Light Spirit Epic Chapter 504: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (20)


Chapter 504: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (Twenty)

Dozens of necromancers rushed to block, Bedivere bit his magic bow, pulled the bow’s photon string with his tongue, and continued to shoot a second arrow! The shock wave blew the undead away, and opened a way closer to the destination!

We’re seven hundred yards from our destination!

The undead on both wings came like a tide! Vivian manipulated the lightsaber on her hair, her hair could be stretched and shortened freely, the lightsaber swept across from various unimaginable distances and angles, aiming at the waist and legs of the undead, and the army was pressing on both sides. cut down.

Before those undead had time to get up, Sir Arctor, who was in charge of suppressing the air, had already fired up the artillery fire of the spaceship, and thousands of light bombs fell from the sky, blasting these undead to pieces!

We’re five hundred yards from our destination!

Chaos, who was in charge of the rear of the palace, swept backhand with his sword while running. His ice sword creates a series of freezing waves and ice walls. The freezing waves freeze the chasing enemies and block more enemies. The ice walls rise from the ground to form one after another half-moon-shaped defense line. The thick ice wall can Stop the enemy’s pursuit as much as possible!

300 yards away!

Ryder was so focused on playing the magic flute on Bedivere’s back that he didn’t even have time to worry about being hit by a stray bullet. His flute continued to relieve the hypnosis of more monsters, and he also ordered the monsters to gather together to form a huge defensive line of monsters on both sides of the crowd to block the siege of the enemy from both sides to the greatest extent!

A hundred yards away!

Whoosh! A huge beam of light shot from the spaceship, exploded dozens of yards in front of Bedivere, and kept moving forward, making more roads!

Silver Wolf focuses on running. An enemy rushed towards him, and he waved the magic bow in his mouth—–a dagger made of hydra teeth was bound to one end of the magic bow, and the whole magic bow could be swung like a long spear. The hydra tooth dagger is extremely sharp, and it cuts the undead in half in an instant!

Fifty yards to go!

An enemy rushed out of the gap between the demon beasts, and Vivian’s lightsaber had already arrived, cutting off the undead’s hands and feet like cutting vegetables. Ryder threw out several sticky grenades, sticking them to the ground in large groups!

Rumble Rumble Rumble! The spaceship used all its firepower to bombard the battlefield indiscriminately! Ryder manipulated the beasts to smash left and right, crushing the undead army into flesh!

Ten yards! Dozens of red-clothed warlock golems stand guard at the entrance of [Nidhogu]!

Bedivere continued to draw a full bow with his tongue, and the magic bow shot out a strong shock wave, knocking the red-robed warlocks flying! They smashed on the shell of [Nidhogu] one after another, turned into countless scraps, and scattered everywhere with the impact!

“Wait a minute, it doesn’t have an entrance yet—” Ryder exclaimed.

“Just hold on to me!!” Bedivere roared as he rammed forward desperately!

Boom! ! The huge silver wolf smashed the entrance of [Nidhogu] and rushed into the body of this huge golem!

“Woooooo…” The bunny boy crawled out of the rubble and complained repeatedly: “Next time you want to do this, tell me first, okay? You and I are iron-headed idiots. It’s different, but hitting the wall hurts!”

“Mmmm.” Bedivere also crawled out of the ruins. He had been released from the mad beast, and there was blood on his forehead. “It hurts too, but this is the most effective method.”

Ryder tore a strip of cloth from his clothes and quickly wrapped the werewolf boy. “Who would bang their head on a door and say that’s [the most efficient way]? You idiot.”

Bediver doesn’t speak, looking at Ryder with a smile.

Palamidis also arrived with Vivian, and as soon as the two rushed in, they raised sticky bombs on guard.

Chaos was the last to arrive. As soon as he rushed through the door, he slashed several swords with his backhand, and the freezing waves shot out one after another, freezing the undead army chasing up into a column of popsicles!

Palamedis and Vivien threw the sticky grenade out at the same time, the grenade exploded, and a large amount of sticky poured into the entrance, blocking the door with several necromancers!

“It’s safe for now…?” Ryder breathed.

The army of undead outside is still fighting with the beasts. The attack power of the undead alone cannot kill the beasts, which means that the beasts will eventually crush all the undead until they can no longer use the corpses. regeneration.

Even in the worst case, the undead can’t break through this door and come in pursuit.

“It’s not time to rest!” Vivian dashed forward along the stairs, “Morgos hasn’t been defeated, and we’re not safe until we successfully prevent her from activating [Nidhogu].”

Everyone nodded and followed Vivian to rush into the body of [Destroyer Demon Dragon—Nidhogu].

At the same time, somewhere at 600,000 feet above sea level.

Arthur rides a stone-brick elevator to a small room in the sky.

The small white room was only about thirty square feet, square, made of unknown materials, and completely devoid of doors and windows.

When Arthur arrived, it had a gap, as if inviting a knight to enter.

Arthur jumped over the stone brick, his sword ready to go, ready to fight King Oser at any moment.

The moment he entered the small room, he was stunned.

The spirit of King Other sits on a chair in the center of the room, surrounded by thousands of hundreds of holographic windows showing… this piece of Avalon. all the views!

“Oh, Arthur, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” King Orser spoke.

He didn’t speak ancient Kelton, but spoke to Arthur in modern English? But his mouth didn’t move, and the sound came from all directions in the room, and he couldn’t tell the direction.

Arthur looks around in amazement.

“Don’t look at it, I’m using the translation system of this system to talk to you.” King Oser was still sitting in his chair, watching the knight boy calmly.

“Since you have a translation system in the first place, why do you need Greenwell to help you translate?”

“Because the girl is too enthusiastic. It is not the manner of a knight to refuse the enthusiastic help of a lady.”


After a moment of silence, Arthur raised his sword and angrily pointed at King Oser’s spirituality: “King Oser, what are your plans?! Why are you avoiding me?!”

“Avoiding you? Hahahahaha, no. I don’t have to hide, I’m just waiting for you to come.”

“What’s that for?” Arthur angrily said, “Can’t you tell me the location of the Holy Spirit of the last trial right away, so that I can quickly defeat it and leave this **** place?!”

“Oh, of course.” King Oser shrugged disapprovingly, took a sip from the teacup on the small table beside him:

“I can tell you and then watch you win the last Holy Spirit, complete your [pilgrimage], and get out of here. But, Arthur, are you satisfied with this?

——Do you think it’s enough to win the mere five Holy Spirits and gain their power? “

Arthur frowned, with a very cold expression on his face: “What do you want to say?”

“I want to gamble, boy.” King Oser said, “It’s strange, right? My deity, King Oser, is a tyrant with many Breaking out of him, he should have had With all his good qualities, I still inherited one of his shortcomings: gambling.”

Arthur listened without saying a word, wanting to know what kind of medicine was sold in the gourd of King Oser’s spirituality.

“I think so:

You are too weak, thousands of times weaker than King Oser back then.

The once mighty King Oser tried to save the world from the [Boundless Darkness], but he still failed. All he can do is to seal [darkness] and [put hope on the next generation].

——And now you, this one thousand times weaker than King Oser, what can you do? “

Arthur was speechless.

“Do you want to repeat the mistakes of King Oser, seal the darkness again, and continue the cycle of this world?

——Or do you want to truly remove the darkness from the world and bring us real hope? “

“Of course it’s the latter.” The boy replied without hesitation.

King Other’s expression began to become serious: “Then, you will become stronger than King Oser. —— Not a hundred times stronger than him, you can’t even touch the shadow of the [Holy Grail]. “

Arthur is startled. King Orser mentioned that thing.

——Holy Grail!

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