he couldn’t stand up and fight again!

“Don’t, don’t chase after me!” Ryder screamed and ran at the same time, drawing out a warp entrance and hiding inside! After Ryder escaped, all the entrances to the subspace in the room were closed, and even the one that blocked the exit also disappeared.

Seeing that the World Snake had no opponents and the road ahead was passable, he ran up the stairs, planning to chase Vivian and the others!

“It won’t… let you run away!” Bedivere used his last strength to bite the tail of the World Snake, trying to hold it back.

The World Snake turned to look at the silver wolf, waved its tail disdainfully, threw the silver wolf out, and at the same time drilled towards the exit.

At the same time that its attention was drawn away by Bedivere, a warp entrance had appeared in front of it, just before the one that had sealed the exit of the room.

Before the world snake could understand what was going on, it had already crashed into this dark space.

In front of it is Ryder the Rabbit. Rabbit has already made the exit of the warp space and jumped out by himself.

It turns out that Ryder has drawn another entrance at the entrance to the warp used for road closures.

This new entrance is slowly drawn with rings on the four walls of the exit of the room, the blue light is hidden in the wall cracks and can hardly be seen, plus the two entrances overlap each other, allowing the new The entrance has excellent concealment.

The World Serpent thought that if Ryder escaped, all the surrounding warp portals would be cleared, it was wrong. Ryder can control portals to the real world on and off even in the warp. He closed the other entrances to deceive the World Snake, leaving the subspace entrance that was only drawn in a circle but not opened, and opened it at the moment the World Snake wanted to pass!

Plus Bedivere distracted the World Snake at the last The snake didn’t notice the blue light on the wall at all, and rammed headlessly into the trap!

“Close it, hurry up!” cried Bedivere as Ryder emerged from the warp.

“Uh, that’s impossible.” Ryder saw the world snake run into the warp with its head only, and the body still outside, “If this guy doesn’t run in completely, the entrance can’t be closed. It will [hold up] ] at the entrance.”

Bedivere thought he could cut the World Serpent in two if he closed the entrance. He thought so beautifully.

“But I can do it.” Ryder tried to close the entrance, and the entrance narrowed instantly, trapping the head of the world snake inside. The golem struggled constantly, its body and tail swept around, but all of this was useless, it was caught in a predicament where it couldn’t advance or retreat.

“It’s good to have it trapped…” Bedivere sat limply on the ground, “but we can’t go any further!”

The world snake blocked the exit of the room, and the small stairs and door were the only way forward.

“Leave the rest to Vivienne and the others.” Ryder took off his robe, tore his clothes into dozens of strips, and started dressing Bedivere’s wound, “That’s all we can do. .”

Although he was extremely reluctant, the werewolf boy knew that his injuries were also very serious. At present, he was unable to remove the stuck giant snake, so he could only sit down and rest while trying to find a way.

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