Light Spirit Epic Chapter 422: Dancing to the Ritual (3)


Chapter 422 Dancing to the Ritual (3)

The high priest jumped out of the sedan swiftly, and surrounded by dozens of priests, he slowly walked towards the two alien youths.

The blood dripping from his forehead confused Bedivere’s left eye, and he looked at the approaching high priest with one eye half-open: “What the **** does he want to do?”

“…Beddie, we’re running away——“

“Stop!” the high priest said first.

“…What do you want, High Priest?” Albert asked in a low voice.

The high priest walked in front of the tiger-man boy and pointed at El’s chest: “The chosen one, wake up now.

edoum’das ellamu’n x’slas—–“

The high priest begins to chant some kind of incantation.

“What meow!?” Al was surprised at first, and then felt a pain in his abdomen.

“Boss.” The high priest leaned in front of Albert, lifted her veil, and revealed her true face.

She is the snow leopard girl Al met last night, “Jack”.

“It might be a little uncomfortable next. Don’t resist, it will be fine soon.” Jack whispered.

“Ugh…” Albert didn’t have time to answer at all. There was a sharp pain in his abdomen, something started to explode in his body, and a strange feeling spread in his blood. Something is occupying his whole body!

“Uhhhhh!” He fell to his knees in pain. And the high priest continued to recite some kind of incantation, and every syllable of the incantation poured into Albert’s mind, causing a commotion in his body!

What is growing in El’s body! It spread through the tiger man boy’s body, gradually gathered in his spine, and finally accumulated on Albert’s back, forming two nodules.

These two tumors grew bigger and bigger, and began to burst through the flesh on Albert’s back, and the contents inside were sprayed out of El’s back!

Pop sand! A lot of blood splattered from the broken flesh, and the contents of the tumor instantly stretched, grew larger, and took shape!

That is, a pair of white wings. Albert grew a pair of white wings on his back!

“Ai, Al?” Bedivere looked at his friend in amazement. He never expected such a huge change in Albert.

“Ha, ha, ha…” The tiger man knelt on the ground and gasped for breath. His whole body was in severe pain, and he didn’t have time to pay attention to Bedivere.

“Our Sogteris, you have finally awakened,” the high priest said.

The people present were as stunned and bewildered as Bedivere. Many leopards were already kneeling on the ground, worshipping Albert, as if they regarded the tiger man as some kind of god.

“Um…what the **** did you…do to me?!” Albert asked Jack in a low voice, “Is that…the golden egg? “

The high priest didn’t answer Albert, just picked up Albert and whispered in his ear: “Don’t worry, that golden egg is a treasure left by the ancients, it just transformed your body, Gives you the ability to fly.

——It doesn’t make you into another creature, and it doesn’t cause damage to your body. I need you to keep pretending to be our Sauternes—our savior. “

Albert vaguely understood the plan of the high priest. It turned out that all this was arranged by Jack long ago. He closed his eyes, endured the severe pain all over his body, and in the dizziness, he expected the pain to pass quickly…

At the same time, the elephant-man herbalist Pavu was walking through the alley. He had spent a lot of time here to find the location of the black rabbit man Xiao Hei along the route of yesterday.

Finally, let him find it.

The huge wooden house is a warehouse, and the dungeon of the warehouse is where the monsters are kept. Blackie must be waiting there too.

Pavle groped in gently. At eight in the morning, it was still dark and there were no guards. He easily sneaked into the warehouse, entered the cellar, and pushed open the cellar door.

“Little Black?” Pavle asked in a low voice.

“Who?” Rabbit was awakened, she struck the fire with flint a few times and lit a torch.

The beasts were still sleeping, and the light from the torches caused a commotion. Xiao Hei muttered a few words to the demon beasts in a strange language, quelling the commotion.

“Again, is that you again, sir?” Xiao Hei looked at Papho the Elephant. Even though Puff had helped her before, the size of the elephant was intimidating.

The black rabbit girl couldn’t help but take a few steps back: “Sir, if you want to wait for the master of Kaos, it’s better to wait in the warehouse outside. It’s dirty and smelly, and it’s not suitable for a big man like you. “

Pavre didn’t answer, just stood silently.

“Sir?” Xiao Hei was a little dazed.

Pavle leaned against the wall, crossed his arms, and asked in a low voice, “Bandage, removed?”

“Hmm… I felt better, so I took it down. The beasts don’t like the smell of medicine, and if they keep using that medicine, they will anger the beasts.”

Even the rabbits who can communicate with the monsters don’t dare to provoke the monsters easily. Otherwise, it is likely that they will become the snacks of the monsters when they control the monsters.

Pavu handed Xiao Hei a bottle of medicine: “This has no taste.”

The wound medicine taken orally does not leave an unpleasant smell to the monsters. At least, that’s what Puff thinks.

“Okay. I accept it, thank you.” Xiao Hei said, picking up the medicine and gulping down it.

There was a sudden noise outside the door.

“Oh, **** it!” Xiao Hei put his ear against the wall and listened, “The overseer is here, sir, you should retreat for a while — here, hide here!”

Xiao Hei pulled up a curtain on the wall, revealing a large pit in the stone wall of the cellar.

Pavu looked at the big pit in front of him. It was a large artificially excavated hole. It seemed to be a semi-finished product left over from the expansion project of the cellar. It was just big enough for the huge Pavu to hide in. The drapery was there to cover the half-finished, unsightly dent (the leopards are always trying to hide imperfections), but now it’s helping Puff to hide.

Puff doesn’t think he needs to hide, but he did **** his way into the warehouse without permission, and it’s not good to be bumped into. So he reluctantly hid in the hole in the Xiao Hei put down the curtain, extinguished the torch, and squatted in a corner of the stone room to wait.

The overseer pushes the door and enters. Pavle looked at the overseer from the hole in the curtain. It was a gray-black male fox, very short and wretched, very ugly and disgusting, and his vicious eyes showed his bullying personality.

“Master Kaos is back. He will use a carriage to transport the wood to Volos, so hurry up and get ready.”

“Yes, Sir Alex.” Little **, turned around and planned to call those monsters.

Contrary to Pavre’s expectations, the foxman foreman suddenly hugged Xiao Hei from behind, with one hand tightly surrounding Xiao Hei’s waist, and the other grabbing Xiao Hei’s neck.

“Ah, Lord Alex?!” Xiao Hei panicked, but she didn’t dare to struggle.

The fox man smirked: “Hey hey hey, don’t be in such a hurry, we still have a few minutes, we can have fun.”

“No…! That hurts——” the bunny girl whispered.

“I promise, this time it will be very gentle——” The fox man pushed the bunny girl to the ground and began to remove the girl’s clothes. He grabbed the bunny girl tightly, and his sharp claws drew blood on Xiao Hei’s arm.

Pavu, who was suppressing himself on the side, couldn’t bear it anymore. He rushed out and grabbed the fox man with one hand: “Scum!”

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