Light Spirit Epic Chapter 506: The final battle against Chaos (2)


Chapter 506 Decisive Battle Against Chaos (2)

The crowd continued on their way. It took them about ten minutes to reach a huge space.

The wide circular plaza is about a thousand square feet, and the ground is entirely made of unknown metal structures with mysterious slits. The walls of the plaza were covered with some kind of tube as thick as a wrist, in which a liquid that seemed to be used to dissipate heat was flowing.

“Power Furnace!” Vivian looked at the huge glowing sphere floating in the air. The thing had been activated, spinning wildly. Dozens of luminous rings around it are also spinning wildly irregularly, producing some kind of electromagnetic effect with the luminous sphere in the center, transforming huge energy.

This frenzied core of energy is surrounded by energy-absorbing discs, and arcs generated by electromagnetic effects are captured by these discs and converted into other energy sources. The disc is constantly sending some kind of fluid energy with light out of another set of pipes, making the ceiling of the entire engine room unusually bright.

Seeing this, Vivian was not happy at all: “Mergos has successfully got the engine running! Quick! We don’t have much time!”

Everyone just wanted to move forward——

Boom! A huge black shadow fell from the sky, blocking everyone’s way.

The [World Serpent Golem—Yemengard], stolen by Morgos, has been reprogrammed.

It is now able to operate automatically, guarding the only way to reach the central control room, be sure to exclude all intruders!

The 100-foot-long World Serpent Golem, covered in black metallic luster, is evil and eerie. Its blood-red gleaming eyes made it even more sinister.

It sticks out its tongue, and its mechanical tongue detects the body temperature of everyone present. After it found the enemy, it flew towards the crowd involuntarily!

(No! The people here can’t compete with this golem!)

Bedivere has seen the power of the [Worg Golem—Fenir] and knows how terrifying the legacy of these ancient people is.

(Only [that] can stop it!)

—— Touch!

At the moment when everyone was attacked, Bedivere, who used the maddening technique and became huge, withstood the attack of the golem with both hands!

The 30-foot silver wolf and the 100-foot world snake golem collided with force, shaking the entire engine room!

“I’ll deal with it here! Hurry up!” the werewolf boy shouted.

“You can’t deal with it alone!” Palamides drew his weapon to fight.

But Vivian immediately grabbed Paramy and ran forward, “Time is tight, this is the best! We need more people to deal with Morgos!”


“Stop talking, let’s go!” The giant silver wolf knocked the world snake golem flying with one punch, opening a passage.

“Be careful not to break the engine. This thing can blow up half the world!” Vivienne instructed, and despite her husband’s objection, she directly rolled Palamidis with her hair. Get up and take away.

Kaos was stunned for half a second, then quickly followed.

“Ryder?!” Bedivere shouted, motioning for the rabbit to go too quickly.

Ryder didn’t make a sound. He started to use [The Lord of Time—Andrew Lalot] to doodle on the surrounding walls, as if preparing something.

Seeing that Ryder has his own plans, Bedivere is inconvenient to ask more questions, “Ryder, hide yourself! I can’t care about you if I fight it!”

The World Snake Golem once again pounced on the silver wolf. Bedivere took advantage of his stature and collided with the giant golem, trying to suppress this mechanical monster!

At the same time, on the battlefield outside [Destroyer Demon Dragon—Nidhogu]——

Boom! !

Something fell from the sky, smashing a huge hole in the basalt surface of the floating island.

Hundreds of stone bricks disintegrated immediately, and Arthur climbed out of the protection of the brick wall, dizzy.

There is a buffer magic similar to the enchantment in the stone brick, which protects Arthur from falling to death, but Arthur is still in excruciating pain, and the 212 bones on his body seem to be all scattered!

Before Arthur could take his breath away, hundreds of undead warriors had already come under siege! Arthur’s whole body was in pain, and he was not in a very happy mood, just to vent all his anger on these undead!

He unfolded the light blade of the 300-foot-long Sword of the Holy King, and the golden light blade turned milky white in an instant under the concentration of the knight.

The [Holy] enchantment is applied to such a huge light blade, and the mental burden on the user should be huge. But Arthur only needs to maintain one second!

Om! ! The huge light blade made an extremely dull sound, followed Arthur’s rotation, and swept away all the undead warriors who came from all directions with a sweeping momentum!

It doesn’t require a very powerful attack. After the [Holy] was added to the weapon, it was originally a one-shot kill against the undead. It purifies the pollutants in the bodies of the undead—the inherent photons of the succubus—and instantly restores the undead warriors to the state of corpses!

But Arthur’s attack is better. The purified necromancers flew out with the power of [divine], slammed into other undead again, and purified more undead together!

After the attack, Arthur put away the giant blade of the Sword of the Holy King and breathed a sigh of relief. There are thousands of leopard corpses on the ground, some of them have been dead for more than two days, and their whole body emits a terrible stench!

“Why are so many leopards dying? What did Morgos do?” Arthur muttered in confusion.

Dozens of warlock golems have been approaching from behind Arthur, planning to make a surprise attack from behind!

Clap clap clap clap! A storm of light bombs exploded ten yards behind and blew up all the Warlock Golems! The [Silver Shadow] spaceship arrived, hovering over the knights.

“Arthur?” Ser Arctor’s voice came from the spaceship’s loudspeaker, “Vivian and the others are in that golem, keep up!”

“Uncle? Why are you here——“

Pounds! ! The huge beam cannon shot at the entrance of [Nidhogu], blowing all the obstacles at the entrance.

“We’ll talk about it later. Go!”

Arthur quickly glanced at the battlefield. There were only a hundred warlock golems and a thousand undead warriors left, still fighting with the beasts. With the firepower of the spaceship in front of him, it is not a problem to solve these enemies at all.

He didn’t have time to worry about the old man, so he rushed directly to the entrance of the golem. With a few swords, he cut down several enemies blocking the way and rushed into the entrance!

Rumble Rumble! A blast of explosions sounded behind Arthur, and Ser Arctor disrupted the terrain around the entrance with a violent bombardment, blocking the entrance with rocks.

“Don’t try to stop fate.” The old man muttered to himself.

The [Silver Shadow] has long been besieged by several red-robed warlocks. Its shields were completely exhausted, and the engine was hit by the warlocks’ attacks, caught fire, and fell to the ground!

The old man had long since jumped out of the observation deck of the spaceship, wielding a lightsaber, and engaged in a deadly battle with the red-robed warlocks!

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