Light Spirit Epic Chapter 418: Explore in the magic realm (4)


Chapter 418: Exploring the Demon Realm (4)

Jack is a leopard man and is very fast, but Albert’s body has been modified to run faster than the snow leopard boy!

——Even so, the two were gradually overtaken by the boulder! This slippery stone corridor is not easy to settle on, even if you run on it with all your strength, it is difficult to get the ideal acceleration!

“There’s no other way! —Hold on to me!” Albert, who turned into a big white tiger, picked up Jack beside him and started running wildly. He landed on all fours, and ran with a lot of stability. He used his sharp claws to scrape the ground, and he could also accelerate well on slippery stones!

Just as the tiger was about to get rid of the stone’s pursuit, the passage in front of him began to narrow and turned into a dead end! The only access is the upward vents!

“Damn it!” Al didn’t think much of it, he jumped up as soon as he reached the dead end!

Touch! ! The stone exploded behind him and hit a dead end!

However, their danger is far from over! Sparks bursting from the bottom of the vent ignited the fuel hidden in the boulder! The fire rushed upward in an instant, igniting all the dry plants in the ventilation duct!

The ventilation duct has turned into a sea of ​​fire, and it continues to extend upwards! Albert endured the heat and rushed up frantically! He used his sharp claws to grab the cracks on the ventilation duct, and kept jumping up at both ends of the duct!

“Wow!” Jack felt that his lower body was about to be scorched by the heat, and shouted: “Boss, come on, don’t fall!”

“Noisy meow!” Albert had already tried his best to escape. But hot air rushes up from below, and they don’t need to be burned by the flames to be cooked by the heat! El had long felt that his fur was burning, and they would be roasted dry in less than a quarter of an hour!

Al goes all out! With all his strength he ripped a boulder off the wall and kicked it to the bottom of the vent with his foot! At the same time, he also used the reaction force of the boulder to kick the boulder and jumped up with all his strength!

Boom! The boulder fell heavily on the bottom of the vent and hit the flames, setting off a violent thermal airflow!

“Grab firmly!” While Al shouted, he covered his head with his forearm and took a sprint upwards! The thermal air arrived soon, and the powerful air rushed the two of them upward!

Touch! ! The white tiger directly smashed the outlet of the ventilation duct, tumbled half a circle in the air against the airflow, and came to a room. He didn’t stay in the air for half a second, but kicked the wall, immediately changed direction and jumped out and landed on the ground!

Boom! ! Within seconds of Al and Jack tumbling to the ground, a huge column of fire shot out from the vent! If the two of them stay away from the vent one second later, they will definitely be burned to ashes by this flame!

“Ugh…” Albert lay on the ground and gasped. His legs were scorched black by the smoke, and his whole body was burning with pain. His arms were also badly injured from the impact of the pipe and are now numb.

“Boss, boss, are you okay?!” Jack came over to check Al’s injury.

“I…I’m okay——” the tiger man replied weakly.

Jack hesitated.

But he still took off his shirt, tore it into strips of cloth, and began to bandage Al’s wound.

The tiger boy looked at the bandage wrapped around Jack’s chest, and realized that the snow leopard “juvenile” was actually a girl.

“You… tomboy——” Al finally felt relieved. His previous reactions to Jack turned out to be normal——

He really likes this boy (girl).

Jack blushed and took off Al’s almost burnt shirt, “My shirt is gone, lend me this first.”

Although it was a tattered shirt, it could allow Snow Leopard Girl to cover the part she wanted to cover.

“Ugh…” Albert reluctantly got up and looked carefully at the snow leopard girl in front of him. Her face was blackened with smoke, making her white coat look ridiculous. But this cannot hide the beauty of the girl.

But all this made Al very angry: “You pretended to approach me and asked me to help you conquer this castle, what is it for?”

“We’ll find out soon.” Jack stood up, helped Albert, and turned to look at the huge treasure pile in front of him.

In the treasure room at the highest point of the castle, there are countless gold and silver jewels that are dazzling. They can be so brilliant under the faint starlight, and the treasures of the treasures are soaring into the sky, which is unbelievable.

Golden crowns, gold coins, gems, diamonds, there are so many, it’s dazzling! This is indeed the rich reward that countless adventurers deserve, and it is also a place where people risk such great dangers to reach!

However, Jack didn’t seem to care about the gold and silver jewelry. She walked to the middle of the treasure pile and reached out for the only treasure: a golden egg.

“This is?” Albert asked curiously.

“This is the most precious treasure in the world.” Jack said, handing the golden egg to Albert: “Boss, this is the reward you got for going through so many institutions, cherish it well .”

It’s just a thumb-sized golden egg, and it’s not worth much if you melt it into gold. Compared with the pile of treasures behind it, is it that precious? !

“What the hell…” Al was just about to speak when Jack suddenly stuffed the golden egg into the tiger boy’s mouth.

He was startled, and just wanted to spit out the golden egg, but Jack came up to him and gave Al a deep kiss!

Gumbling. Al swallowed his saliva in surprise, and the egg had slipped into his stomach.

“Wow!” Albert was shocked, and quickly pushed Jack away, “What are you doing?!”

“Hey, otherwise, boss, you would never swallow the golden egg, would you?” Jack didn’t mean to reflect at all.

“Then, what the **** is that?! Is that thing poisonous? What do you want to do to me?!” Albert scolded. His heart was beating wildly, and he thought he was poisoned.

“…It’s okay, let’s get out of this hell. If you want to get these treasures, just do so,” Jack said. She doesn’t seem to care about the priceless treasures left Al knows that the way back is not easy, but he can’t just go back empty-handed, and hurriedly went to pick up a large and beautiful diamond, A few rare rubies and sapphires were all stuffed into his trouser pockets, and he was content to find his way back.

Touch! A giant hand smashed through the outer walls of the castle!

Three hundred feet high, a huge armored golem appeared, trying to stop the invaders from leaving this place! Just looking in from the broken wall, that huge face is scary enough!

“Wow!” Albert jumped up, dodging the colossus’ punch. The treasure room has become even more dilapidated, and it looks like it will collapse at any time!

“Jump!” the snow leopard girl shouted, avoiding the colossus’ grab, and immediately jumped off the edge of the destroyed wall!

The castle is a hundred feet tall! Jumping from such a height, do you want to fall into a **** mess! ?

But the situation didn’t make Albert think too much. He stayed here, either being crushed to death by the collapsed rubble, or being smashed into flesh by the colossus! Jumping is the only option!

He turned into a white tiger and jumped off the wall!

Clap! He first landed on the sharp and steep roof of the castle, and slid down the slope!

Jump again! He jumped from one roof to another slightly lower roof and continued to slide!

The problem is, there’s nowhere to go any further! He can only greet the ground like this!

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