Light Spirit Epic Chapter 5: Awakening in the first battle (Part 2)


Chapter 5 Awakening in the first battle (Part 2)

“Huh?” Arthur looked up and saw a particularly luxurious ship behind the smoke-filled Viking fleet. The big ship is three hundred feet long, and the bottom of the ship is countless photon reflectors, making it easy to float in mid-air. Its main gun has a radius of over a hundred feet, and the projectiles fired from this thing can easily cut a huge hole in a castle!

—— Countless bullet rains came, and the fleet was consciously protecting the big ship, preventing Arthur’s iron cavalry from approaching. With such a tight defense, the leader of the Vikings must be on the mother ship!

“Navigator, the direction of eleven o’clock, full speed ahead!”

The teenager wields a lightsaber and shuttles through the hail of bullets. The light bullets were so dense that it was gradually impossible to dodge, but the iron cavalry was close enough!

Arthur leaped out, swung his body in mid-air, shuttled lightly in the rain of light bullets, and landed safely on the deck of the mother ship.

The next second, the iron cavalry slammed into the deck and opened a big hole, and the deck was red with explosions and fire. The fire field cleverly blocked the entrance and exit of the deck, making it impossible for Viking reinforcements to approach!

Dozens of Viking giants left on the deck are already waiting for the boy. All of them showed a fierce look in their eyes, and showed their weapons, wishing they could smash the young man into tens of thousands of pieces.

Each of these Vikings was several times taller than Arthur, and could crush the boy to shreds with one hand, but the boy didn’t take them seriously.

Arthur made a defiant gesture calmly: “Come on.”

As soon as the giants were provoked, they rushed forward in a frenzy.

“Hey, no energy?” Arthur’s lightsaber lost its light. The leading Viking warrior threw out even more recklessly, and the photon axe in his hand fell towards the boy’s head.

But before he slashed the boy, his head was pierced by the lightsaber in the boy’s hand. “Of course I lied to you without energy, idiot.” The boy sneered, and caught the axe in the giant’s hand, throwing it out with one hand, hitting the other enemy’s chest.

“Ha ah ah ah!!!” The other two giants attacked from the left and right, and stabbed their spears together. The young man leaned over to hide, and with a horizontal sword, cut the giant man on the left by the waist. With another vertical stroke, the giant man on the right is divided into two halves.

Another Viking swoops in, intending to smash Arthur to pieces with the giant hammer in his hand. But before he could land, he was stabbed to death by a long spear kicked out by the teenager.

His body flew backwards and smashed onto another Viking, falling from the ship together.

While the other Vikings were distracted to avoid the flying giant, the teenager stepped forward and stabbed one in the throat and another in the lower abdomen, before the other giant reacted. In the past, he chopped off his hand holding the weapon, kicked out the opponent’s dropped weapon, and smashed another giant man’s knee.

The Viking warrior who was hit in the knee didn’t even have time to fall to the ground and cry out in pain, so his throat was cut by a sword from the young man.

In less than a minute, nine Vikings were killed and wounded. After being injured, they could not escape death, and eventually the entire army was wiped out. Their wounds smoked from the heat of the lightsaber, and there was a stench of burning.

Arthur picks up a lightsaber on the ground to replace the depleted one in his hand, and takes a breath.

“It’s amazing.” Someone clapped their palms and said in less than standard English.

Arthur looked at the prestige: “You are the boss of the Vikings?”

That Viking is too big to describe. It was a giant like a mountain.

The Viking leader, who was naked and wearing only skirt armor, was covered in muscles with blue veins all over his body. His skin, engraved with blue-blue runes, made him look brutish and terrifying.

The giant holds a huge anchor, which is covered with a large number of photon mirrors. Only such a huge monster can hold such a terrifying weapon, and only such a terrifying weapon in the hands of such a monster can make it extremely powerful. Even a standard battleship can be easily cut open by this photon anchor… No, [cut in half].

Compared with this giant, the photon anchor, the young Arthur is like a grass on a giant mountain and a bug on a boulder. Both humble and small.

However, the boy faced a dragon, a beast much bigger than a giant. There is no tactical comparison between the two, but it gave the boy a little psychological comfort.

