Light Spirit Epic Chapter 416: Explore in the magic realm (2)


Chapter 416: Exploring the Demon Realm (2)

At nine o’clock in the evening, Typhon in the magic realm.

Albert cautiously sideways dodged the guillotine cut horizontally, and took a step forward to the single-plank bridge, barely keeping his balance.

These guillotine knives, swinging back and forth like a pendulum, are extremely sharp and heavy.

Not only can they instantly split the advancing adventurers into two, but they can also raise wind pressure while swinging, disrupting the balance of the adventurers. Once the balance is broken, the hapless adventurers will fall into the stinging forest under the single-plank bridge and be stabbed into a hornet’s nest.

This castle is full of sinister traps. Every step Al is dangerous, and every inch he moves is closer to death. The tiger man boy couldn’t help but wonder what important treasures were hidden in this ancient castle.

“Jack, can you keep up with meow?” Al shouted back. Jack was only a dozen yards behind, but it took dozens of minutes to walk ten yards on this single-plank bridge full of traps.

“I’m fine, boss, be careful yourself!” Jack responded, jumping forward quickly to avoid the guillotine, and landed safely on the single-plank bridge.

“This is crazy! We must move on, meow?” Al can’t help but wince, “There’s no need to die for a little treasure!”

Albert’s body has been transformed by fox people, and his physical ability is better than ordinary orcs. What he worried about was Jack who was behind. No matter how the skinny snow leopard boy looked at it, it was impossible for him to survive the crazy traps ahead!

“I’m fine, really!” Jack dodged another guillotine and took another step forward. But he only talked, his feet slipped when he landed, and his body lost his balance and fell!

A second before Jack fell on the needle, Albert grabbed his tail!

“Ow!” The Snow Leopard boy shouted in pain.

El stretched his hand into his pocket, pulled the Snow Leopard boy back, stabilized his body, “Okay, I got you!”

“It hurts, hurts, hurts! It hurts!” The snow leopard boy burst into tears and slammed Al’s chest with both hands.

Al looked at Jack like this, and suddenly blushed. I always think this snow leopard boy is very cute——

(Oops! What am I thinking about?!)

“What are you in a daze?! Hurry up and let go of my tail!” Jack hammered harder, and this time Al really hurt a little.

“Ow! Sorry! Stop hammering, stop hammering!” Al hurriedly let go of Jack’s tail. He was still wondering why the snow leopard boy was so light.

“Okay.” Jack crossed the single-plank bridge, pushed the door into the next room, “see what [surprise] awaits us here?”

It was a room in Nuoda, it was empty and there seemed to be no special mechanism. However, the dozens of armors neatly arranged on both sides of the room seemed to have another mystery.

“Shouldn’t it be—” Al had a bad premonition.

And when the two of them stepped into the room with their feet completely, the brilliance of magic flashed across the floor of the room, and the dozens of armors really moved. They wielded all kinds of weapons and attacked Al and Jack!

“Oh, damn…”Albert pulled out his Hydra-tooth dagger, which was his only weapon, “Jack, can you fight meow?”

“If you can, I won’t come to ask you, boss!” Jack hid behind Al.

Exactly. It was indeed a long night.

At the same time, Rome.

Xinghui Longshaxing slowly opened his eyes and saw a human girl sitting quietly in front of his bed.

The girl’s beauty is like a flower, and her long golden hair is pouring down vertically like a waterfall, light and soft. Her standard melon face has no flaws, her skin is firm and elastic, and her bright eyes are as deep and blue as the sea.

During the time that Shaxing followed Arthur on his adventures, he did see many beauties of humans (even elves). He had never seen such an extraordinary beauty.

No. Little beauty?

Judging by the girl’s age, she was probably in her teens. Not even a “big” one.

“Brother, he’s awake.” The girl saw Shaxing open her eyes, and hurriedly turned back to call. The moment she turned her head, her blonde hair fluttered, and the flash of golden light made people dizzy.

“Charlotte, lower your voice.” Lancelot whispered, walking over to check the evil star’s condition, “He needs to rest.”

The evil star was displeased when he saw Lancelot coming. Why is this guy here to get in the way? Long could have looked at the girl a few more times.

“How do you feel?” Lancelot leaned over to the bed and asked, “Is there any pain?”

“It hurts all over your body, you ungrateful bastard.” Shaxing said in a voice only Lancelot could hear.

Xinghuilong has a stomach full of grievances to vent on the blond beauty. It was all because of Lancelot that the evil star was kept in Rome, participated in the naval battle in Rome in a confused way, was caught alive by the foxes, and was put into key fragments and stripped of dragon scales. suffered a series of tragedies.

Shaxing felt that this was all Lancelot’s responsibility, and this guy has only appeared until now. What a nasty bastard!

Lancelot smiled bitterly. What happened was beyond his expectations. It was irreversible and unavoidable. He was also very helpless when the evil star was like this.

“Lord Shaxing, I know that I owe you a huge debt, and I will try my best to repay you. But now, my sister Charlotte and I would like to thank you first.

It was you who sent me back to Rome, so that I could save Charlotte’s life in time. Charlotte’s life was actually saved by you. My sister and I want to say thank you to you. —— are you waiting for there? Come and say thank you to Lord Shaxing! “

“Hmm…” The blonde girl slowly walked to the dragon’s bed and looked at the strange guy who looked like a boy but was actually a dragon, “Thank you, Lord Shaxing.”

“You know, if you really want to repay me——” Shaxing’s golden pupils looked at the girl, shrinking into a line: “Can you stay and take care of me? Charlotte ?”

Dragons are self-centered creatures, as they are. Sha Xing was fascinated by a human girl, so he dared to ask people for compensation, he didn’t think about the world, let alone that he was a long-lived adult dragon and the other party was only a teenager. human girl.

He had the purest wish in his heart, that he could see Charlotte’s beautiful face a few more times, and when he looked at her, the pain in his body would be relieved.

Charlotte stared at the boy (dragon) in front of her. The blond boy’s face was pale, his whole body was covered with bandages, blood leaked from the bandages from time to time, and there was a strange smell of medicine on his body.

Want her to stay and take care of such a guy?

Lancelot nudged his sister lightly with an elbow.

“Are you kidding me?” Charlotte whispered (desperately).

Xing Xing chuckled lightly. He felt very refreshed in every sense, and the pain on his body seemed to have eased.

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