Light Spirit Epic Chapter 409: Lost in the magic realm (1)


Chapter 409: Lost in the Demon Realm (1)

At the same time, Avalon Pure Land, in the candy house.

Arthur paced restlessly back and forth in the room, his iron boots colliding with the crystal candy floor, making a crisp, clanging sound.

Greenville finally couldn’t bear it anymore and scolded: “Calm down. You think with your brain, not your feet!”

“Tsk…” Arthur sat down on the marshmallow sofa and grabbed a handful of marshmallows to eat. “Waiting here is not an option. We have to go out and search for King Oser’s whereabouts. “

“Search?” The girl scoffed, “The Avalon Pure Land is so huge, looking for a person (spiritual) aimlessly? Do you think this will work? And, don’t forget, there are evil spirits everywhere. It’s too dangerous to run wild and run around in the wilderness.”

“It’s better than doing nothing and waiting.” Arthur didn’t say a word. His body had been eroded by the Holy Spirit and evil spirits, causing severe pain.

“If—” Arthur thought for a while, holding his chin in his right hand, “If we have a faster moving method, it will be much easier to find.”

His eyes fell on the opalescent diamond on Greenville’s chest. What he meant was to use the power of the Holy Phoenix to search.

“Holy Spirit? No!” Greenville shuddered, “What should I do if my spirituality is summoned indiscriminately, and then her body is invaded by her!”

“…I can just scold her and run away. Say something—[Give me back my Greenville!] or something.” Arthur said with disapproval.

The girl blushed suddenly, grabbed the crystal candy cup on the table and threw it at Arthur: “Who belongs to you, idiot!”

“Oh!” Arthur caught it with one hand. “Anyway, let’s go. It’s better than doing nothing.”

Greenville gave Arthur a reluctant look: “Okay. You owe me.——I will finish this muffin before leaving.”

(Be careful to gain weight by eating so many candies.)

Greenville grabbed another crystal candy and threw it at Arthur, she seemed to know what Arthur was thinking.

“…Goodbye, my lovely candy shop.” Greenville was riding on the back of the white phoenix and couldn’t help but look back.

“Let’s go quickly.” Arthur urged.

“Ugh…you really don’t know what tenderness is at all!” Greenville said angrily, patting the white phoenix on the neck. The Holy Spirit Phoenix immediately spread its wings and flew into the sky.

The fog is very thick, surrounding the entire Avalon Pure Land. In the air, if there is no fog blocking, you should be able to see farther.

Greenville guessed what Arthur was thinking, she grabbed Arthur’s waist and patted Phoenix with the other hand: “If it’s just to disperse the fog, then——“

Phoenix and the girl communicated with each other, and immediately understood Greenville’s thoughts. She spread her wings and performed a magic trick.

The enormous air pressure begins to condense, gather, and eventually become a wind bomb. Arthur could clearly see the high-speed airflow inside the wind bomb.

“What do you want to do—?”

“Grab firmly!” Before Arthur could finish speaking, Greenwell had already grabbed Arthur’s waist one step ahead, and pressed the boy onto Phoenix’s back from behind Arthur. As soon as she stabilized her body, Phoenix had already thrown that powerful wind bomb.

The high pressure explodes before it hits the ground! Blast the golden apple grove into a big hole! The strong wind pressure blew all the surrounding clouds away!

“Are you crazy?! If you accidentally break the exit——“

Halfway through, Arthur was stunned. The fog dissipated at a high speed, without the obstruction of clouds and fog, Arthur clearly saw the whole of Avalon Pure Land for the first time:

Under their feet is actually a floating island floating in mid-air. About ten square kilometers.

In the distance, there are clusters of floating islands that stretch for hundreds of miles, each about the same size, connected by hundreds of huge iron chains several hundred feet thick! The bottom of the floating islands is covered with natural magic spar (the original stone of photon mirrors), which emits a purple shimmer, which creates buoyancy for these floating islands.

Since it is an island floating in the air, that is to say, there is a ground?

With the same suspicion as Arthur, Greenville controlled the phoenix to fly outside the floating island.

The two of them couldn’t wait to look at the ground.

Continent of Europe unfolded before the two of them.

The Avalon Pure Land, floating directly above the European continent, at an altitude of about 300,000 feet!

The [Great Storm] at an altitude of 200,000 feet, a super storm composed of photons, was actually crossed!

“Modern people can’t even use airships to cross the great storm, but the ancient people have built this pure land above the storm.” Arthur sighed.

“No, look over there!” Greenville pointed to the east.

The huge wall of the world divides the entire earth in two. Towering into the clouds, the mysterious and unpredictable giant wall, the photon storm emitted from its top, is faintly visible.

The Wall of the World is indeed an isolation system. Not only did it split the Earth in two, it also created a powerful layer of photon storms—grand storms—at altitudes between about 150 and 200,000 feet above sea level, bringing the planet together with the universe. The system is completely isolated.

It wasn’t the ancients who built this Avalon realm across great storms. It is more likely that this great storm came after Avalon existed.

In fact, none of the technology at our disposal is capable of surviving this great storm. Without a strong shield to protect any ship that enters this storm will be torn apart by the Photon Storm.

Even with an anti-gravity engine, humans still have a long way to go if they want to leave the earth for cosmic development!

“Arthur, we’re going to land on the floating island ahead.” Greenville said, “Hurry up!”

“Yeah.” Arthur agreed, but he felt breathless and worried that he might faint at any moment. At such high altitudes, they developed symptoms of hypoxia.

The phoenix immediately landed on the floating island. The mist gradually formed again, and finally became a mist. Arthur jumped off Phoenix’s back, took a few breaths of the mist from the floating island, and his numb hands and feet began to recover.

“Ugh.” Greenville also jumped down and took a deep breath of the mist, her face turned from green to rosy, “Sure enough, this mist is for oxygen supply.”

“That’s why I told you not to mess around.” Arthur scolded.

The two wanted to say a few more words, but the scenery on the floating island had already left them stunned.

Unlike the endless apple forest on the previous floating island, this floating island is full of ancient stone buildings. Classical and elegant buildings are scattered throughout the floating island, which was once a city.

No. It doesn’t matter whether this is a city or not. The important thing is—the city is soaked in water.

This underwater city is an impenetrable lake.

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