Light Spirit Epic Chapter 441: Moving to disaster (1)


Chapter 441: The calamity (1)

At the same time, one in the morning, Rome.

Charlotte sneaks into the Devil’s room…not to see the dragon sleeping, but to retrieve the phone she threw to the Devil.

She was afraid that the evil star would be entangled like a lunatic, so she moved very lightly, silently sneaked into the room, and silently took the mobile phone from the blond boy’s bedside.

“Sha… Lottie…” the dragon whispered. startled the girl.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found out that Shaxing was just dreaming.

She walked out of the room slowly, closed them, and checked her phone immediately, for fear that the phone would be damaged by the evil star. It was a gift from her brother Lancelot when the girl just woke up. If she was damaged by the dragon like this, the loss would be huge.

Fortunately, it’s not broken.

There is an extra recording in the phone’s memory?

The curious girl turned on the recording and listened without thinking. What she heard at first was a piercing scream, she was startled, and quickly turned down the volume.

She thought it was a prank by the evil star, and she planned to delete the recording immediately after quitting the broadcast.

But the clumsy girl did not poke the [Close] button on the screen, but clicked the end of the playback bar of the recording, and jumped to the recording part of the last paragraph.

“…How much time do I have?” Shaxing’s voice asked.

“About three days.” Another voice replied. That seems to be a therapist.

“I won’t ask you to find a way to prolong my life, Mage.”

(Okay, that’s a mage.)

“But, I beg you, find a way to get me out of bed one more time — one day, one day is enough. Then I’ll die without regrets.”

(One day? Die without regrets?)

“One day? I’ll think of a way.” The mage’s voice replied.

(Stupid guy. Just one day, what’s the use?)

Charlotte is curious. If Sha Xing could only get out of bed for one more day in his life, what would he do?

The blond girl who has been suffering from petrochemical disease and has been lying in a hospital bed for a long time knows the pain.

Even though she is a willful and selfish girl, she can still feel the despair and sadness of the evil star. She used to be like him, without even the freedom of physical movement.

Because of this, she suddenly felt pity for Xinghuilong.

The fate of two people who had no intersection at all was linked because of a phone call recording. Sha Xing’s tone was so sincere and desperate, she didn’t even suspect that this recording was fabricated.

However, the next sentence completely moved Charlotte.

At the end of the recording, the dragon’s snoring sounds gradually, and he appears to be asleep.

Which mage is also convinced of this, so he said this sentence:

“Sorry, child. You could have been saved, but I couldn’t risk destroying the world just to save you alone.”

After hearing this, Charlotte was dumbfounded.

He’s still alive! A certain mage can save the evil star, but he is reluctant to do so, because doing so will “risk the destruction of the world”!

This is the maximum understanding the girl can get from the limited information.

The evil star is still alive. It’s just that some people don’t want to save him.

As the girl left the palace, she called her brother. The phone rang for a long time before it was connected. On the other end of the phone was Lancelot’s half-asleep, lazy voice: “Charlotte…? It’s so late, what’s going on?”

“Brother, if I’m sick and dying, there is still a way to save me, but in order to save me, I’ll let you… uh, do some very bad things to this world… … in this case, would you choose to save me?”

Lancelot was silent for a while. The answer is yes. In order to save Charlotte, he even did the same thing. He betrayed Arthur and put the entire Pantoracken in crisis, just to give the girl a chance to be rescued.

Even now, he has not regretted his choice.

“Of course.” Lancelot sighed, “In order to save you, I can even ask me to destroy the world. If the world doesn’t even allow me to save you, then the world is mine. enemy.”

Charlotte was expecting the opposite answer from Lancelot, so that she could convince herself to leave the Shaxing’s business alone. But what her brother said made her even more confused.

(Let that stupid dragon find his own death! He is not related to you, so why do you care about his life or death?)

(Just a stranger, can he be saved, what does it have to do with you?)

(The mage also said that to save the stupid dragon is to put the world in great danger. Do you still want to intervene in this matter?)

(Can you put the world in crisis in order to help a stranger?!)

Charlotte, who was struggling with pain in her heart, was upset for a while. She hurried to her lounge, stumbling over the armor on the corridor without knowing it.

Early the next morning. Territory of the Griks, Athens.

Bedivere looked sadly at the corpse of the herbalist Papho. The Elephant Man’s corpse had been devoured by the beasts to the extent that only bones were left. If it wasn’t for Ryder’s rescue in time, Papho wouldn’t even be able to leave a whole corpse.

Now, he is covered in a pure white cloth and has fallen into a peaceful sleep.

“He lost his life trying to block those crazy monsters. You’re going to bury him, right?” Albert asked in a low voice.

“Of course,” Deanna agreed. “He’s an Athens hero like the seven hundred and thirty-eight fellow Leopards who died last night. We’ll erect a monument to them. Well, his whole The name is…?”

Bediveville and Albert looked at each other. Ashamed to say, the two of them spent several days with Papho, but they still hadn’t figured out the full name of the Elephant Man herbalist. Pavu was taciturn, and the two teenagers couldn’t communicate well with him at all.

“Let’s call him [Papho] for the time being. Let’s go back and ask Patriarch Tut for details.” Bedivere sighed, he felt very sorry for the elephant man.

The leopards have also sorted out the ruins in the city of Athens, packed up the remains of other victims, and prepared to bury them properly.

Albert looked at the chained axe on the ground, which was Pav’s weapon. The tiger man boy couldn’t wield such a heavy weapon, but he still took the iron chain away as a souvenir for Papho.

“What should I do now?” Al asked with a frown, “I want to talk to the three Hackett brothers?”

“You did win against the three of them, so they shouldn’t be fooled, right?” Bedi replied worriedly, “That is to say, you must be the leader of the Glick clan?”

The tiger-man boy’s face darkened immediately: “No. I have done a coming-of-age ceremony in the Turks, and I am a Turk. This will never change.”

He is so stubborn. Albert was gently accepted by elephants when he needed it most. Elephant people are already his people, this can never be changed, become a kind of eternal mark inscribed in his soul.

Therefore, the only way he could think of was to push the position of the leader of the Leopard Clan to Bedivere: “I think you should be the leader!”

Bedivere understood that Al would have such troublesome thoughts, and sighed even more annoyed: “You are so stupid, I won’t promise you! — I have already followed I have to go back to [King] after the matter in the Underdark is How can I help you guys manage a clan!”

The werewolf boy and the tiger boy glared at each other and were at a standstill. Watching the two teenagers dodge this way, the high priest Diana chuckled lightly: “Since none of you are willing to be, let’s find someone else to be the best, what are you fighting for?”

The two teenagers looked at each other and looked at Papho’s body involuntarily.

Then sighed together.

If Papho was still alive, things would have been much simpler. The Elephant Herbalist was so reliable—though not much to say—that they wanted him to be the head of the Griks, and Bedivere had achieved their goal.

Aside from Paphos, they didn’t know any other reliable people in the Underdark who could do this job.

“Sure enough, I still need to choose among the three Hackett brothers?” Albert sighed.

“No…Isn’t there a personal choice here?” Bedivere glanced at Deanna, the snow leopard girl.

“Me? No, no, no!” The girl immediately waved her hands and shook her head, “The positions of high priest and patriarch cannot be held at the same time. If I hold both positions, I will attract a lot of dissatisfaction.”

The two teenagers sighed again, and sure enough, they had to choose among the three Hackett brothers. Those three guys aren’t good people yet…

Perhaps it would be a good choice to grab a leopard man on the street to be the patriarch?

Albert shook his head annoyed.

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