Light Spirit Epic Chapter 478: Fighting in Heaven (10)


Chapter 478: Battle in Heaven (10)

Arthur and Greenville were alert at the same time, drawing their weapons on guard. But after the door was opened, no one came out of it, only a faint light appeared.

“Is this a trap?” Arthur said with a frown, not knowing how ridiculous it was to frown with a black face.

“A trap or a trap,” Greenville tried her best to hold back her laughter and looked away from Arthur’s face, “better than sleeping on the street. It’s just as different for us to sleep in an alley like this. Wonderful, isn’t it?”

Indeed, if you go into the house overnight, you at least have a defensive stronghold when you are attacked, you only need to guard the entrance; if you are ambushed in such an all-around alley, you don’t even know which direction to defend. worse.

Although full of suspicion, Arthur pushed the door and went in, taking a look at the movement in the two-eyed stone room.

Sure enough, no one was half a figure.

The empty room was bright, and there was some kind of glowing spell on the ceiling that illuminated the room.

The stone table, stone chair, stone bed, and even the stove on the side are also made of stone. The structure of these white stones is unknown, it seems to be a kind of jade, hard and heavy.

In such a tall and spacious room, there is no second floor, and the ceiling is eerily high, like a room prepared for giants. Arthur had heard that the ancient Keltons were tall, far taller than the Vikings he had seen. This kind of big house was probably designed to cater to the Kelton warriors at that time.

“It seems safe to come in.” Arthur said.

Greenville had already slipped into the house and pushed open the only window on the side. The two heavy stone windows can only be pushed open by a gap the size of a palm, only for the ventilation of the room.

The winter night gets dark very fast. It was only a little dark just now, but now it is completely dark outside the window, and there are even some snowflakes falling in the night sky. If you spend the night in the alley outside, you may be in danger of freezing to death.

Arthur couldn’t help but glance at the stove, which wasn’t lit by wood, but a magic spell pattern. This seems to be the same type of spell pattern as the one in the backyard bathing pool of King Oser’s cabin before, a spell pattern simply used for heat.

Greenville stepped back from the window, shuddered, and hurriedly sat by the fire to warm herself: “What the **** is King Other thinking about. Are you going to use all means to prevent us from reaching him?”

“If I beat him, this body might absorb him too. It’s normal for him to avoid me.” Arthur also sat down to warm himself and sighed.

“Despicable guy. If you don’t do it yourself, you call a lot of people to stop us.” Greenville gently combed her beautiful long hair. She has been traveling all these days, and she has not taken good care of herself. My hair, now take advantage of the opportunity to rest, and quickly comb it.

“He said, there is only one last Holy Spirit before the Holy Spirits in my body can be fused together and removed from my body.” Arthur also took off his armor and wiped it with the corners of his clothes.

His black dragon armor will automatically repair the damaged parts, in fact, there is no need to take care of it, only need to occasionally remove the stains on it.

“But since I have absorbed so many holy spirits and evil spirits, why hasn’t the fusion started yet?… Sure enough, isn’t it enough that it is not a designated holy spirit?” Greenwell also began to trim the weapon. , “The Holy Spirit to challenge at the end…could it be King Oser?”

Arthur grunted as an answer. He had fought once with the holy dragon that King Oser had turned into. Even now, he couldn’t think of any way to defeat that gigantic monster. If you really want to fight King Oser, it is estimated that you will definitely lose, right?

A guy with that kind of power has to hide. What is he afraid of?

Or, what is he planning on purpose?

“Greenville, go to bed.” Arthur put aside the many questions in his mind, “Although it is safe here, we can’t relax. We will take turns to watch the night, you should rest first.”

“Are you okay?” Greenville looked at Arthur, who was bruised and bruised. He had not yet healed from the injury he was struck by the lightning. “You look more tired than me, or —–”

“Go to sleep first,” Arthur said firmly.

He is not sleepy. On the contrary, although his whole body is sore, his brain is full of energy like a stimulant. Even if he is forced to lie on the bed and close his eyes in this state, it is estimated that he will have to toss and turn for a long time before falling asleep.

——Sharks never sleep. Their left and right brain hemispheres alternately dormant, and one brain is always awake.

A fantastic idea popped into Arthur’s mind.

Arthur shook his head, wondering where this strange idea (knowledge) came from. He had never studied marine life, why did he suddenly know that [sharks never sleep]?

He explained to himself that this was probably a hallucination caused by being too tired. He glanced at Greenville, who was already asleep on the stone bed. The girl’s sleeping face was unexpectedly quiet, not like the sarcastic little devil.

I always feel…she’s a little different than usual. That hair, reflecting a beautiful halo in the light of the stove, her face is more rosy and translucent than ever, supple and smooth…

Arthur found that his heartbeat was a little abnormal, and quickly looked away from Greenville’s face, looked at the doors and windows of the stone room, and seriously started the work of vigil.

7 p.m. Athens.

“Okay, we can go any time.” After setting up the navigator, Vivian called everyone into the control room.

She looked at Bedivere, “Are you really going? Don’t you have other tasks to complete? This showdown with Morgoth is very dangerous, and we may not come back here again.”

“El and Deanna are in Rome, and I can’t help by staying in Athens. Stopping Morgoth’s plan is the priority now. You lose, and the world suffers too, isn’t it?”

“Since that’s the case…” Vivian summoned a golem, and the golem opened the box it was holding, which contained a suit of armor: “This is what you left behind when you left Pantoracken. The black dragon armor. Wearing this will at least make you live longer.”

Beddie picks up his black dragon armor. Vivian seems to have made quite a few modifications to his armor, linking the black dragon’s scales with a tighter frame, making the armor look more compact and easy to move around without reducing its protection.

“Well, thank you.” Bedivere put on the armor and moved around. There was someone else’s smell on the armor, and Brady remembered that he had given the armor to Tristan for protection before leaving for the Underdark. “How is Tristan?”

“He’s fine. He knows we’re coming to the and told us to bring this armor.” Palamedis was also busy sorting out his gear, and he was wearing a set of light armor himself, yes Designed to minimize armor pieces for ease of movement.

Even Ryder wears a thin armored robe, with several pieces of armor providing meager protection.

Among these people, the only one who did not wear any protection was Kaos. Black Panther seems to be very confident in its speed, thinking that it can easily avoid the enemy’s attack without protection.

…Or rather, he’s taking his life.

“I want to ask you something.” Kaos said at this time, “If I die, can you help send this kid away? It can be sent anywhere outside the Underdark. As long as there is someone Will take his word.”

Vivian set her eyes on the black panther baby in Kaos’ arms: “I will find a way for you.”

(What’s the matter with this will-like atmosphere?!)

“Leave the spaceship to me during the battle. Even if I get off the ship, my old bones can’t help much, so I will stay on the spaceship to take care of the baby. In this case, at least someone will survive.” Sir Arctor said.

“Old man, pay attention, this ship is brand new, I won’t spare you easily if there are scratches.” Vivian said indifferently.

“Then, let’s go.” She sat on the control seat and controlled the ascent of the spacecraft.

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