Light Spirit Epic Chapter 44: Chasing for Yukino (table)


Chapter 44: Chasing Yukino (List)

The figures of two teenagers ran on the snow field, leaving long footprints. The snowfield began to gradually become brighter.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Tristan ran out of breath, but did not hesitate in his footsteps, “Beddy! Stop chasing, are you bothered!”

“You, don’t run, won’t you be fine?” Bedivere also panted, still chasing after him.

“Temporarily, pause!” The mermaid boy stopped at the edge of the cliff, “If I don’t run, don’t chase after you!”

“I don’t, I’m not chasing! But you also hurry, hurry back, Tristan!” The werewolf boy stopped and gasped, “You, what do you want? The golden trident has been obtained, and the task has been completed. Arthur won’t hurt you, so why run?!”

“How can you do it if you don’t run! What if you take the trident back?——I know what kind of person my mother is! Once she gets the trident, she will turn her face away and not recognize anyone, and she will kill her. It’s yours! I ran for your own good!” Tristan said as he slowly retreated to the cliff.

“Even so,” Bedivere retorted, slowly approaching, “we have to go back and return to life! Kay stays there as a hostage, and if we escape, Kay will die!”

“None of my business!” The murloc boy said indifferently, being selfish, he only cared about the safety of his friends. “I don’t know that knight, why should I care about his life or death!? It’s enough for me as long as Bedi is alive! By the way, let’s run away together! To a place where a mermaid and a human can’t find us, no matter where. Yes, it is a hundred times better than being locked up in the palace all the time!”

“You can ignore other people’s lives, but I can’t!” said the werewolf boy, “Arthur will always find a way. We just need to trust Arthur and go back and save Kai too.”

“Then you’ll leave Iceland and go back to Pantoracken, right? Leave me in that **** palace and never be free! That’s your way? That’s great!”

Tristan is telling the truth. This is the biggest fear in the murloc boy’s heart. He didn’t want to be left behind by his friends.

“You said it was my friend, but you don’t consider me a friend at all! In the end, you only care about yourself!”

Because Bedivere was his only friend. Friends like this are hard to come by. If he misses this time, he will have to wait another ten years and a hundred years.

—–He doesn’t have the patience to wait any longer!

However, this is what worries Bedivere the most. Tristan will be crazy about the word [friend], be irrational, and do things that hurt friends.

—– He will never allow it!

Bedivere takes out the lightsaber that Arthur gave him as a spare. A green light shone, illuminating the werewolf boy’s face.

“Tristan——It’s because I treat you as a friend that I can’t let you go wrong!”

Plan! He slashed it with a sword, and the sword light pointed directly at Tristan’s calf! Tristan instantly retreated to dodge, but a scorch mark was drawn on his leg.

“You’re lying!” The murloc boy also took out his trident, “No one would fight against their friends!”

He raised his trident and stabbed a shot, the point of which pointed directly at the werewolf boy’s arm. The werewolf boy also stepped back to dodge, but there was still a small cut on his arm.

“You forced me!” Bedivere said angrily, swinging his lightsaber and attacking again, “Since you still want to run, I will take you back even if I cut off your feet!”

“Try it if you can!” Tristan shouted, swinging his trident to block.

The two rushed towards each other and began to hack and slash at zero distance. The green light of the lightsaber and the golden light of the golden spear drew a stream of ribbons in the dark night. One aimed at the opponent’s calf with his sword to slash, and the other stabbed the opponent’s arm with his spear.

It’s really sad that they have to hurt each other so much even though they are friends.

The cold wind and snow raged through the last segment of darkness before sunrise and became stronger again. The blizzard that was coming in a blink of an eye fascinated the two of them!


“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh–” Tristan also blushed, mercilessly raised his gun and stabbed!

The green light of the lightsaber and the golden light of the golden spear collided burst into a strong brilliance, causing a lot of shock! The surrounding earth suddenly began to roar and roar, as if something bad was about to happen!

“Wait a minute. This is ——!” Tristan stopped and looked around.

“This is…?” Bedivere also stopped, listening to the sound of the dark throbbing. “No, run!!!!”

A large piece of white stuff on the cliff, like a sea tide, like a rolling stone, rushes down with an amazing momentum, oncoming!


The two of them couldn’t care less about the fight and started to run away frantically, hoping to escape to the edge of the cliff and find cover to protect themselves from being washed away by the snow!

It’s too late! Massive blizzards swarmed from the cliffs, flushing the pair out. It engulfed a large swath of ice in an instant.

“Avalanche!” cried Arthur, who was chasing five hundred yards away, “just in the direction they were traveling. Hope they don’t get affected!”

“Oh, no!! His Royal Highness!!!” Wendina exclaimed, she used magic to levitate herself, speeding up to catch up.

Arthur also quickened his pace, rushing forward at a speed unimaginable for human beings, blowing a storm on the snow.

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