“Small, you are really capable of causing so much damage in my fleet!” The Viking leader said his words of praise in a contemptuous tone. His huge voice is like a landslide and a roar of a beast, and this sound alone is enough to cause death.

“However, your luck has come to an end. This giant anchor will slash your tiny body with one knife. You can’t hide! Even if you don’t touch it directly, it will be blown by the wind pressure raised by the blade. , the same will be bloody!!

I’ll let you choose. Did it cut itself off and die happily? Or will it be smashed by me with a knife and turned into pieces of slushy meat all over the deck of the ship, waiting to be eaten up by mice? However, even if you break it yourself, it will be smashed after death! “

“Why don’t I choose the third option. I’ll just kill you.” Arthur held a lightsaber in his hand, disapprovingly.

“Ha ha. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!” The giant laughed, as if he had heard a ridiculous joke: “What a foolish boy! Are you really not afraid of death?”

“Fear is one of the feelings I don’t have. So don’t worry, I wouldn’t hesitate if I took out your heart and crushed it.”

The giant laughed even more: “People often say I’m a monster. Are you a monster too? Interesting! The fight between monsters and monsters is really exciting!!!”

Viking giant raises anchor: “It’s time for the next bloodbath!”

“——It’s just that you’ve already been cut into pieces at that time.” Arthur snapped.

“Drink!!!” The giant suddenly fell with a single blow.

Touch! ! ! ! ! ! !

There was a loud bang and smoke filled the shattered deck.

The ground was covered in blood, and it was clear that something had been smashed to the bone.


A lightsaber pierced a hole in the giant’s leg. The boy stabbed his opponent with a sword and immediately disappeared in the smoke.

“Oh? How did you dodge that blow?” the giant asked.

“It’s very simple, because I didn’t stand there in the first place,” replied the boy’s voice.

The smoke cleared, and six teenagers stood on the deck.

“Projection magic?” The giant said disdainfully, “Hmph, Jing can be clever!”

The teenagers in front of them are all optical projections made with magic. It needs to rely on corpses on the battlefield to activate it, which is a common eye-covering method used by low-level magicians.

“Indeed, it’s just a cover-up, and it can’t even be called magic.” Arthur’s voice came out from all projections, and the projection sound is also part of the projection magic.” However, it is still used to save lives. Enough. After all, a monster as huge as you can strangle me to death with the touch of a finger.”

“It’s pointless to play this kind of cleverness!” The giant raised his weapon again, “This kind of thing, just smash it all at once!!”

The giant smashes hard. The photon giant anchor fell heavily, splitting the deck in two, setting off a huge shock wave, literally smashing all the six teenagers’ stand-ins in an instant.

Bang! ! ! ! ! !

Sawdust and iron pieces were scattered, and the giant’s attack even split the whole ship in two, and the fragmented deck was blown away by most of the ship, and the ship began to tilt and slowly sink!

“To get on a warship for a stinky brat,” the giant said contemptuously. Just as he lays down his weapon and prepares to leave——

The point of the lightsaber protrudes from his abdomen.

“What… what…?” The green light of the blade illuminated the belly of the Viking chief from the inside out, emitting a burning stench.

“For a guy as tall as a bear like you, the tip of the lightsaber really can’t reach your heart.” The boy’s voice sounded from behind the giant.

“You are already…how could…” The giant mumbled inexplicably.

“Who told you that there must be my real body in the stand-in just now? I’m just standing behind you looking for opportunities.” The boy stabbed his sword deeper, Cut all the way up.

“As expected of… a knight.” The Viking leader was already incoherent.

“When did I ever say I was a knight?” said the boy with disgust, “I’m just a passing swordsman.”

“The sword…the warrior…really…”

“Just say a few more words and get out of your breath!” The boy continued to pull the sword up, completely piercing the giant’s chest and shattering the giant’s heart.

“Ha, ha!” The giant did not fall forward, but pushed back hard.

“What!” The boy who didn’t have time to escape was crushed by the giant from the height of the mountain.

“You can’t escape this way.” The giant laughed wildly, “Since everyone is a monster, let’s be buried here together!”

