Light Spirit Epic Chapter 374: Advice to the Jedi (2)


Chapter 374: Persuasion to the Jedi (2)

An Elephant Man guard hurried in, not because of the noise in the conference room, but because he had received news that something big had happened in the hometown of the Turks.

He muttered a few words in Tut’s ear, and the patriarch’s expression changed slightly.

He threw the werewolf boy he caught, and Bedivere fell to the ground. He lost too much blood and his face was pale.

Tut grabbed Bedivere’s right hand, took out a packet of herbs from his pocket, crushed it, put it on the werewolf boy’s arm, and tore his sleeve to wrap it up.

“This kid…maybe a lucky star.” Tut said in English that the werewolf boy barely understood, mixed with human-like dialect.

“Ugh…” Bedivere had no time to take care of these things, he felt dizzy, and he bleed himself just now, it seemed that the attack was indeed too hard.

“Boy, I can’t promise you anything,” Tut murmured, “but, [if], I mean [if], there really is another way to live, I assure you we won’t Will take another shot at humans.

If we can, we want to live on our own, even if we are hungry.

If possible, we also want to live with dignity. “

“…Thank…Thank…you.” Tears clouded the werewolf boy’s eyes, and a circle of darkness gradually narrowed his vision. He could no longer see Tut’s face.

He only vaguely saw a figure running in.

“Beddie?!” The last thing Bedivere heard before fainting was Albert’s voice.

In the darkness, another pair of sinister fox eyes secretly observed Bedivere. Only he knew the value of this werewolf boy.


Arthur opened his eyes and saw Greenville lying fast asleep beside his bed again.

His shoulder was still hurting, but unlike the cursed pain he had felt before, he felt a raging war going on inside his shoulder. Obviously, the eternal holy spirit and the immortal evil spirit are incompatible existences. They fought together in Arthur’s body, eroding each other, causing Arthur’s arm nerves to rip like a throbbing pain.

Now it’s Greenville’s help in injecting painkillers. Without the drug’s restraint, I’m afraid the pain will be even more earth-shaking. Arthur was thinking about whether it would be better to have the entire left hand amputated.

(The one-armed man only has Bedivere, I don’t want to add such a strange setting.)

Greenville slept very lightly. She was awakened by Arthur’s movement and immediately got up: “Are you awake? How are you, let me get you some food.”

“Well, ok. Thank you.” Arthur said shyly, for fear that his actions of staring at Greenville’s sleeping image just now would be noticed by the other party.

He was afraid that his blush would be noticed by the other party.

After getting up and eating a little oatmeal and mashed potatoes, Arthur recovered. Or maybe it was because he brought the King’s Sheath by his side and regained his spirits.

“What’s the next Holy Spirit, King Orser?” Arthur asked, eagerly preparing to attack the next Holy Spirit.

“Arthur, don’t worry, you still need to rest.” Greenville nags.

Arthur looked disapproving: “I want to know the ability of the other party first, so that I can have time to think about how to deal with it when I can’t sleep in bed.”

King Oser’s spirituality looked at Arthur so desperately, he didn’t say much, and sighed: “If you want to enter the warp of the Ascetic Seat and fight that thing, you need to master the summoning first. The timing of the seat of bravery. Although the seat of bravery is powerful, it can only be summoned once a day, which is the limit of the round table system.

…and what worries me most is whether you can successfully summon the Seat of Courage in your current state. “

His eyes are focused on Arthur’s left arm. The purple-black evil light and the silver-white holy light are still entangled with each other, and the fight is inextricable.

If the Holy Spirit is too busy to answer Arthur’s call——

“Then think of a way to let me win without the help of the Courageous Seat!” Arthur insisted.

King Orser chuckled. The Holy Spirit that Arthur was dealing with was getting stronger and stronger, a being that was getting closer and closer to [God]. Did Arthur want to defeat God without the help of any Holy Spirit? That’s ridiculous.

This young knight, the madness he possesses, has not subsided until now. His desire to fight against God has not changed.

Even knowing his true origins, Arthur still has no way to forgive God. The life-and-death confrontation between him and the Seat of Karma (Fate) will come one day.

At that time, he will cut off the head of the **** with the sword in his hand, and slap the **** who plays with fate one by one.

It never occurred to him to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat God.

In the distant past, Wang started the round table system.

At that time, King Oser’s spirituality appeared, looking at his own deity, the weather-beaten, cruel and ruthless king of iron and blood.

“Is there really no problem with this?” the white king asked the black king. He knew that the real King Other was going to fight, and he knew that King Other would not come back.

“I gave everything to you.” King Oser said, “You are my only conscience, and all my strengths. Until the round table system was successfully launched, I still doubted whether I was really I have a conscience. But now, I am finally at ease.”

The king turned to leave. His black cloak fluttered in the wind and snow.

“This is the last thing I can do for this era. Let me, a self-willed person, be self-willed again.”

“This is an adventure.” King Oser’s spiritual words, “If you lose too, this era will end; if there is no successor, the world will also end in three thousand years. It’s better to hold on to this last piece. Pure land…”

“It’s useless.” King Oser said, his short black hair fluttering in the cold wind, occasionally sticking to a few pieces of frost and snow, “Without the Holy Grail, I may not be able to reset the world. But what I can do is still One thing. Let this world be reborn from There must be stronger beings to survive this destruction. Freed from darkness, they will thrive again.

Your Holy Spirit is born from the sublimation of pure soul, and you are infinitely close to the existence of God. Therefore, you may not be able to understand what we mortals are doing.

——But this world, only mortals can save. It will never be God who will save the world, but mortals. “

King Other’s spirit pondered. He only has a part of King Other’s memory and mind, and he can’t fully understand the deity’s thoughts.

“If the people in this world are so unworthy, and there will not be a single talent for three thousand years, then mankind deserves to be destroyed. Let them be destroyed.” Their own creation.”

That’s the only thing King Other can do:

——Put hope on the next generation.

Don’t hesitate, don’t worry, just believe.

Believe in Arthur in three thousand years: In front of King Other’s spirituality, this is a thin, stupid-looking, young and ignorant knight.

——Is this the choice of King Other?

——What makes you so different?

——What is it that makes you bear such a huge destiny?

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