Light Spirit Epic Chapter 47: Assault on Yu Dimei


Chapter 47: Raid on the Demon (Part 2)

Queen Lilith of Iceland retreated to the backyard with a dozen court magicians. The huge ice wall temporarily blocked the invaders, but it couldn’t support it for long.

The monsters on the other side of the ice wall are made up of Vikings and merfolk, attacking frantically.

They don’t know cold, they don’t know tired, they never stop.

They beat the ice wall with all kinds of weapons, and the wall slowly crumbled, thinned, ready to fall.

A palace magician cut a necromancer in the waist, watched the thing fall and then climbed up again, and continued to climb over with half of her body, she screamed in panic: “No matter how you kill it, you can’t kill it! This, These monsters!”

“Don’t be afraid, hold on a little longer, reinforcements will be here soon!” the Queen shouted, emboldening the soldiers. But she knew in her heart that there would be no reinforcements.

She began to regret that she didn’t listen to the warning of the Pantoracken knight and prepare as soon as possible.

About the succubus and the necromancer, she sneered at the beginning, taking it as a lie of the knight Arthur, and thought it was an excuse made by despicable human beings to escape their crimes.

These necromancers are actually more terrifying than Knight Arthur says. At first there were only a dozen Vikings, but they couldn’t kill them, and their excellent cold-resistant equipment made them unable to freeze.

The victim soon appeared, and the victim immediately joined the army of necromancers.

The army of the mermaid kept dying, and the number of necromancers kept increasing. The battle situation soon reached an uncontrollable level. Even those sea monsters who were arranged to guard the palace moat were killed one by one, and then became dead. spirit.

The merfolk kingdom faces unprecedented disaster, and it may be destroyed.

“Freeze the door so it can take a little longer,” said the Queen, and with the few remaining mermaids, retreated into the cellar.

In the cellar, a knight is being chained by four thick iron chains. His bare upper body has strong muscles. He was beaten with blood but still remained motionless. Now he seems to be closing his eyes and resting.

“Oh, Her Majesty, good evening.” Kay opened his eyes when he saw the mermaids walking in.

The queen said nothing, drew her sword and cut it down.

Kay thought he was going to die. But no pain. Only then did he realize that it was only the chain that locked him was cut off by the queen.

The queen opened a stone wall of the cellar, and behind the stone wall was a dark passage: “There is no time, there is a secret passage here, you should escape from here.”

“Secret passage? Escape?” Kai asked blankly. Imprisoned in the cellar, he was unaware of the succubus’ attack.

“The necromancers have attacked the palace. We are here to block it. You can escape.” The queen explained briefly, she didn’t want to waste time.

“Stop joking, run away? Want me—the silver knight Kai Aktor—to escape under the cover of a woman?! No way!!” Kai waved his hands in dissatisfaction.

The Queen’s heart aroused, and she grabbed the knight’s neck with one hand: “Listen to me! You are the bargaining chip for my son! You are dead, what will I exchange for the hostages?! Let me escape!” “

“Death? Who said I would die!” Kai pushed the Queen away.

“No way! They’re going to break through—–” Before the mermaid guard could finish speaking, his throat had been pierced by a spear. Necromancers broke through the door.

“Ha, the party starts!!” Kai rushed up, and since he had no weapons, he had no choice but to throw a punch, smashing a Viking’s head with one punch!

Another Viking slammed a rock hammer on Kai’s head. “It’s too brittle!” Kai shouted, catching the hammer in one hand, grabbing it, and crushing it. With the palm of Shimo, he crushed the skull of the Viking, along with the helmet.

The spear stabs. “Too blunt!” The knight stretched out his palm and slapped the tip of the spear flying, and the rebounded tip went straight through the temple of the merman holding the gun.

The long sword strikes. “Too short!” Kai stabbed the sword in his hand, and before the sword touched him, he slashed the hilt across his waist, and even shattered the arm of the Viking holding the sword.

The giant stick is coming too slow! “Kay caught the stick, kicked in return, kicked the head of the flying enemy, collided with the head of another enemy, and both shattered.

“It’s too slow, but it’s okay!” The knight swung the iron rod, like a whirlwind of death for a while, wherever he went, blood splattered, flesh splattered, bone fragments burst, undead warriors They were shredded in groups, and more poured in, and shredded again…until the passage was completely blocked.

“Okay, that’s amazing,” the Queen said involuntarily. At the same time, she was not idle, and immediately used magic to freeze the pile of meat puree and let them block the passage.

“Contrary to Arthur’s previous reports, the undead do not appear to have regenerated,” said Sir Kay. “Is the quality degraded by the abundance?”

“They started out as a dozen or so, but the more people died in battle, the more undead added,” the Queen explained.

“The succubus-infused photons passed from one corpse to another,” Kay said. “It really is [spreading death].”

“This kind of guy spreads in the city, the civilians have almost no ability to resist, and the kingdom of Iceland will be occupied by the undead overnight!” The queen was worried.

“That’s a big problem. If all the beautiful mermaid sisters turned into zombies, it would be a waste.” Kai looked happy, I don’t know if it solved the hatred in his heart, or because– —–Have a chance to show his heroism in front of the mermaid sister?

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