The ship is sinking at an accelerated rate, and there is a sea of ​​fire everywhere. Before long, the ship will crash to the ground and everything will be reduced to ashes in a big bang.

“Damn it!” The young man struggled to escape, but he knew in his heart that his thin body would never escape from the weight of the giant.

“Did you just die here? My mission, my wish——” The boy closed his eyes reluctantly. “Father…”

At this moment, a voice suddenly asked: “You…why don’t you become a spirit body?”

Arthur blinked and saw a handsome young man wearing a black robe and silver hair and silver eyes. His face is a typical melon seed face, with a tall nose and flat eyebrows, plus the pupils that reflect brilliance like silver, plus the short silver hair, everything looks like a scholar.

Junmei is handsome, but he is dressed in ancient costumes that are out of tune with his time, and his illusory presence makes it difficult for people to believe that he is a [person].

“Are you… a ghost?” the young man asked the silver-haired young man.

“Ghost? Why do you compare me to such a low-level thing?” The silver-haired youth looked puzzled, “I can be considered a higher-level existence. Probably.”

“So, I’m really dead? I’ve become a ghost?” Arthur wanted to move his body suspiciously, but he was still pressed by the giant’s corpse and couldn’t escape. This unscientific. Can’t ghosts pass through objects?

“Death is not. At least, your body cannot die until it is incinerated by the fire.” The mysterious young man said.

(Isn’t this nonsense?)

“——I’m still alive?” Arthur took a deep breath, but the smoke from the fire made him suffocate: “Cough…help me! Help me out!!”

“So, I ask you why you don’t incarnate. After incarnation, can’t you simply escape? No, wait, you don’t know how to incarnate? No way. You shouldn’t still be The physical body of a natural man has not awakened yet?”

“Awakening?” Arthur asked blankly.

“Oops, I said too much.” The silver-haired youth’s expression changed, “This rough stone is unexpectedly simple. I may have been just like you, an ordinary…human being. Since when? What happened? It was so long ago that I can’t remember.”

“If you have time to mutter there, can you rescue me first?” The young man said hurriedly, “It’s getting more and more uncomfortable here——“

“Oh, it’s a great effort.” As soon as the young man raised his hand, the scene around Arthur changed instantly.

“This is… my room?” Arthur looked around. Lancelot is probably still helping out with preparations, otherwise he will be frightened by this scene.

“I thought you would feel more comfortable back here,” said the mysterious young man.

“Indeed.” The boy got up, “Thank you very much—”

As soon as the voice fell, there was already a fire outside the window. The Vikings’ mother ship slammed into the ground with a huge explosion.

Arthur hides his face from the blasting storm: “If I run away one step later, I’ll be a roast duck now.”

“No, I think, probably even if it explodes, it will avoid you, and even the flames will automatically pass by your side, and dare not hurt you in the slightest.” said the mysterious young man.

“Stop joking, how could I possibly use such a beneficial protection magic!” Arthur waved his hand in disapproval.

“Forget it, even if you explain it now, you can’t understand it.” The mysterious young man raised the staff in his hand, “Goodbye, Arthur. Next time we’ll talk about are– —-?”

“Merlin. You can call me Merlin.” The staff in the young man’s hand began to glow pale, “Let’s call it a magician.”

With a flash of light, the youth disappeared out of thin air.

“Teleportation magic! It’s actually done without any preparation…” Arthur said naturally to himself, “This is already at the level of a magician, so what else would you say [let’s be considered a magician for now] ]?”

The battle outside the window has gradually come to an end. Losing their leader, the Vikings became distracted and began to run away with their tails between their heads. The knights also stopped their pursuit.

“Why don’t you chase after them and give the final blow. If you don’t kill them all, they will soon cause trouble again——” Arthur said to himself.

“That’s impossible. It’s against the Knight’s Creed.” A voice came from behind him.

“…So, knights are really… stupid creatures.” Arthur fell to the ground before he could finish speaking.

He just noticed how tired he was. He not only fought a dragon, but also killed countless Vikings in one day.

A tall figure walked towards the boy, but the boy’s eyes were too tired to open.

“Father…?” Arthur said a nonsense in his dream.

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